Kurt gets stuck with an abusive asshole
Rachel gets what she wants
Blaine is still a whiny asshole
Sam is still confused
Tina is still the butt of everybody’s joke
We don’t know about Quick
Artie is still Artie
Mercedes can’t have shit
Brittana is endgame
And that’s what you missed on glee

I was thinking about Kitty again. Because Artie is not the only one of the New Directions grads who came back that she dated. She dated Puck, and he dumped her without ceremony to go and live the college life.

When Kitty started dating Artie the secrecy wasn’t all (or even mostly) about her position in school. She had been hurt before and was afraid to put her heart on the line again, but she did. And then he did exactly the same thing to her that Puck had.

It’s interesting as well in terms of the way she had idolised Quinn, and the way she basically ignored her in Homecoming. And both Quinn and Puck (who are still together now) seemingly pretty much ignored her both in 100 and this season. I mean, if they wanted to get people, I would think they’d send Quinn to at least see if she could get through, but they could seemingly see that it would not even be worth a shot now.

Down on the Corner - Chapter 2

AU, Klaine, 1700 words, A03

What if they had all met in the corner outside the loft? AU after season 5; Blaine went back to Lima after the breakup, but Kurt stayed in New York.

Note: this was meant to be a one-shot reaction fic, but it looks like it is continuing… Read the first chapter on A03.

Tw: Depression.


Blaine’s heart had been racing as he and Sam headed off to the train station after their awkward coffee date with Kurt, Rachel, Tina and Artie. He had been worried about seeing Kurt today for so long, it was a relief that it was finally over. He had made it through. He had sat there and answered his friends’ questions like a normal human being, or at least a reasonable facsimile of one. And Kurt had smiled at him. Although after Blaine had been entirely unable to give a real smile back in return, Kurt’s glances had gotten increasingly more concerned, especially after he blurted out that bit about being depressed. Still, the meeting had been entirely different than Blaine had imagined. The angry, exasperated Kurt that had lashed out at him that horrible night of their breakup was gone, replaced by someone new.

And to make the afternoon even more unbelievable, Kurt had apologized. “I’m so, so sorry,” Kurt had said. “For everything. What I said to you, how I said it. That I couldn’t be what you needed.” Blaine really didn’t know what to do with that. No idea at all.

He and Sam were settled in their seats on the train, Sam listening to music on his iPod while Blaine sat with his journal open in front of him. So far he had written “Met everyone on the corner by the loft. Kurt was there.” But no other words would come.

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Have you seen Tom (the demon guy) from Star Vs.? He looks like a goth version of Pearl !!!

Ah, the fusion of Garnet and Pearl, finally revealed!

Yea, I can see it in the nose, the hair, and complexion. But also I think if you put that kind of nose on pretty much any character and it’s going to remind folks of Pearl

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Do you think romantic relationships are even a thing between gem kind?

Hm, well, a few months back someone had sent Matt Burnett an ask about Gems being genderless and/or sexless and in his response he said “I suppose they are sexless… but that shouldn’t imply that romantic relationships can’t exist among Gems.

Either he made that disclaimer because Gems can have romantic relationships but we’re not meant to know that yet or he didn’t want his answer to be used to shut down any fans who ship the Gems or have Gem OCs who have romantic relationships (the crew has always been very protective of fans being able to enjoy the show as they like and try not to put too fine a point on things they don’t have to, which is something he mentions in the same reply). Either way, the matter is deliberately left to be open to interpretation, which is nice.

My personal headcanon on this currently is that romantic relationships were probably pretty rare in Gem society, that love and affection is not something they naturally have but that some may have developed over time by interacting with creatures who do that those kinds of emotions. Like, Rose’s capacity to love (in both a romantic and platonic sense) seems like it was a really unique thing or at least uncommon and I currently speculate that the Gem society as a whole is very utilitarian - not very emotion-based. Rose wasn’t necessarily the first, but I can’t imagine there were that many before her, at least how I view things.

It’s also kind of my headcanon that Rose inspired very deep feelings of love in the other Crystal Gems (not necessarily romantic) and that that was a very unprecedented thing. And that’s why they have this extreme loyalty and affection towards her that would lead them to stand in defense of a planet they don’t seem to have any special connection to apart from Rose.

Mind you, I do think Gems as a society have a system of very close bonds. Fusion seems to require a close bond so, assuming that fusion isn’t unique to the Crystal Gems, Gems can naturally form bonds with one another but that may not be something akin to what we’d call “romantic”. Fusions are ‘living relationships’, after all.

a lot of this is just headcanon though based on very little concrete fact

So a few years back I drew a picture of a Drowzee in a thong ‘cause, y’know, why not and I just found out that it’s shown up on few ‘articles’ about people drawing sexy pokemon, haha

I just find that hilarious. I’m so proud that silly little picture drew enough attention for people to put it on an article, haha (considering how much actual hardcore rule 34 of pokemon is out there)