If a customer chokes on a donut
(that ain’t right)
state law requires that you assist them
(help them out now)
Take both hands, push below the diaphragm
get them happy and breathing as fast as you can
(that’s the law)

gg-rain said:

ppl r surprised when garnet does the arm thing like y? Like pearl explained in "cat fingers" they can change their body parts. I'm more losing my mind over garnet snuggly wanting to show off and carry that huge hour glass. Like "aw yeah" so cute.

yea, a lot of folks still seem to get surprised when the Gems show their more alien traits, even though we’ve seen enough by now to know they’re very much not human. And, as you said, it was even explicitly stated that they can change their body parts (the example was even a hand!). It is a little surprising at the time but it makes complete sense a second later.

Aw dude, yea, that’s SO cute. I love how much Garnet seems to love admiration and showing off. And she loved it when Steven called her mysterious. She knows she’s awesome and clearly loves showing that off to people. Its just, its so cute. And, like, in “Rose’s Room” when she’s showing off the wailing stone, she drops it in front of Steven and is like “Hey Steven, look at this :D” and its just…its so cute.

I also noticed she always seems bewildered when told not to do something. Like in the sneak peek, Pearl’s like “no wait!” and Garnet looks so confused. Like “wait? But I said its the right one and I can carry it, why wait?”. Also in “Coach Steven” when Pearl, again, is like “wait!”. And in “So Many Birthdays”, after she shakes Steven and Amethyst and Pearl are yelling at her she looks so distressed. I don’t think she’s at all used to being questioned or her decision not panning out


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