ok, so, hello, everyone. i’m loppy. everyone knows that. 

i’m a 21 year old artist, and i REALLY want to go to art school. i grew up in a single-income home with one other sibling. my dad goes to work, and my mom is disabled. we have never been particularly wealthy. we’ve always managed to have enough to eat, but college was never really an option for me growing up. my parents are scraping up ends meet trying to send my sister to college,

so, it’s up to me to come up with the money to send myself to school. i don’t want my parents to have to worry about me anymore. i’ve been flip flopping between dead-end jobs for a few years now, trying to pay bills that just keep piling on, and it’s never enough. so i’m going to try and sell my art for the cause and set everything aside in an account i can’t touch. 

if you can’t afford my art, i understand, but please signal boost. this is one of my dreams and i’m willing to work as hard as i can for it!