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WAIT if Technus can control the electronics and Arthur has an electronic arm... Would he be able to control Artie's arm?! omg angst anyone?

Ahahaha, ohhh no, I’d warn you to be careful with that!  Danny Phantom is a VERY goofy show, even at its most serious, so the tone of anything involving its characters would have to be careful not to drop into TOO angsty!

That said, I’m not against Arthur’s arm being used by Technus to give him quite a fright!  Especially since a lot of things in Danny Phantom turn green when possessed.  You’d be able to make it truly frightening for the characters and yet not TOO too deep for the show’s tone if you do it right!

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i desperately want an episode where sugilite gets a rap verse in a song, kinda like the beginning of Stronger Than You except with nicki instead of estelle

I think that would be pretty rad. I remember there was a post going around a while back where someone suggested there being a musical number during a fight (like “Stronger Than You”) and then in the middle of it Garnet and Amethyst form Sugilite and it transitions into a rap verse and that would definitely be all kinds of awesome

It’s hard to believe it was six years ago Glee first appeared on our screens, and if there’s one character who captured our hearts, it was the oh-so sweet, wheelchair-bound, Artie Abrams (AKA Kevin McHale).

When we caught up with the 26-year-old, he was about to film the final episode. “It’s always been a part of my life so it’s weird that it’s 
all coming to an end,” he told DOLLY. 
And in case you were wondering, yep, Kevin is just as lovable as Artie IRL.

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GB Iorwyn on friend’s request, following a meme that’s been stuck around our FB recently.

You’re not supposed to be able to see her right eye 8′D

And it’s…some sort of marine costume idek what.


Sketched this during BDN runs :’D I died quite early on as the server’s going to bits :/ First run at dragon p2 on arti and 2nd run at mino stage on crus.


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What's your sexuality Artie?

I dunno, I’m not big on labels myself (as in defining myself, personally). When I was younger I used to agonize over how to define myself in regards to sexuality and gender and whatever, I was never really comfortable with anything and it used to cause me a lot of distress. Eventually I just decided I’m happiest with no definition, that I’m just me.

So, uhm, *shrug*

Terima Kasih Pernah Ada

Hai, kamu. Terima kasih karena telah pernah ada di hidupku. Singgah sejenak lalu kupaksa pergi. Terima kasih, karena kehadiranmu telah mengobrak-abrik segala pandanganku terhadap hidup.

Hai, kamu, yang lainnya. Terima kasih karena kamu ada. Karena kehadiranmu, aku yang sekarang bukan aku yang dulu lagi.

Hai, kamu, yang lainnya lagi. Terima kasih karena telah mengajariku arti kesederhanaan. Kau tak perlu tahu kapan.
Karena sejak pertama kali kita bertemu, hingga hari ini, kau selalu mengajarkan.

Terima kasih untuk kalian semua. Terima kasih untuk kamu. Semoga kita bisa menjalani lembar yang baru, sebagai manusia yang sudah bisa memaafkan masa lalu.


I had already decided that “Güeros,” a gorgeous slice of deadbeat Mexico City slacker poetry, was a work of genius even before the characters step out of the story (for the second time) to debate the movie with the director. These pretentious Mexican directors, one character complains (while sitting on a fancy terrace of a party he just crashed, drinking someone else’s booze), are painting an unfair picture of the country. Why do they want to make these arty movies in black-and-white featuring beggars and criminals? Then they go overseas to film festivals and convince French critics that Mexico is full of gangsters and hustlers and degenerates and phonies and corrupt politicians. But that’s all true, his friend observes. OK, the first guy admits, it is. But should they really get to make their movies on the taxpayers’ dime?

Tragic, romantic and hilarious, this late ‘90s Mexican rebel odyssey is 2015’s foreign-language breakthrough

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I feel there is one tidbit left out when talking about Suglilite, her abandonment doesn't begin and end with Pearl leaving her behind in the episode. Garnet and Amethyst probably hadn't fused in a long time, meaning Sugilite was left to rot in fusion limbo. She has probably returned tot he void once again, clearly as a her own persona divided and trapped inside Garnet and Amethyst's gems. Just wanting the right to exist is something I can sympathize with deeply.

It’s weird to think about fusions, maybe “Coach Steven”, since it made a lot clearer that they’re kind of separate people, in a way (in the same way that someone is a different person when they’re with certain other people). And that they’re apparently aware of the time they’re not ‘around’, which is kind of horrifying to think about. 

But I think its, like, parts of yourself you don’t really let out unless you’re with certain people, rather than a person trapped in nonexistence. Its, like, “I forgot how great it feels to be who I am when I’m with you” but personified as a person. Like, missing being with a person. Maybe Garnet and Amethyst used to be closer than they are now, and probably really indulged each other’s wild sides. And they don’t really do that anymore, Garnet feeling the need to be responsible for the others and having to be the leader. And they miss that and that’s the sort of feeling Sugilite embodies, maybe.

It confuses and saddens me that so many people play Artie out of the wheelchair. It’s part of him. Once I applied to a smut roleplay as Artie. The admins told me they will only take me if I played him without his disability. They implied that he couldn’t be sexually desirable and disabled. It really upset me because I have the exact same disability as Artie.