READ full interview of Dane DeHaan from 2013 “Hero” magazine issue. Also make sure to check our press archive section. 

Cover star Dane DeHaan is the most exciting and quietly anticipated actor to emerge from Hollywood in the past decade, shot for this issue by Hedi Slimane. DeHaan talks about his impulsive attraction toward dark, complex characters and preparing for his next ‘terrifying’ role… James Dean in Life, a biopic of the icon, alongside Robert Pattinson.

The Things We Learned from the Kurt Cobain documentary at Sundance...

5. Kurt and Courtney were extremely self-aware of their fame.

Courtney lovingly lists all of the music greats that Kurt gets compared to. And Kurt agrees with her that she’s one of the two “most hated women in America,” along with Roseanne Barr. In another scene, Kurt is wearing some of Courtney’s fake eyelashes like a Hitler moustache, along with a satin dress, while lip-synching a horrible fan letter that blames Courtney for Nirvana’s problems.

6. Kurt and Courtney made sex tapes.

The footage of Kurt and Courtney alone at home is electric, and some of it’s even erotic. Though their private videos are edited to PG-13 standards, there’s no doubt: Kurt and Courtney had fun with videocameras in bed. Morgen features clips of the two making out in bed.

Read the full list here.

Park Shin Hye "'Pinocchio' is an Unfinished Drama to Me"

Park Shin Hye said, “Every second I was shooting a scene, I felt happy. Trying to find cases was fun and the the evolution of the romance between Inha and Dalpo was sweet and praiseworthy. It was not all about melodrama so I liked it, and I really liked the family scenes. I liked everything.” and “To me, ‘Pinocchio’ is an unfinished drama. Words are not the weight of one moment, but a weight that takes its toll even in the future.”

Park Shin Hye cried when she saw the script of ‘Pinocchio’ and felt like she needed to act in this drama so she cancelled her original goals of graduating from the university and decided to film and finish this drama. 

She said, “Inha has the same personality and blunt speech like me.” and “She is lively, smiles a lot, and laughs loudly exactly like me that it made me so surprised that a character would be such a clone of me.”

Park Shin Hye said, “I cried a lot as Inha with true feelings. To tell you the truth, I sometimes cry in front of my mom and dad while clinging on to them which made the family scenes seem more real.” and “Even Inha calling Grandpa, “Harabeoji, Harabeoji~” and Grandpa answering back, “I have no money” are the same interactions I have with my grandpa.”

She continued on, “Even when we were not filming, Jin Kyung mom would call me ‘Ddoksooni’ and I would call her mom. She would take good care of me as if she was like my real mom. She would complain about how could there be such a mother in this world and wished that Hamyeong would get his revenge in the end. Also, inha’s mom in the drama is cold and my mom (real) was like that sometimes, so I would feel sad and wanted to cry. Now, whenever I hear my mom speak, I want to cry each time. Therefore, the scene with Jin Kyung mom really made me want to cry.”

Park Shin Hye is known throughout the entertainment industry as the queen of making friends with everyone and is known for being nice and easy to get along with. However, she said with a small laugh, “No. I lost the title of flower of the filming site due to Jong Sukkie.” She added with cute chagrin, “I even lost to the length of his eyelashes and lost to his aegyo. i lost to everything.”

However, through a continuous evaluation of Lee Jong Suk, we were able to learn how close they are and how much they lean to each other for support as friends and as colleagues. She said, “Jong Sukkie is a lovely friend. His body is filled with lovely aegyo so I asked if he is the youngest child, but he replied that he is the oldest.” and “Because of him, I was able to laugh a lot, strangely I felt proud of him at times, I liked him as my partner, and we were able to exchange a lot of harmony. His eyes are delicate and warm.”

Also, when we talked about Lee Jong Suk’s slump, she said, “Rather than being happy and having fun while acting, I feel that he was overwhelmed with new emotions. I felt a similar feeling after I filmed ‘You’re Beautiful’.” and “When I opened my eyes, I missed filming, I couldn’t grab onto anything, and I cried every single day. I was able to get over that feeling and was able to put more strength to another drama.”

Like their friendship, their passion and their support and humane affection as well as consideration and respect for each other made them able to bring out the best for the Darling Couple which made viewers feel like the Darling Couple was real. Park Shin Hye pouted and said, “The scene where my dad has an imagination of us having a Toast Kiss needed to show a lot of love, but Jong Sukkie and I weren’t really used to each other then so it really made us gag. The PD-nim even scolded us by saying, “Did you guys ever date?” I feel that holding the toast in my mouth for the toast kiss was really hard.”

