5 Seconds of Summer’s Secret YouTube Obsession: Green Day Videos

5 Seconds of Summer may be young, but they’re already used to playing huge arenas filled with screaming girls. They opened for One Direction on two different international tours, becoming stars before they even released their self-titled debut. After prepping with a handful of theater dates, the under-21 quartet is now playing European arenas for the first leg of their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. In June, they return to Australia for a few gigs in their home country, and in July they begin two months of North American shows. This is the band’s first time headlining, but none of the members appears to be feeling too much pressure. “It’s still the same four dudes onstage,” lead singer Luke Hemmings tells Rolling Stone while preparing to play a show in Madrid. “There aren’t many negatives I can think of.”

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Bipolar disorder is something Demi knows about firsthand.

Before Demi received her diagnosis, she spent a lot of her life feeling vulnerable, sad and withdrawn. At times she couldn’t even find the strength to get out of bed. After years of abusing her body and self-medicating, she hit rock bottom and was admitted to an inpatient treatment facility. This is when she was finally diagnosed with the depressive phase of bipolar disorder, called bipolar depression.

By working with her support team she was able to partner with a healthcare professional, open up to family and friends, and over time find a treatment plan that worked for her.

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BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

Full Article available @, written by Eddie Makuch on May 26, 2015

Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare lead writer David Gaider has spoken out to address the topic of sexual diversity and inclusivity in video games. Gaider, a 16-year veteran of the RPG studio who recently wrote for Dragon Age: Inquisition, started off in a new interview by recalling his reaction when he learned that BioWare’s 2005 RPG Jade Empire–which he didn’t work on–would offer gay romance options.

“I remember hearing about when they made that decision to put it in and I was floored,” Gaider told Video Game Sophistry. “I mean, I’m gay myself, so I felt it kind of odd when I heard about it, how shocked I was because I just never thought that part of my life had a role to play in work. Like I said, it just wasn’t done. I didn’t even really consider the idea, so when they made that decision it was like, ‘Oh, really?’” …



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The fan-loved pop star goes on the record about mental illness, being an “in-between role model,” and the plight of being an “inconvenient woman.”

When I sat down with electropop wunderkind Halsey as part of ELLE’s annual Women in Music issue—the 20-year-old appears in the portfolio alongside talent such as Florence Welch, Echosmith, and Tinashe—I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I had done my homework, of course, and had spent that morning streaming her recently released, Room 93, as well as the commentary that accompanies the EP, on her Spotify channel.

“It’s kind of pompous. There’s a smirk, a smugness,” she says of the lyrics during one of those spoken interstitials. “This person is proud of themselves for what they’re doing to you.” She pauses to catch her breath; she’s been talking a mile a minute. “But then the chorus is very vindicated…I make sure that I never play the victim." 

From that soundbite—and the scathing lyrics on tracks such as "Ghost” and “Hurricane"—I sensed a duality of character, but I never anticipated the raw honesty of a performer who so aptly communicates emotion through her art. Though she’s never spoken out about her history of hereditary bipolar disorder, Halsey went on the record with in an effort to dispel misconceptions people may have about mental illness. Below is a condensed version of our no-holds-barred conversation. Thank you, Halsey, for shining a light on the grey matter.

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TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase is a Demon in Kankuro Kudo’s Completely Original Work, Kamiki is an Uncool High School Student

It’s been announced that Kankuro Kudo will be directing and writing a completely original work, TOO YOUNG TO DIE! A Juvenile Grave.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE! A Juvenile Grave is an entertaining film about a boy in high school named Daisuke who, after losing his life in an accident and getting sent to hell, encounters the red demon, Killer K. Killer K is the guitarist and vocalist of the rock band Hellz (Jigoku-zu), and it is through his original “special demon training” that Daisuke hopes to be reborn in order to meet his unrequited love one more time–even if he might not make it.

The film stars TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase as Killer K, the adviser of the Easy Listening Music Club in Hell’s Agricultural High School. This is Nagase’s first film role in seven years, made even more daunting as he becomes a red demon under special make-up. He starred in Kudo’s directorial debut, Yaji and Kita: Midnight Pilgrims in 2005, and has also collaborated with Kudo for his written television dramas such as Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Tiger and Dragon, and Unubore Deka. Meanwhile, Ryunosuke Kamiki plays Daisuke, the below-average high school student. He, too, has appeared in a television drama Kudo wrote for in 2011, 11-nin Mo Iru!.

