I’m from Chicago. Brick buildings, red, dark green, brown, architecture. —- You don’t get to see too many brick buildings in LA. It’s usually a false front and still made of stucco. So cheers to the false front brick, that’ has a ray of sunshine on it!!! #lifeinmotion #artisreallife #LOVETHISLIFE

one of the plagues I have as an artist is I become depressed if I don’t do anything creative related for a while.

if one day passes & I don’t sketch a bit or try my hands at a diy, I’ve already started to become depressed.

it doesn’t actually hit me until 3 days in.


There are days as an artist where I just want to give up because no one is responding to my music…

But then someone comes up to me, or inboxes me, or leaves a comment telling me how much they love it or how it spoke to them & I know I have to keep going.

I have to…

I have

After exiting the Media Aid Center, we all discovered a parked car on fire. In it’s demish, I find beauty. (No one was harmed in the process) #artisreallife