“I paint pictures. I am a realism artist, but right now I’m taking a break.”
“Why is that?”
“When I was in school I met a lot of people, so I could talk about different pieces and listen to their critiques. However, now that I work as a professional, I meet much fewer people, so I don’t know how people think of my work anymore. I also wasn’t sure if I was doing well…so now I’m taking a bit of a break. People may worry when I say I’m on a break, but I think a break like this is good.”
“Why do you think that?”
“Because this is what I’m going to do forever.”

“저는 그림을 그려요. 사실주의 작가인데 지금은 쉬고 있어요.”
“왜 쉬고 있어요?”
“학교 다닐 때는 사람들을 많이 만나서 작품에 대해 얘기도 듣고 평가도 들을 수 있었는데, 사회에 나와서는 만나는 사람들이 적어졌어요. 그래서 사람들이 제 작품을 어떻게 생각하는지 모르겠더라구요. 제가 잘 하고 있는지도 잘 모르겠고…. 그래서 지금은 잠시 쉬는 중이예요. 누군가는 제가 쉰다고 걱정할 수 있지만 이렇게 쉬는 것도 전 좋다고 생각해요.”
“왜 그렇게 생각하세요?”
“제가 평생 할 일이니까요.”

Had a go at colouring one of my own colouring book templates, but I’m sure you guys could do a much better job! I rushed and my prismacolour pencils weren’t sharp! 


Special thanks to El Huervo for lettting me use his track “Daisuke” in the video - you may recognise his music from Hotline Miami!