Hellz, the band with frontman Killer K, will be producing original music for the film. Kamiki will also be joining the band for both guitar and vocals after intensive training done specifically for this occasion.

Filming for TOO YOUNG TO DIE! A Juvenile Grave started in May on-location in Tokyo, and the movie’s set to be released in February of 2016.


Within a constantly aging society, everyone knows they’re going to die at some point. It’s because of this that I wanted to create something around the idea of “a film where death isn’t something to fear”. There wasn’t any particular passion about it. This is my fourth time directing, so I’m not as high-spirited, pretentious, or excited about it as I could be. For that, Nagase, Kamiki, and everyone else’s charms will likely shine through the filming instead–and I hope that’s what the audience’ll pay close attention to.


Director Kudo (Kankuro) approached me a while back asking me if I wanted to work on some music for a project of his so, to be honest, I’ve been waiting a long while for this project to pop up! Or at least it felt that way to me.

When you think of “rock music”, the first image that comes to mind is usually a scary one, but it’s also got a humorous side. It’s sort of a tricky thing what with the film being set in Hell and all, but there’s a hidden message inside. I’ve always wanted to join something that delves into that great territory of rock; I don’t think anyone’s ever encountered a work that does that quite like this one does, and for that I’m really thankful to Director Kudo and all his staff for letting me be a part of it!

Y’know, though, when I’m in my “Red Demon Killer K” get-up, I wonder if people’ll be able to recognise me. Anyway, the costumes and the music are all super cool, so I hope everyone looks forward to it.

Reuniting with Ryunosuke (Kamiki) makes me feel like I’m in the presence of a severely good actor. His straight-laced ways are refreshing–we’re united, sort of, in our levels of commitment–and I think that that’s going to awaken some really good chemistry between the both of us. After fifteen years, he and I are meeting each other head-on one more time, and I’m seriously looking forward to all the fun we’ll have.

I know that above all else this boils down to just another job for me, but I’m going to take the deepest plunge I can into it–for the sake of those I’m working with, for the people who believe in me–and do my best to bring this masterpiece to life.


The opportunity to work under Kudo’s direction makes me very happy, but also very nervous. I laughed my head off while reading the script.

I’m going to play Daisuke with as much passion as I possibly can–I’ll work hard to capture the character of someone who’s completely hopeless. I used to play guitar every so often in junior high and high school, but this is the first time I’ve had to really, really practise. The pressure’s coming at me from all angles, but I swear I’ll do my very best.

This is the first time I’ve co-starred with Nagase since I was in third grade. He’s still the friendly big brother I remember him being from back then, but I’m looking forward to being able to get to know him as an adult, now.

Not all the scenes are ones where you’ll laugh for minutes straight, but I hope that just watching it will be fun for everyone. It’s difficult to be funny, but we’re working with the intention of making sure that at the end of the film, everyone’ll be leaving the theatre with smiles on their faces and their eyes wet from laughter–and that the story will warm their hearts.

SOURCE: Natalie.MU

[ARTICLE] 150528 Financial Analysts: Cube’s new-found potential in Chinese markets

Cube Entertainment is on its rise early this morning with their share price increasing to 3,140 Won, a jump of 3.97% as compared to yesterday’s closing price. Analysts are taking strong interest on Cube Entertainment as one of the most undervalued company in the industry.

Taurus Investment & Securities today has recommended Cube Entertainment as a company that needs to look out for, stating that there is a new growth potential in the China market. The target price, however, was not spelt out.

Financial analyst Kim TaeHyun expressed, “The popularity of Cube Entertainment’s major artists BEAST and 4minute in the Oriental market is increasing steeply in the Greater China region (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)” and, “This year, it is expected that 10 to at most 16 concerts will be added to the Greater China region. 4minute’s latest album ‘Crazy’ too, was revealed to chart at #1 on QQ Chart for 10 consecutive weeks.”

“Currently Cube Entertainment’s previous declaration with the securities commission revealed that their estimated Price-Earning Ratio is at a conservative number of 15 times this year (Industry average at 25 times) and 8 times in 2016. Given its growth potential and the industry cycle, Cube Entertainment is a significantly undervalued.”

He continued, “Following BEAST and 4minute’s increasing activities, the revenue growth will likely to increase greatly starting with this year” and, “We look forward to its coming new growth potential and its new position it will soon hold.”

Kim also explained, “In 2015, rookie male group BTOB member Yook Sungjae is on his rising popularity” and, “Yook Sungjae had proven his singing skills on variety program ‘Masked Singer’ and even took  on lead role in drama ‘School 2015′, thus, showing a growing potential (for the company).”