She added, “I experienced different feelings for the Mouth Covered Kiss and the Toast Kiss. While the first kiss left me a tingling feeling, I experienced more emotions with the breakup scene. In particular, I experienced such strong emotional feelings of the breakup up to the point that I was wondering to myself, “Why am I feeling this way?” My heart felt like it was really breaking that I cried a lot that day.”


Park Shin Hye concluded the interview by saying, “Before filming ‘Pinocchio’, I didn’t pay much to the news and really focused on news that had impact rather than facts. Now, I like to watch the news even the ones that may seem boring because these are the news that I need to hear. I watch all news like cases of arson, abuse, and violence. I watch everything on the news now and focus whether the reporters are really reporting us the facts or just want to give us news that we want to hear. ‘Pinocchio’ really changed my views of the news.”


Eng. Trans By: TheFoodMonster 

Succulent Care Guide

Written by Madlena, photography by Ellie

What better way is there to perk up your room than adding some plants to it? Recently the top choice has been succulents. They are cute, aesthetic and easy to care for- or are they? Here are a few facts you should know before getting your hands on these fresh little gems. 

Succulents are a family of plants (that also include cacti) that originated from the drier, warmer places of our planet. They need to be kept in the sun so a windowsill is usually the best spot.

Watering them can be difficult. You can easily give them too much, which will make the plant go rotten. Instead, try giving them a little squirt whenever the soil is dry, and definitely don’t let the soil get waterlogged. Other owners are known to soak their plants once a week, which is also a good method. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole in the bottom so that the plant doesn’t drown if you give it too much water.

Remember: succulents feel best in sandy, rough soils. 

Let’s talk shapes and colours. Due to the adaption to different climates, succulents can be found in many different shapes (as seen in the above picture), with for example paddle leaves or teardrop leaves. Also, succulent colour language can be interesting to learn- when they receive more sunlight than usual they will ‘blush’ in brighter colours like pink or red. If a succulent lacks water, it will become duller. Also, the green ones are generally easier to take care of. Only when you have mastered the skill of taking care of those can you go on to more exotic colours like purple or orange. 

Let the artistic side of you experiment with different pots; try different colours and patterns- classical white, hippie designs or pastels. Dedicate an afternoon to decoupage and glue cute papers or napkins onto the flower pots. To be even more original, plant your succulents in cute, vintage tea cups or jars (not permanently, though, because the pot needs to have drainage holes). 

Rooms with plants often feel cosier and have a more charismatic atmosphere. Good luck!

Interview: Kylie Jenner thriving in the family business

Kylie Jenner was in the process of answering my first question about working with sister Kendall Jenner on various business ventures Friday outside Sugar Factory in Rosemont when she momentarily stopped our red carpet interview due to the crowd of mostly teenagers feverishly chanting “Kylie.”

No, the 17-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star didn’t ask that we move the interview inside so that we could better hear each other (I couldn’t make out half of what she said because of the shrieking), nor did she walk in her strappy heels over to the rabid fans to greet them (that brief interaction took place after interviews). Jenner simply saw a good social media opportunity and wanted to capture it.

“I think it’s awesome for (Kendall and I) to do stuff together because it makes …” said Jenner before soaking up the loud chant and handing her phone to one of her handlers. “I want to take a video,” she said, laughing.

This is part of how you build a brand. Jenner would know. She has 17 million Instagram followers and fans so dedicated that one 16-year-old told me she had been waiting with friends in the cold since 4:30 a.m. for an appearance scheduled for 5 p.m. Jenner’s half sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner have built an empire off of the public’s fascination with their famous family. Now Kylie and Kendall are following in their footsteps.

Kylie Jenner was promoting the $26 Couture Pops she designed with Kendall at Sugar Factory, which opened in November in MB Financial Park and features a candy retail store, restaurant and ice cream shop. The two sisters have also put their names on a young adult book, “Rebels: City of Indra,” and a PacSun clothing line. That’s why I asked if Jenner sees herself continuing to share a brand with her sister in the future or if she’ll go off on her own.

“Sorry,” said Jenner after the brief interruption. “OK, yeah, I think doing stuff together makes the experience more fun and we work really well together, but, um, of course, I think as we get older we’ll start to branch out and do stuff on our own, so that’s cool also.”

Many of us didn’t know what exactly we wanted to do with our lives when we graduated college, let alone at 17 years old. Still, I posed the question to Jenner to see what her interests are and if they stray from those of her siblings. Apparently they don’t.

“I love fashion and would love to see myself do that,” Jenner said. “I don’t know. I want to explore a lot of things, do acting here and there.”

