Nat Geo filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher talk about their six years with the Sawtooth pack

It’s a paradoxical truth: They are the origin species of society’s beloved dog, yet humans have relentlessly persecuted and killed the gray wolf. Now on and off the endangered species list, the Canis lupus story is a tragic one. No two people know this better perhaps, than wildlife filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher, who spent six years intermingling with a group of wolves in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains to study the emotional and social dynamic of this misunderstood creature. The pair documented their experiences in a beautiful, highly informative book called The Hidden Life of Wolves.

In 1990, the Dutchers were given a special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service to create an expansive space in which they would live with a pack of wolves. To be allowed intimate access by the animals, however, they had to create their own pack. After great searching, they were given a male, female, and four pups from rescue and research centers in Montana and Minnesota and the Sawtooth Pack was born. “Under the looming peaks of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains…we built a vast enclosure, rich with aspen groves, streams, ponds, and meadows,” the Dutchers write in Hidden Life. “From the beginning, it was our hope that these wolves would act as ambassadors and educators, guiding us to a better understanding of their species.”

For the next six years, the Dutchers devoted their lives to observing the Sawtooth Pack. To gain the trust of the first residents, they bottle fed the pups, taking care of their needs around the clock. The four little ones bonded with the Dutchers, playing with the humans and even curling up on their laps. “We raised them from puppies so they didn’t fear us,” said Jim in a recent phone interview. “But we didn’t over-assert ourselves into the pack; we were just observers, and they went about their business and we went about ours. If you go out into the wild and you try to film wolves they’re so impacted by your presence that they change their natural behavior.” Added Jamie: “We never tried to dominate them or submit to them, and so in turn everything was very neutral; we were able to observe them without changing their behavior.

During their years with the pack, the Dutchers learned myriad myth-dispelling truths about wolf behavior. One particularly surprising—and touching—observation was how compassionate wolves are to their members. “A mountain lion killed one of our wolves and the pack’s behavior changed,” Jim explained. “They were mourning this loss of this member…They stopped playing completely—wolves play all the time, even into old age—for about six weeks.”

Since leaving the Sawtooth pack in 1996, the Dutchers have devoted their lives to educating people about the true nature of these elusive and wondrous animals through lectures, films, their nonprofit Living with Wolves (, and now their book Hidden Life. Published by National Geographic, Hidden Life is comprised of more than 200 pages of stunning photography, personal stories, and stand-alone sections that, for example, describe wolf behavior and communication; depict the former and current range of the gray wolf; and introduce the Sawtooth wolves via a family tree. It’s an essential tome that allows people a rare glimpse into the complicated social fabric of the North American gray wolf.

Recently, the Dutchers spoke with me over the phone about the plight of the great gray wolf. Below is the full interview.

So I just got your book. It’s so beautiful. I am envious of the time you spent with the wolves. I know they’re not dogs, but they sure seem like dogs.

Jim: Well, that’s where dogs came from.

How was it when you had to say goodbye to the pack?

Jamie: Pretty painful. It was pretty hard on us.

You said in the book that you let the wolves come to you, as opposed to treating them like dogs and approaching them or trying to play with them.

Jamie: Yeah. Wolves shouldn’t be pets and you can’t really teach them anything, so everything was on their terms. We gave them names but they didn’t come to them, and you couldn’t ask them to do anything.

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A Master Class in Marketing Taught by Taylor Swift

A Master Class in Marketing Taught by Taylor Swift

I was performing my thrice-daily ritual of perusing iTunes when a piece of art caught my eye. It was a Polaroid photo of a girl that brought me right back to the 1980s. Coincidentally, it was the cover art for Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, which launches at the end of this month.

Now, I am no Taylor Swift groupie. In fact I can’t, off the top of my head, name one of her many hits that have inspired some 80 million downloads. And even if you played a few for me, I’m pretty positive I couldn’t identify her signature sound. (Maybe that says more about how unhip I am when it comes to pop music, but stay with me, please. I learned a lot from “Tay-Tay” and you can too.)

Because, pop deafness aside, I suddenly have Taylor Swift on the brain. From one piece of art on iTunes? Oh, that is but one piece of an impressive marketing mosaic.

You see, Taylor Swift has been launching this new product through a variety of platforms over the last few months. And her dexterity with the marketing maze of today is only rivaled by her facile way with words and chords. Taylor is not only a music prodigy. She seems to be a marketing one as well.

Let’s take a look at what we can learn from Professor Swift.

Taylor may have earned her chops in Nashville, but she is no stranger to Madison Avenue. She has just launched a partnership with Diet Coke that features a cute spot with a proliferation of kittens. But what’s behind the fun felines is a stealthy strategy: one of her new songs plays underneath. Her album takes center stage at the close of the spot. And Taylor herself voices the call-to-action to buy her album.

