Glee Season 6 6x06 Promo “What The World Needs Now”

A Wedding (6.08) Song List

I’m So Excited -The Pointer Sisters (Brittany Pierce, Carole Hudson-Hummel, Maribel Lopez, Mercedes Jones, Pam Anderson, Santana Lopez, Sugar Motta, and Whitney S. Pierce)

Hey Ya! Outkast TBA

At Last- Etta James (Artie Abrams and Mercedes Jones)

Our Day Will Come-  Ruby & The Romantics (Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce,
Kurt Hummel, and Santana Lopez)


I made a day in the life(ish)/arty farty thing!!! pls watch friends

Reasons why Glee is important (January 30 edition)
  • Rachel and Kitty having multiple conversations about each other, their mutual passions, and shared core wounds.
  • Kurt’s first reaction to a new elevator being wry dismay at the fact that this method of conveyance was not around when Artie was at McKinley.
  • Becky betraying Sue when it suits her, again, and reminding her friend that she does in fact have a hot boyfriend.
  • Spencer.
  • Explicit discussion of non-con in multiple contexts, including for two gay men who are treated as fetish objects and a man with a learning disability - on a show where characters with learning disabilities tend to have their minds co-opted at least once, because we forget and ignore.
  • Creepy elements of fandom getting framed in as creepy a manner as Glee ever attains.
  • Rachel really needing her friends right now.
  • Kitty really needing some friends right now.

(( more ocs!! this time, i have my mouse animatronic and also my dog one!!

moe the mouse is the grumpy one of the group, acting as the one dixie and puck try to cheer up with the different types of food the diner offers

puck is a very curious and overly excited puppy, he will greet anyone with joy and cheer. he also loves hugs to death. sometimes, quite literally. :3c ))

hippity-hoppity-brigade asked:


HE IS! He totally is, as per chapter 6:

"The Swiss became as purple as a peony. He wore his elegant uniform, D’Artagnan was wrapped in a sort of gray cloak; the Swiss was six feet high, D’Artagnan was hardly more than five;"

That explains a lot, I would say: the short temper, the fact that he wants to duel everyone who looks at him funny. It makes a lot of sense for d’Arty to be tiny. And perpetually angry.

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Do you think Stephen Hawking is Britt's real dad? HAHAHAHAHA. and btw, i was so laughing because of that promo. :D britt's parents is perfect.

Yes I really believe it is Mr Hawking and remember her dad says “the robot” which might explain why Britt kept telling Artie he’s a robot. As if when Britt was a little girl whenever they saw a picture or interview about Stephen her dad wanted her to think he is a robot because what kid doesn’t love a robot and he knew one day they would tell her the truth and that’s why her says “the robot” like one would say it to a child so she won’t be upset. And I already adore them. It’s perfect casting in my opinion. And I love how happy they are about the wedding.

sparks-the-disgruntled replied to your post:♘ from Dakker

Dakker screeched loudly and threw themselves at Arty, kicking and biting.

Arty ducks under the screaching kid, moving up once the kid was over him which ended up headbutting the other in the got. He grabs just over there waist, and with a grunt flipping him back over and slammed them on the floor.

Arty got over them, using his knees to keep the keeps arms and legs pinned as well as the kid.

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Part of me feels like since Lapis and Peridot, a big part of the fandom will say that every episode without a new gem in it is filler

yea, I think some people just…fundamentally misunderstand the tone and function of the show since its entirely built around small character moments. Those small character moments add to the character’s personal progression and allow us to connect with the characters so we actually care when the big plot stuff happens. A big flaw in a lot of action shows is that they only develop the characters enough to drive the plot, usually only using them for big character moments and otherwise just giving them a gimmick as false characterization (this character always cracks jokes, this character is always checking themselves out in the mirror), so you don’t end up caring about what happens to the characters because they’re so underdeveloped. 

To have a character driven show, you need small character moments that humanize the character. Through this, you can develop a character overtime and give them development in a natural way, rather than just introducing character elements only when they’re relevant and then ‘solving’ that character element within the same episode. 

Besides, “filler” doesn’t mean “not a major advancement on the plot”, it means an inconsequential episode that can be completely removed without a negative impact on story comprehension, because its essentially sawdust or the air in a bag of chips - it just fills space. If you remove the episodes of SU people consider “filler”, you’re going to end up with a garbled mess with horrendous pacing, confusing character actions, plot points that seem to come out of nowhere, and no real sense of urgency or drama because we’d have zero connection to any of the characters and thus not really care about whether or not things turn out well for them

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I haven't seen anyone mention yet (though I might've missed it) how the situation with Steven and Lars mirrors the original risk Garnet took in the first place (doing something almost guaranteed to be dangerous on the very slight 1% off chance of getting closer to them). I think having gone to say hello and risked getting severely burned help Steven to actually understand Garnet in the end and get over his anxiety. Because he realized that what she did was basically what he did himself.

ah, that’s an excellent observation! That scene definitely shows how the possibility of a great (emotional) reward can cloud judgement and make you willing to risk something bad just in case the great thing will happen. You could play it safe and not take the risk, but you’d likely never get that connection you want so much.

So, essentially, Garnet was willing to take a big risk on the off chance she could get an emotional hi-five from her bff Steven (their relationship is deep but complicated)

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I'm just wondering... I am kind of anxious as to how their dresses are going to look like. And especially Brittany's, because of the picture that was posted on twitter(?) where Heather is wearing a white dress with wings? I just don't really want that to be her wedding dress... So again I was just wondering what your thoughts on that matter are?

That’s not from the wedding episode, anon, don’t worry about it! That’s from a number in What the World Needs Now with Brittany, Artie, Sam, Blaine and the dancers. Everyone is dressed as angels.