A quick Google search reveals that much of what is written about Jenner is tabloid fodder, even though she has few, if any, real scandals to her name. There are relationship rumors and plastic surgery speculation, but other than that it’s just a whole lot of overreaction and dissection of a teenage star who really hasn’t been all that controversial. Of course, gossip hasn’t exactly hurt Kylie’s or her family’s careers, either. It’s a part of their appeal. Some would argue the family invites the rumors.

The latest? Jenner reportedly dropped out of home-school to focus on her career.

“There are new rumors about me every day,” Jenner said. “I’m still in school — I’m home-schooled. I do school every day. I finish in like four months.”

Not long after that, Jenner said hi to a couple of fans in line before heading inside to an exclusive event where she and her entourage sat at a table like zoo animals as a crowd hovered and took photos. The appearance wasn’t promoted as a meet-and-greet, but Jenner still plugged it beforehand on Twitter, where she has 8.14 million followers. Of the thousand or so fans in line, I’m guessing a quarter of them got a glimpse of Jenner and only a select few got a photo or autograph.

I asked the 16-year-old who told me she had skipped school to get in line at 4:30 a.m. whether the long wait was worth it after Jenner had gone inside.

“I have abdominal pain” from getting pushed up against the gate by overexcited fans, she said. “I don’t know if it was worth it. I mean, she’s pretty.”

Article, here

The Rainbow take on cake-gate

Sometimes all it takes to spark a debate is the question “What on earth did he mean?” So we must say thank you to Harry Styles for his Cake-Gate Tweet, and the discussion it spawned. We are still not 100% sure which cake-gate he was referring to, but that’s OK. As critical thinking and debate are essential to education and awareness about LBGTQ+ issues - we decided to share some of that with you.

Our discussion quickly rolled around to the case of a bakery in Belfast (Northern Ireland) where owners are facing the threat of a lawsuit for refusing to bake a cake with a “Support Gay Marriage” banner on it for a gay couple. A while back, a bakery in Colorado (USA) refused to make a cake with a homophobic message. While we could say in both cases the owner refused to serve their customers based on a moral opinion and that’s a discrimination in both hands, we are also lead to question ourselves about the limits of the free speech. Our question is, why applaud one of them and condemn the other?

Czytaj dalej

Sidney Crosby’s first decade in the NHL is almost over. And here is what he needs to know: Being Sidney Crosby isn’t his job anymore.

Just being Sidney is all any of us should ask of “The Next One” who became “The One.”

Being Sidney Crosby meant breathing life into hockey after the NHL attempted to suffocate the game at its highest level. Being Sidney Crosby meant resuscitating a Penguins franchise that was on life support while calling a decaying Igloo home.

As Crosby became the world’s finest player, Being Sidney Crosby came to mean raising the NHL and Penguins from their respective deathbeds. Either feat should have exhausted Crosby. Both tasks were too much to ask of any “Kid.”

The Lee Jong Suk that Park Shin Hye Talks About, The Park Shin Hye that Lee Jong Suk Talks About

Actor Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have the same age. Both actors played as the sweet Darling Couple in the popular SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Special ‘Pinocchio’. The Darling Couple received much love from viewers due to their true love for each other.

With no practice at all, both actors had such perfect harmony together. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye likes to bicker a lot, but they seem to show affection toward each other, and their romantic acting is also perfect which makes both actors seem like lovers in real life. They are so close that they like to play pranks on each other and joke around. Both had interviews on the 20th at different cafes in Seoul Samcheongdong. Coincidentally, both cafes walking distance was 10 minutes away. But, they were interviewed at different times, so it was a coincidence. 

Since Lee Jong Suk had an interview with us earlier in the morning, Park Shin Hye asked us with her big eyes widened and shiningly brightly on what Lee Jong Suk said about her during his interview. Park Shin Hye showed a lively nature throughout the interview, but as soon as we were about to discuss about Lee Jong Suk, she forcefully loudened her voice to create an even more harmonious and friendly atmosphere and joked, “He didn’t say anything weird, did he?”

Then, we joked back, “Lee Jong Suk-sshi said some bad stories to us.” and provoked the “fight” between her and Lee Jong Suk. Park Shin Hye then joked back, “All of a sudden, it is so hot here right now. Later, I should contact him.” If we had continued to joke around with Park Shin Hye, we were about to find Lee Jong Suk and interview their “fight” together. They were so intimate that it would have made drama fans widen their smiles. In the interview we had before with Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jong Suk praised Park Shin Hye a lot, and Park Shin Hye as well praised Lee Jong Suk a lot so her mouth wouldn’t become dry from not talking. Usually, even though actors are actors, they usually hesitate when they talk about the flaws of their co-stars, but Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye didn’t have to that.