Concurrently, Ms. Swift is performing another brand duet with Target, creating an exclusive Target-only edition, which comes with three bonus tracks and content.

Lesson 1: Don’t go it alone.

Brand Programming

Why wait for the press to cover you? Create your own news program. Last August, Taylor created something of a talk show on Yahoo with a live audience and live-streamed it to the world. On the show she talked about her new album, what influenced it, and gave a sneak peek of the new video. If you were a fan, you were in heaven. Brands can do this too. Your fans want to know the stories behind your products. Look no further than the brand-programming films that Apple does with Jony Ive.

Lesson 2: Brand programming engages early.

Product Demos
Taylor began her prelaunch with a good old-fashioned product demo: a music video. Yep, you could “test-drive” the song for free on Vevo. And so far there have been some 185 million views. The video itself is smart and well produced, featuring Ms. Swift dancing and being playful in a variety of music genres (a not-so-subtle nod to the fact that her music is becoming one of the icons of crossover sensibility). The last masterstroke of this video is the inclusion of her fans at the end of it. That’s right. TS fans were sourced via social media and snail mail and now perform forever with their idol.

Lesson 3: Showcase the wonders of your product. (And get your fans involved.)

Customer Engagement

Speaking of fans, Taylor not only did Q&As with fans on Skype and Twitter; she also had them come to her home(s). The idea was called “Secret Sessions.” These were listening parties where the singer-songwriter played the album, threw a great party and even baked cookies. The sessions were held at Taylor’s homes in New York, Los Angeles and Rhode Island. Her parents chipped in and let folks come over in Nashville. A rented flat in London served the fans of the UK. You can bet that before, during and after, these “fanbassadors” spread the word about their idol and her great new songs.

Lesson 4: Don’t expect your fans to come to you—truly reach out to them.

Multiplatform Media

Taylor Swift’s dexterity with media reminds me of Paul McCartney’s dexterity with instruments. He’s a genius with each one. And so too is Ms. Swift. Look at how she’s maximizing each one. For mass awareness, she’s using mass media: TV advertising, some print and banners. For product demos, she’s using Internet film and PR. The PR is materializing in talk- show circuit performances. She’s using filmed media on the Internet to perform and do product sampling. Fan (read: customer) engagement is maximized in two-way platforms like Skype and Twitter Q&As. She’s also being really smart with Instagram and Tumblr. On Instagram she’s revealing new song lyrics one post at a time, with nicely art-directed torn pages of a journal. On Tumblr, you can simply follow along on her life’s journey. It’s her narrative and it plays like a real-time documentary.

Last but not least, fans are able to experience her product on the oldest media for recording artists—radio. Both terrestrial and Pandora.

Lesson 5: Multimedia dexterity is the new media plan.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn for Madison Avenue from this Grammy-award-winning recording artist. Thus far, Taylor Swift’s marketing plan is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Who knows? Maybe the new record is too.

(Source: Forbes)

Here’s an intriguing article on new wave science fiction of the 60s and its impact:

“Science fiction finally gave up childish things in the 1960s. But like many adolescents, it only grew up because the ugly real world intruded on its immature fantasies.

Let’s put a measuring tape to it. In the summer of 1957, just a few weeks before the launch of the first Sputnik space satellite, some 23 science fiction magazines were operating in the United States. By the end of 1960, only six remained. During a period of just 28 months, fifteen sci-fi magazines disappeared from the magazine racks.

This truly was an amazing story, astounding even, but did not get reported in the pages of Amazing Stories and Astounding Stories—two of the survivors.”

Read the rest over at Conceptual Fiction.

The above image: Norman Adams’ 1971 cover for little-known new wave author David R Bunch’s Moderan.

Start spreading the news: Taylor Swift's 'Welcome to New York' is out

Hey, New York City tourism department — we’ve found your next theme song.

Taylor Swift released Welcome to New York, the first track on her forthcoming 1989, and we suspect travel bookings are rising as fast as the song on the iTunes charts. It’s a shimmering, pulsing piece of synth-pop with multi-tracked vocals, handclap rhythms and a enthusiastic spirit so boundless you can envision Swift twirling around and throwing her hat into the air Mary Tyler Moore-style. And it’s going to immediately take its place alongside classic New York songs like New York, New York, New York State of Mind and I Love New York.

“It’s a really wide-eyed, optimistic approach to moving to New York, or just visiting for the first time, or stepping off the plane for the first time,” Swift tells USA TODAY. “My favorite thing about that song is it sounds exactly how that feeling felt to me — just joyous, hopeful optimism and endless opportunities, endless inspiration, right there in front of you.”

Here’s our favorite lyric: “Like any great love it keeps you guessing/Like any real love, it’s ever changing/Like any true love it drives you crazy, but you know you wouldn’t change anything anything anything.”