Also, “Looking at past precedence like Lee JongSuk and Kim WooBin who have become top stars after gaining popularity in ‘School’ series, it is worth expecting Yook SungJae’s prospects in the future.” He added, “If ‘School 2015′ ends around June, (there are) BTOB’s comeback plans. With Yook Sungjae’s popularity, it is expected that BTOB’s recognition will increase largely too.”

Source: Asia Economy [1, 2, 3]


Dakota Johnson and co-stars on the set of ‘How to be Single’ [HQ UNTAGGED PICS]

Another day on set for Dakota Johnson. Dakota has been spotted on the set of ‘How to be Single’ with her co-stars on May 28th, 2015 with the same outfit showed when they first started shooting.

Down below you’ll find 47 HQ untagged pictures thanks to @FiftyShadesEN.

Article provided by EverythingDakotaJohnson.

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British Actors To Follow On Twitter — Who Are The Best?

British actors have invaded American cinemas and left a lasting impression on U.S. fans, who seem to adore anything that comes from across the Atlantic. Many of them use Twitter on a regular basis, but who are the best to follow?

When a popular actor with a large fan base joins Twitter it’s a happy days for the fandom — we’re not sure how the actor feels. Many have misgivings and some have sworn never to join social media for several reasons, most of which have to do with their privacy.

Of course, it’s up to the actor himself, how much he or she shares, but let’s face it, if you’re on Twitter, you are most likely to share than not and your fans will love you for it. So let’s take a look at who you should be following, if you’re new to Twitter and looking for lovely British actors.


The last episode of DJ Infinite Sungkyu was aired on Tuesday on MelOn’s website. One section of the radio program was ‘Half-real Documentary - One Fan’s Road To Success’ where Sungkyu tells the story of his road to becoming a singer.

Lee Jong-suk thanks fans for Most Popular Actor award

Updated : May 28 2015

Actor Lee Jong-suk expressed his delight with being awarded the Most Popular Actor prize for the TV drama “Pinocchio” and regretted that he was not present to pick up the award in person at the Seoul ceremony Tuesday.

The Most Popular Actor and Actresses awards at the annual Paeksang Arts Awards are decided through a public monthlong online vote.

“I am leaving a message of gratitude because I heard the good news today,” he said through his Instagram page. “I received news of the results (belatedly) and wasn’t able to change my schedule.”

Lee is currently in Japan, where he held a fan meeting on Sunday. The 200 tickets for the event sold out within 3 minutes.

“In terms of my work, I don’t have much confidence, but the only time I feel like a (true) star is when I meet you fans,” said Lee. “I think I can understand your heart.”

The 25-year-old actor thanked fans for their generous support and vowed to be nominated again at the same ceremony in the future.

“I’ll show you, it’ll be amazing – I say that, even though I don’t know what project I’m going to do next,” said Lee.

The actor also shared a photo of himself getting his hair styled.

Lee won acclaim in the recent TV drama “Pinocchio.” His female costar Park Shin-hye also won Most Popular Actress in the film category for the period flick “The Royal Tailor.”

By Yoon Sarah (

Source: Kpopherald 

Hannibal est peut-être l’une des séries les plus fascinantes du petit écran. Elle n’a pas forcément le succès qu’elle mérite, mais d’une façon tant mieux, une trop grande audience aurait eu pour effet de tuer le projet de l’intérieur. Ce qui fait la beauté de la série Hannibal au-delà de son personnage principal et de son approche, c’est justement le fait que Bryan Fuller agisse en dehors du cadre classique de ce que l’on attend sur le petit écran. Fut une époque où Millenium de Chris Carter était ce qui aurait pu se rapprocher le plus aujourd’hui de ce qu’est Hannibal, une traque du mal à l’état pur, mais la série de Carter se perdait souvent en route et possédait n’en déplaise aux puristes beaucoup moins de styles qu’Hannibal. Et surtout, elle ne possédait pas mads mikkelsen. Oui Anthony Hopkins était un bon acteur dans le rôle d’origine, mais avec du recul faisait-il peur ? Non. On était plus proche de l’interprétation de Jack Nicholson pour le Joker. Tout dans la démesure, l’excès. Mais avec mads mikkelsen, le personnage d’Hannibal Lecter a gagné un calme froid et inquiétant. Un contrôle de soi quasi absolu et malsain faisant ainsi découvrir une nouvelle facette du personnage.

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