Ellen Jewett (Canada)

For Canadian artist Ellen Jewett, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure. At first glance her work explores the more modern prosaic concept of nature: a source of serene nostalgia balanced with the more visceral experience of ‘wildness’ as remarkably alien and indifferent. Upon closer inspection of each ‘creature’ the viewer may discover a frieze on which themes as familiar as domestication and as abrasive as domination fall into sharp relief. Over time her sculptures are evolving to be of greater emotional presence by using less physical substance: “I subtract more and more to increase the negative space. The element of weight, which has always seemed so fundamentally tied to the medium of sculpture, is stripped away and the laws of gravity are no longer in full effect. In reading the stories contained in each piece we are forced to acknowledge their emotional gravity cloaked as it is in the light, the feminine, the fragile, and the unknowable.”

Today Ellen’s work is achieving a vibrant internet presence and is featured in public and private collections worldwide. © All images courtesy of the artist

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"Draw me like one of your French girls."

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Walk through MoMA’s galleries with painter Dianna Molzan, whose own work is currently on view in the contemporary painting exhibition The Forever Now.  

[Dianna Molzan in the galleries. Shown, from left: Paul Cézanne. Still Life with Apples. 1895–98; Georges-Pierre Seurat. Evening, Honfleur. 1886]