Lee Jong Suk said while praising her that Park Shin Hye was an actor that he could trust and act with together. He said, “All the dramas, Shin Hye acted in became popular.” and “She is an actor with good harmony. This time, writer-nim created a character different from all the characters Shin Hye was in. Shin Hye obviously changed her acting style. When I made a small mistake when talking, she advised me, “You are supposed to speak like this in this part”.” Lee Jong Suk thanked her by saying, “Shin Hye is very articulate and very smart. She also has a good personality. I continue to recieve a lot of help from her.” 


After the SBS drama ‘Doctor Stranger’, Lee Jong Suk suffered through a slump. With the responsibility and burden of a main lead he had while acting, he thought the more he acted, it was harder for him. When he experienced hardships, he met ‘Pinocchio’. He revealed, “There was the staff as well as Shin Hye there for me. Since Shin Hye was there, I was able to trust people again and I was able to have fun while acting freely and did not have to worry about other things.” and “I was able to meet Shin Hye before through a photoshoot. Before, I felt that I had no reason to be friends with her outside of work.”


Park Shin Hye also talked about Lee Jong Suk, “This drama was able to become popular because I was able to meet the ‘Pinocchio’ staff and my co-star.” and “Jong Sukkie acts well and I believe that we had perfect harmony with each other. When I fool around and play jokes with Jong Sukkie, the atmosphere becomes really good that I don’t seem tired at all.” She expressed her gratitude for Lee Jong Suk as well as her high level of satisfaction she experienced with the drama.


Including Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, the other co-stars Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi who all are in the same age group made the filming location of ‘Pinocchio’ loud all the time. Park Shin Hye said, “There is no market out there like the Fantastic Four (phrase meaning: markets are really loud, but the Fantastic Four is louder than the market so the Fantastic Four is THE MARKET).” and “We laugh, chat, and cause an uproar. If we feel like filming is going to start soon, I would say the words, “Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh.” She revealed how much fun she had and the lively atmosphere she experienced while filming. 


Since the two are really close, even when they were acting, they performed romance acting with the thoughts of ‘work and work only’. As soon as they would meet at the filming location, they would be busy fooling around and playing jokes on each other, they both revealed that they had a hard time to have an emotional commitment to a otherwise serious romantic acting. These revelations may make the drama fans either sad or feel reassured.


Lee Jong Suk said, “Since I am close to Shin Hye, it was embarrassing at first to film melodramatic scenes.” and “Later on, even after filming kiss scenes, I only worried about how pretty the scene came out to be. Shin Hye and I even studied together alone on how we should kiss to make the scene come out to be even more pretty.”


Park Shin Hye was the same. She said, “At first, we would tickle each other, but later on, we worried about the angling of the kiss to make the scene come out more pretty.” and “We got in a lot of trouble during the Toast Kiss because we acted without any emotions. There was a romance scene that was so sweet that it made us want to gag, but later on we got used to it and acted freely.” She laughed an easygoing laugh while saying this.


Eng. Trans By: TheFoodMonster 

New evidence about addiction isn’t just a challenge to us politically. It doesn’t just force us to change our minds. It forces us to change our hearts….

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection."

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazingly wonderful this article is. I don’t consider a lot of things a must read but I would definitely consider this to be one.

[Monthly Entame] - Monthly Kizaki Yuria - Volume 9

I’ve been very busy lately so I couldn’t take care of this before. Still, there was no way I would’ve not shared it, so…here you go :) The guest for this volume is KomiHaru, the malicious fisher of Team 4, who I suggest you all keep your eyes on ;)
Enjoy! And may Peace be with you.
Go here for more articles\interviews or directly here for the talk with Yukarun, here for the one with Yuiri and here for that with Ayana!

This time, the anime lover “KomiHaru” makes her appearance.
Together, she and Yuria turned into princesses, immersed into a sister-like atmosphere.

This month’s theme: Becoming a Princess with KomiHaru

Inside Story: During the shooting, it was even possible to witness a scene in which, as KomiHaru said, all excited, “I love One Piece!”, Yuria immediately retorted with a “Hey, this is a one piece too” (one piece is the word they use in Japanese to refer to dresses)

What they have in common is the love for anime and the…relaxed laid back attitude!?

Interviewer: How was it to have this shooting together today?

Komiyama: We got a lot closer thanks to this, right?

Kizaki: We could also find out we both love the manga [ONE PIECE].

Komiyama: Truth is…I check Yuria-chan’s Google + every single day and I was trying to pick the right timing to tell her about the fact that I like anime too! I, as well, love [Love Live]!

Kizaki: I’m so happy! I had no idea there were members who like anime in Team 4!

Komiyama: I like Kotorichan. We’ve born on the same day!

