In 2010 my and a dear friend of mine , @ivbentaqiy / @ivbentaqiyart and I put together a #artshow to showcase some of our life’s work - every since then he has grow tremendously in the #artindustry , do to my prior obligation to @thedntnbrand I have focused more on the #fashion it’s self .. Missing the very piece that is the reason for me starting a #clothinglabel I’ve decided to take another stab at expressing and sharing my pure #visualart skill with the world - for and upcoming #SOLO #ArtShow this #Fall , stay tuned for me info. And check out some work at


From a very early age I knew I had to be in career that dealt with the arts. I could not and would not have it any other way. I recall asking my Dad, “If I went to university for arts, would you get mad at me?” and I remember him clearly saying “No, I just want you to be happy with what you are doing and to able to survive on your own, and if that means you have to work at mcdonald’s to do that, then you have to accept that.” and I answered “I do.” That was that to the conversation, and he nor my mom ever questioned me going into arts. 

I know for a fact that I have been blessed with parents who are extremely accepting of the fact that I want to be a part of the arts community. For this, I will always be thankful.
I also know that I am not motivated enough to push to be an artist. 
I prefer more of the structured behind the scene stuff that makes things happen for artists. This is why I worked my ass off to get into arts management.

Flexibility. This is one of the major reasons why I love my program. I am not limited to working in the arts community. Most university degrees have this characteristic, but what I find so special about mine is that you don’t have to sacrifice passion for money, especially speaking from the perspective of someone who is in love with the arts. 

For many, the idea of a career in the arts is a gamble, which in a sense it is. For instance if you are a freelance artist and you don’t push for work enough, you lose. But honestly, it might be your own damn fault if that happens. What I tend to notice is that some parents are completely ignorant to how the arts industry functions, thus the prejudice. However, ignorance can be fixed with education.

It is understandable that many do not know about the inner workings of the arts industry, much less arts management. It’s not a heavily advertised or even known in comparison to other careers and programs like management, business, doctors, or NURSING. However, I do not understand why you would not want your child to get a university degree, especially when they are so passionate about the program.  I do not understand why as a parent you would tear them down when they struggled to tell you that they wanted to purse a higher degree of education in a program that is much more flexible, and highly regarded than a college diploma. I struggle to understand how a parent will be so stubborn, especially when their child is trying to educate and inform them about what they are suggesting, but the parent will simply refuse to listen. It will always surprise me when a parent will be so unsupportive of their child when that very child had sacrificed what they loved to make that very unsupportive parent happy by going into a program that they hated. 

Everything that I had previously said may not seem like my business but it is. Everything these parents have said about the arts community, especially about how the arts is dead-end, is not only hurtful to my friend but incredibly offensive to anyone who is in the arts or is in a program that relates to the arts. Most of Canada’s GDP is supported by the arts, and the arts and culture industry alone offers 1 million jobs to Canadians. I could go on about how the arts is not a “useless” as they think, but that would be a full paper or two.

…to sum it up, I’m mad >:(

(also, how is it that my friend’s younger sister who is doing what I am in school for, is acceptable, but for me and my friend it is extremely frowned upon though we’ll get a degree in the end. someone please how this works)