My submission for Every/Body Zine!  Feeling self conscious about my body, especially while wearing dresses, is something I struggle with all the freaking time.  But sometimes you gotta stop thinking about how chubs your arms are, or how that dress hugs your belly, or your butt and just go outside!

Once it’s no longer three degrees outside, I’m gonna try and wear  dresses/skirts more often.

Ann Macarayan Pins Up Ramona Flowers And Sends Pokémon To Gravity Falls

By Lauren Davis

One of the things I particularly enjoy about looking at art school students’ work is that, while the students have their own unique visual flourishes, they’re also in a period of intense experimentation. Looking over Minneapolis College of Art and Design student Ann Macarayan's work, I can see details that could very well come to typify her style: little marks that add emotion to the faces, red and blue noses that make her characters a tad more cartoony, careful attention to the fit and wear of her clothing. But she's constantly testing out new styles and media as she learns and grows as an artist.



Second part of my illustrations for digital illustration.  Since I made that quartz queen, I wanted to keep on that theme of crystals and gems.  Along side a character portrait, we had also had to develop an environment or scene, which is something I NEVER draw (I hate drawing backgrounds you guys).  So this was a fun experiment, and I’m actually really happy with how it came out!

Šiandien supratau, kaip yra baisu mirti… kai nebejauti nieko, nekvepuoji, nematai kokia graži kiekviena diena,nebeesi mylimas, artimųjų veidai liūdni, nes tavęs nebėra šalia tavęs… niekas nematys nei tavo šypsenos, nei ašarų,liūdesio ar džiaugsmo veide. Praradau artimą žmogų ir supratau, koks gyvenimas yra trapus ir trumpas. Reikia džiaugtis kiekviena akimirka, neliūdeti, gyventi prasmingai, juoktis, mylėti save, nesigailėti to ką padarei, siekti tikslu, nepasiduoti. Juk gyvenimas tik vienas!

This isn't just an art blog.....

WOAH WHAT R U SUPER CEREAL RIGHT NOW?! Yes! I am, actually!!! Soon, I’ll be doing some voice acting work as well as impersonations! That’s why it’s called Laney Artimation!!! :D Stay with me!!!!

Maradona a Cruz del Eje

Maradona a Cruz del Eje

Al igual como hizo en San Francisco, Córdoba, Maradona jugara en Cruz del Eje. Será el 26 de agosto y estará acompañado por varios jugadores.

Diego sigue jugando a beneficio. Se suma una presentación en Córdoba – Cruz del Eje. Será el 26 de agosto y tambien a beneficio

Luis Fabian Artime, Chiche Sosa, Spallina, y jugadores de Instituto y Talleres de Córdoba. Pero tambien grandes figuras como el…

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