Interviewer: Is there anything else you have in common?

Komiyama: I guess that’s about all. (resolutely)

Interviewer: That was a quick answer (laughs) Please try thinking a bit harder about it!

Komiyama: Hmmm…

Kizaki: I think we’re similar in the fact that we both act in a quite relaxed and laid back way.
The difference is that I’m the manly kind of laid back, while Komichan’s the feminine kind. 
Maybe it’s hard to get it this way… (laughs)
When she approaches me saying “Yuria-chan, Yuria-chan” she seems all cute, but then she immediately turns into her laid back self, just like now. Oh well, let’s not forget that we’re talking about someone who’s being said to be malicious, after all (laughs)

Interviewer: Are you really malicious?

Komiyama: Lately I stopped denying it when I’m told I am (laughs)
In the past I didn’t like for people to think that of me, but well…I realized that it might actually be true, so …

Kizaki: Wow, she just admitted it!!
This might get quite dangerous once she grows up and becomes an adult!! I wonder what kind of malicious person she’ll become (laughs)

Interviewer: By the way, do you remember when you first met?

Komiyama: I do! We were to perform the TeTsuna (Te wo tsunaginagara) Stage that day, so I was in standby in the dressing room. It was then that Yuria-chan, whose transfer had been decided, arrived. She kept standing up still, so I brought a chair and told her “Please sit”. She said “Don’t worry. It’s fine. But hey, thank you!” and I thought “Ahhh, she must be a kind person”.

Kizaki: But I did nothing special, I just normally thanked you (laughs)

Interview: When it’s that you properly acknowledged each other?

Kizaki: It was after I transferred to Team 4.
Memorizing people’s names is not my forte, so I was trying to memorize the names of all the members by writing them down. I wrote the names by dividing the members in tall ones and short ones, according to the image I had of them. And I put Komichan and Riorin (Ookawa Rio) in the group of short members. I have this image of them being short and likely to grow wings on their backs…

Interviewer: Like angels?

Kizaki: Yeah, but…turned out the wings were black!

Komiyama: T-h-a-t’s n-o-t t-r-u-e!!
As for me, when I was watching Majisuka Gakuen 3 I thought Yuria-chan looked like a really level-headed person! She is our vice-captain, after all. But during a recent lesson, she ended up saying “Everyone, be sure to prepare for what we did today!” (video reference)

Interview: Shouldn’t that be “Be sure to review what we did today?” (laughs)

Komiyama: Yeah, and this kind of mistakes are quite common…
What adds to that is the fact that she always has that self-satisfied look on her face as she says them!
So well, I got like “Ah…so Yuria-chan is actually like this” (laughs)

Kizaki: No, that’s not it!! Those are just my attempts at trying to chill the atmosphere out for everyone!
For you not to even notice something as obvious as this…you really are still a kid, aren’t you? (self-satisfied)

Interviewer: The theme of today’s shooting was “Becoming a Princess”. Did you come up with it, Ms. Kizaki?

Kizaki: When I asked Komichan “What do you want to do?” she answered saying “I want to be a princess!”, so I decided to go for it!

Komiyama: I wanted to try and turn into a princess. I’ve always wanted to wear a beautiful dress.

Kizaki: She was super cute. I didn’t have in my mind the image of a princess in yellow, but the color suited Komichan very much.

Komiyama: The princess version of Yuria-chan was very cute too! So mature-looking… You looked like a pretty big sister!!

Interviewer: What would you think of the idea of having Ms. Kizaki as your real sister?

Komiyama: During an MC of a recent Stage we played a game in which us other members had to decid who we’d chose as our big sister between Yuria-chan and Minegishi-san. During the rehearsal I said “Yuria-chan”.

Kizaki: But you changed it into Miichan during the Stage!!

Komiyama: I still do think that I’d prefer you overall, but as Minegishi-san approached me right before the beginning of the Stage I realized I like her too (laughs)

Interviewer: You sure change idea easily (laughs)

Kizaki: Plus…take in mind that Miichan approached you exactly with the purpose of having you change idea! In any case, I won the game with 4 members versus 2! Then we closed the topic saying that more than a big sister, Miichan is like a mother.

Interviewer: What kind of character is Ms. Komiyama in Team 4?

Kizaki: She’s the kind that likes to receive others’ attention.

Komiyama: I like to be treated like a kid. I want for everyone to pay attention to me. (laughs)
As a character, I aim at becoming a so-called “Fisher”. Like Milky-san! I want for fans to be glad they came to meet me in the hand-shake events.

Kizaki: But hey, fishers don’t have it easy! SKE48’s n°1 Fisher, Suda Akari, has a lot of worries and things she’s concerned about, after all.

