Joel “Bear” Ross & Maggie Ross
Temecula, CA | Denver, CO
Canon 5D Mark III, Mark II & Nikon AW1

It seems that you two collaborate in perfect harmony. Tell us about your relationship with each other and how it helps you both to stay creative. 

Joel Bear Studios is made up of myself (Joel “Bear” Ross) and my wife Maggie Ross who are both professional photographers. We have been married for going on two years and have been best friends from years before that.

How we stay creative together is by first our Faith and living the adventure of life together. Whether it’s surfing, climbing, exploring, backpacking or just having an afternoon at a coffee shop, we are always in the pursuit to inspire and to be inspired by those elements and people around us. To be inspired by life itself. Inspiring people through a narrative has always created adventure in our hearts thus we find such enjoyment in telling stories through our photography. To allow the viewer to take part and feel inspired to be a part of that image, to sit back and dream. This is a big part of our relationship as well, because we are always inspiring one another, pushing each other to the next level of life.

You say that you aspire to tell people’s stories through your work, but we want to know about yours today!

At ten years old my parents sold everything and bought a Jeep and a trailer and we lived across the country. I think this spurred my love for adventure and traveling while also giving me an appreciation for life and people who live and work in America.

After high school I took two years at Calvary Chapel Bible College and met my wife Maggie, whose love for life and the outdoor truly inspired me. Having grown up in Colorado, being in the outdoors is a lifestyle to her. She fell in love with photography when we were married and has been tag-teaming with me ever since. After we met, we completed and graduated early from New York Institute of Photography, and a week later we were married.

We wanted to create a business where we could work and inspire people. Also creating a desire to live life and feel a part and yearn for something bigger is one of our goals. We created Joel Bear Studios in the fall of 2012 and it took about a year to find who we were as photographers. It came about on a trip from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, in our trusty Honda Element. The trip consisted of working and collaborating with other photographers and sharing our adventure with others. From this excursion down the coast, we found that we love to adventure, to work with and alongside brands and companies, and sharing stories.

Tumblr: @joelbearstudios
Website: @joelbearstudios
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Tumblr Of The Week: ellyliyana

We’ve always been huge fans of Elly Liyana’s work. This week we selected her blog as our Tumblr Of The Week. If you guys aren’t familiar with her stuff check out her website http://www.ellyliyana.com/ her behance page https://www.behance.net/ellyliyana and her society6 page http://society6.com/artist/ellyliyana. Every single piece of her work is amazing! Her drawings are interesting, as if each piece has a hidden meaning or story. Elly Liyana is an artist that you guys should be following. You’ll enjoying seeing her process work and her finished pieces floating on your dash.    


A loose/colorful painting I did today to get back into the creative swing.  I painted this based off of a photo I took of a Argema mittrei (Comet Moth) Specimen at the Kelvingrove Museum/Gallery.

Sadly, this is my first painting in months!!  It’s been very hectic moving to a new place, but now I am finally settled into my corner of the studio space and ready for an exciting year pursuing my Masters! 

September’s over tomorrow! Which means it’s basically October already, so I’m sharing another insert card for Perna Studios’ “Halloween: All Hallows’ Eve” set: a g-g-g-ghooost! :D She’s not meant to be anyone in particular, but I can’t pretend I wasn’t thinking of a couple of, um… more ill-fated Tudor queens. >_>

2.5”x3.5”; Copic marker, micron pen, a little bitta gel pen.


INDIE ONE - Event Management (by Humble Hipster Studios)

Our premiere night, Indie One was a great success, having sold out early and queues at the door for people to get in and experience a new kind of laid-back, vintage inspired, unplugged night amongst a dubstep and electronic scene of the town.

The show included performances for a wide range of artistes from up and down the country, a fabulous art and merchandise sale, and even a raffle with people going home with many prizes! The event was completely designed, curated, photographed and filmed by Humble Hipster Studios, with help from our band manager Emma Scott (pictured with her shiny blonde hair above).


ThisIsOnlyAnIntro (ft. Rob Regal)
  • ThisIsOnlyAnIntro (ft. Rob Regal)
  • Niko Dél Yato
  • Del Yato [Explicit]

NEW MUSIC: Niko Del Yato - ThisIsOnlyAnIntro (ft. Rob Regal) 

Peace to the homie Niko and the fam over at House Studio Records for reaching out and getting me on this track. This is the intro to Niko’s new album that dropped today, Del Yato, now available on iTunes and Amazon. 


#MVH The Album Coming Soon
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