Komiyama: Oh! I look up to Suda-san as well!!! I want to become a fisher, but when during hand-shake events fans come and tell me things like “Come on, fish me”, I never know what to do…

Kizaki: Well, I guess it’s hard.

Komiyama: Some time ago, I had Suda-san teach me how to act during hand-shake events and she really was amazing. When, while shaking her hands, there was some silence because I was thinking about what to say to her, she started talking to me instead!! That’s why I want to learn from Suda-san and I aim at mastering the art of godly interactions!

Kizaki: If you aim at godly interactions, I think you should first focus on always wearing a smile. It’s best for girls to have charm, I think. Well, I recognize it’s kind of weird for me to say it, though, since I do not have charm myself (laughs). Also, it might be nice to think about many variations when it’s about asking questions to the fans!

Komiyama: Wow, Yuria-chan! I had no idea you were thinking about all these things!

Kizaki: Hey!! You thought I don’t think about anything? Don’t forget that when I was in SKE, I always had the chance to be side by side with the Goddess of hand-shake events, Suda!

Komiyama: I’ll do my best in order to become a fisher myself!!!

Swan Brings Dance Vision to Work with Virtue and Moir

Source: Fantasia and Fugue (March 5, 2013)

by Jacquelyn Thayer

For London, Ontario dance instructor and choreographer Jennifer Swan, the experience of watching two-time World and Olympic champion ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir compete the work she’s created with them can sometimes be as nerve-wracking as it is for any devoted skating fan.

“It’s fun watching it,” she says. “I enjoy it tremendously, I love watching them skate. I find them to be quite breathtaking, actually, but I’m nervous when I wear the choreographic hat. I’m watching to see that things happen musically, and that certain things are as we intended. And so I think my breath is held to a certain extent,” she laughs, “and I’m always more excited, I think, when they’re finished than during.”

The competitive nature of ice dance may keep it from becoming a true art form, but even so, Swan considers the value of aesthetic achievement. “It’s not about winning as much as executing your intent,” she notes about the team’s aim for next week’s World Figure Skating Championships. It’s this more personally-directed focus, in turn, that she believes is the greater key to on-ice success.

Swan, who this year has received notice for her work on the team’s modern Carmen free dance, was initially approached to help construct both of Virtue and Moir’s season programs. Due to time constraints and Carmen’s particular intricacy, her efforts honed in on the free dance during the preseason and Grand Prix series. After December’s Grand Prix Final, where Virtue and Moir finished second, Swan and the team shifted their attention to reworking the short dance - a waltz and polka set to Sir Anthony Hopkins’ “And the Waltz Goes On” - which had received mixed reviews.

“The bottom line was it wasn’t reading as well as they wanted it to read,” she says. “And I think there was some inconsistency as to what the message behind it was, choreographically. The message for Carmen was very, very clear, and I think with anything, when we have clarity in what we’re trying to convey, we communicate it typically much better.”

The group worked to “redefine” the dance’s message over the Christmas holidays, and Swan is pleased with the outcome, including Virtue and Moir’s ability to move from the lighter expression of the short program to the darker modes of the free.

“I think that it’s important artistically that you can show contrast,” she observes, “and I think the strength of Scott and Tessa lies in the fact that they can truly approach their art through a variety of different characterizations and that those characterizations actually can find a home inside their body, their physicality.”

This ability, Swan notes, is especially prized in the traditional dance world, and she believes the couple’s strengths as dancers help set them apart from their immediate competitors.

“They are definitely more fluid on the ice,” she says. “They have a much more symbiotic relationship between the two of them that they capture, and I feel that ultimately they are stronger communicators on the ice.”

And Swan may be in a better position than many to assess them on such a level. The connection began in Virtue’s childhood, with the young dancer studying ballet at Swan’s London studio. It was Swan who encouraged her student to audition for the National Ballet of Canada, leading first to participation in the school’s summer program and subsequently a longer term offer that Virtue famously declined in favor of her on-ice partnership. As the partners progressed on the competitive scene and Virtue’s time commitment shifted ever more firmly to ice dance, Swan was herself tackling new endeavors. Her choreographic interests extended into body work and the science of dance and movement, leading to work with the University of Toronto’s programs in voice and opera studies.

Ironically, these new ventures would reunite them in 2009, after Virtue’s early struggles with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome brought her back to London for a period. “When she was back,” says Swan, “she came to me for some physio, and it was during that time that we were speaking about her next piece, and she had said, ‘Would you be interested in working with Scott and I in the studio?’ So initially we did not work on ice. Initially, we worked in my dance studio, working on movement. And it was fabulous.”

Swan, along with Virtue and Moir and their coaching team, aimed to create something novel, distinct from the duo’s prior programs as well as the classical or theatrical approach common within the sport. “Pink Floyd certainly was the brainchild of the conception,” she says. “It was the one that we were going to take some risks with. I think we’ve taken more risks, ultimately, with Carmen, but the idea that we would just do something completely outside the box was exciting.” The goal behind the program was simple – “movement that developed a story,” a contrast to a more traditional narrative-first approach, and one that would use a relatively obscure musical selection.

Pleased with both product and experience, the group aimed to work together again in the future. Circumstances finally permitted a reunion last year, with Swan tapped in May to assist with the couple’s 2012-13 programs. After spending the early part of summer in her work with the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy, she joined the team in July, reworking the free dance that had been assembled so far.

Swan has nothing but praise for the process. “It is a team,” she says of her work with Virtue and Moir’s coaches Marina Zoueva, Johnny Johns, and Oleg Epstein. “So the whole team does look, and if we really feel ‘Oh, I’m not sure about that,’ we all stand at the boards and just chat, and we decide. That kind of collaborative work is just fabulous. You have a group of colleagues that are prepared to exchange and throw ideas out, and honest ideas that have integrity.”

The program’s development has presented many a challenge, particularly in its conflicts with the requirements and restrictions of a competitive senior free dance. Elements comprise the better part of a four-plus minute program. It has been Swan and the group’s goal to transform the effect of technical requirement into seamless dance.

“What we have tried to do, and I think what is exciting and what people are responding to,” she notes, “is that we have not focused on the elements, but rather the connective tissue between the elements. The connective tissue meaning, when other teams perhaps may be skating from element to element, our focus has been that we’re actually dancing through and we happen to have elements.”

This approach means transitioning to those required elements with what Swan refers to as “strong choreographic moments,” rendering the program uniquely challenging in a way not reflected in the technical marks.

“Let’s take it in gymnastics, for example,” she says. “It’s one thing to show a back walkover. It’s another thing to be turning and spinning and doing an intricate arm pattern just before the back walkover, and it doesn’t change the element of the back walkover, but it certainly changes your ability to move into it.”

Although both short and free dance have remained unchanged since February’s Four Continents Championships, a number of even basic adjustments have been necessary over each piece’s evolution. “You need to be able to respond to when movement becomes easier and speed changes,” she says, “and how you fill that time. So sometimes a program accelerates on its own and all of those things have to continue to be revamped.” And this can create its own issues: “Any time you tweak it, something else presents itself. So we would just be ensuring that anything that we’ve modified hasn’t presented a new challenge.”

Too, Swan as a studio choreographer has confronted some new challenges in this arena - literally.

“Things that we were falling in love with [on the floor] and thought would just be spectacular have absolutely no impact,” she observes. “The other thing, too, is that where they skate it in the round – that’s challenging. But although it’s in the round, the judges all sit in one direction. That’s a really interesting choreographic problem. So I’m always impressed when I see the layout, the format, other people have chosen, because I appreciate that they’ve probably gone through some intellectual struggle to figure out what would be the best, and I think that’s probably a bit of a crapshoot, if you will.”

Yet the challenges that can limit possibilities can also, in Swan’s view, expand them. “Although it can be frustrating from time to time, you certainly are pushed artistically to still be able to find an artistic way to get your point across with some of the obvious restrictions in place guiding you. And that’s fun!”

But for as much as the group has aimed to challenge the sport’s current boundaries with Carmen, Swan also recognizes the potential pitfalls of avoiding the safe route.

“When you don’t play it safe,” she says, “you’re taking risks, and the response to the risk is different. It’s a very traditional world that they skate in, with long historical roots with things being done a certain way, so I think whenever you want to be the cutting edge, then that plays out two ways. Some people are thrilled by that, just thrilled to be taken down a different path, and other people are nervous about where that direction goes.”

For the time being, Swan thinks the risks have paid off for much of the audience. But she takes issue with certain other responses to the program.

“I think that some of the press has misconstrued what audiences are interpreting with Carmen,” she says. “I think it’s easy to suggest that it’s sexy and steamy. But I think it’s unfortunate that the press have stopped at such a shallow point and really have not been able to capture in their critiques what it is they’re watching. And I don’t think it’s because it hasn’t been conveyed – I think it has been conveyed. I think that’s just a quick, glib soundbite. You know, ‘they’re older and they’re really sexy.’”

While the risks and rewards of her work so far have led Swan to a greater interest in ice dance, she’s chosen to focus primarily on Virtue and Moir’s efforts while still in the process of refining their programs. At January’s Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Mississauga, however, she did take notice of positive trends among other couples.

“You can certainly see that there is an intent to create, I think, more complex, more interesting stories and I think some teams were certainly more successful than not with that,” she says. “One of the elements that I love is how woven the music is for Scott and Tessa, and the couple that placed fourth [Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam] – they had some beautiful music, and what I enjoy is when we stick with the same genre of music and find those musical moments in a piece as opposed to three different soundbites that are all different,” she notes. “They definitely have a stronger dance flow, I would say, than others. Without question.”

Swan sees room for artistic growth among the Canadian teams, noting a reliance for some on that use of disparate musical cuts and a greater focus on technical elements than overall effect. She also, however, thinks there’s great potential to see that progress realized. “[Paul and Islam] were a team that stood out to me as sort of challenging some of those traditional elements, and I felt that they had a good energy between the two of them. But they all had a lot of merit and I think there’s a tremendous amount of talent.”

Given her attraction to the particular artistic challenges presented by ice dance, Swan hopes to extend her work in the sport.

“Marina has asked me to work with a few others on her team,” she notes, a process for which she’s beginning to prepare. “And I would be very open to working in this venue, in the future, again, with other people. I’m interested in working with people who are interested in dancing their skating programs, essentially. Who are interested in imbuing their skating programs with dance and communicating messages.”

But she is also excited to continue her work with Virtue and Moir into the Olympic season – though she’ll have to remain mum for now on any program details.

“It’s lovely to win another Olympic medal, and that’s a goal,” she remarks. “But beyond that, they want to be ambassadors for their sport, for their craft, and I think they’re very passionate about speaking to what they think is an exciting element, the essence of what they do. So I think people can play things safe and ensure their place, but that is not what they want to do. They are young, they’re enthusiastic, they are talented, and they have voices.”

Park Shin Hye, "Most Memorable Kiss Scene, Mouth Covered Kiss"

Park Shin Hye was asked by us which kiss scene she felt was the most memorable from ‘Pinocchio’.


Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk had the most kiss scenes in a drama as well have the most impressive kiss scenes. Starting with a Toast Kiss to a Mouth Cover Kiss, Tears Kiss, 2 Stages Kiss, etc. All the kiss scenes made viewers’ hearts flutter.


Park Shin Hye answered, “All the kiss scenes were memorable to me. However, the most memorable kiss scenes were the Mouth Covered Kiss and the Tears Kiss. The Break Up Scene will remain in my memory for a long time, maybe even forever.”


Eng. Trans By: The Food Monstar 

Infinite’s Dong Woo revealed that he included his story in one of the album tracks. On January 26, Infinite H (Dong Woo, Hoya) attended the press conference and showcase for the second mini album Fly Again at AX Korea, Gwangjin-gu. During the press conference, Dong Woo shared that he included his own story in the new song Unless You’re Crazy (translated) Dong Woo shared, “There was this nuna that I really liked when I was a senior in high school. Unless You’re Crazy is about the betrayal that I felt towards her.”

Dong Woo asked, “You all know her, right? She’s the lollipop kiss nuna.”


If you are a newcomer artists or a student trying to get into concept art, you should read this article. It might clear up some things.

I think this is a great article about the misconceptions between concept art and production art, and how that in turn can demotivate designers who want to flesh out an idea with the high quality promotional art that gets released.

Important post, good read =)

Mark Ronson becomes the first act of 2015 to land the Official Charts Number 1 double! “This is absolutely incredible… I really can’t believe it,” he said. 

Mark Ronson will no doubt be celebrating this evening after becoming the first act of 2015 to top the UK’s Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart simultaneously.

The producer and musician’s fourth studio album, Uptown Special, marks his first chart-topping LP in the UK, besting his previous peaks at Number 2 with his last two albums, 2007’s Version and 2010’s Record Collection.

Mark told “This is absolutely incredible. I want to thank Jeff Bhasker, Michael Chabon & Emile Haynie who were there since the very beginning of this record - as well as Alison Donald, Mark Terry and Jason Iley at Sony UK.

"And finally, thank you to everyone who went out to the shop and bought the CD or pointed and clicked on Uptown Special this week - I really can’t believe it.”

Mark, whose album includes the Number 1 single Uptown Funk and two collaborations with Stevie Wonder, is the first act to achieve the Official Charts double since Miley Cyrus, who topped the Singles Chart with Wrecking Ball and the Albums Chart with Bangerz in the same week back in October 2013.

Mark Ronson claims a sixth non-consecutive week at Number 1 with Uptown Funkwith combined chart sales of 120,000. The track was streamed 2.562 million times in the last seven daysbettering the previous record of 2.555 million he set earlier this month.