But here’s the one that’s going to get all the press: “And you can want who you want/boys and boys and girls and girls.” You can just bet that’ll be all some people want to talk about, even though the line’s not the point of the song, and it’s not delivered like Swift’s pushing an agenda.

Like the rest of the song, however, it does signal that Swift’s entering a new phase in her career, and that’s why Welcome to New York leads 1989, which comes out Monday. “I wanted to start the album with that song,” she says, “and I wanted to show that song to people before they heard the rest of the album, because it kind of signals this new phase of my life, in which New York is a huge landscape. It’s a huge location for where this story has gone.”



The themes around Pluto are cryptic, non material, confronting and wonderful. Pluto has copped a lot of assault since its discovery in 1930. It’s been on the receiving end of astrology propaganda that paints Pluto as a Dementor who sucks out your soul and leaves your life in pieces. And the astronomers can’t seem to decide what it is - a planet, a planetoid, an icy dwarf? The whole world seems confused about Pluto. And it’s this kind of mystery the ‘masked assassin’ is known for. Blanketed in darkness, Pluto can almost only be experienced during conscious ‘black out’ and unconscious thoughtlessness. Not air headiness, or vapidness. But in a place of eternal silence, sliding between the spaces of thoughts, a place of solidarity where Pluto’s headphones provide a direct channel to the soul. It exists in a place that can only be clearly perceived in those with polished minds, free from corruption and self deception, free from identifying with erratic emotions and primitive sexual urges. And when Pluto is forced through rage or lacking self awareness, spiritual neglect or fear, he leaks through like rotten toxins. Shreds of decaying matter scream to be cut from the individual and freed so he can be reborn into transcendence. The message of Pluto is letting go of the old (death) so the fresh breathe of new life (rebirth) can shower the soul in gold (transformation). On a soul level, Pluto is the ruler of Pisces. It emanates through the Pisces Mother harnessing the soul down from higher dimensions, and birthing new life into the world as the newborn Aries. And the horrific pain of labour, the separation, the torture of losing a part of yourself as the one breaks into two. The elder and the baby Fish (♓). Pluto is the horrific pain of losing layers of yourself. But the depths of agony do not compare to the reverent and majestic offerings of Pluto. He holds all light of the Sun out there on his own, coupled with the emotion of Venus, the wisdom of Saturn, the knowledge of Mercury, the energetic surges of Mars, the mental expansion of Jupiter, the God dust of Neptune and the intuition of Uranus. . Pluto is like a 3rd eye of the soul, a peeking vision into the manuscript of God’s purpose for the individual and the loss of the lower self as it merges once again with the infinite. He carries a celestial orb of power for those brave enough to own their own stories, admit their vulnerabilities, swallow their demons and acknowledging their shadow instead of fiercely rejecting. And those who feel victimised from Pluto are those who hold onto their pains and identify themselves with their own turmoil. Because it feels safe, or it feels comfortable to be wrapped around a pillow in fetal position, or they feel they will disappear completely without the sentiment of agony to feel themselves or describe themselves as or know themselves by. As shrouded in the black as Pluto is, he’s waiting with the formula that turns pain into power. This is a space of lonesomeness. The accolades and recognition of people disappear under the deafening calling of your destiny. Pluto defines our greatness by the way we rise from the ashes.

[TRANS/NEWS] Reasons Why BEAST is Unbreakable Even With the Idol Crisis

What is the term that really matches with the group BEAST. From some point we’ve started to use the term ‘Idols in their sixth year’ constantly when referring to BEAST. That shows how special it is for a national idol group to last more than 5 years. Didn’t everyone realize, once again, how hard it is to maintain a team with news of a group member leaving or a disbandment of a team.

In that meaning, BEAST has released two mini albums this year and has been actively promoting domestically. BEAST who had released their 7th mini album ‘TIME’ on the 20th has swept the music charts with their title track ‘12:30’ and has shown the potential of an idol group in their sixth year. On October 16th as BEAST celebrated their 5th year anniversary, we could see that they knew the things that would make them have a long ‘idol’ life.

The reason in maintaining a long life isn’t far off. People want special methods but you can find the answers from the roots. Those are good music and domestic fandom. It might seem easy but BEAST was able to show a more mature self by achieving these two tasks this year.

In music, Yong JunHyung created the producer team GOOD LIFE with his long partner composer Kim TaeJoo and has actively pursued musical activities as BEAST’s main producer. If you look at GOOD LIFE’s music, they showcase a variety of spectrum from dance-able hip hop like ‘GOOD LUCK’ to ballads like ‘NO MORE’ and ‘12:30’. Lee GiKwang is also showing potential as a musician by adding his self-composed songs into the album too.

Their never ending love for fans is also a (secret) know-how of BEAST. Recently during the interview ahead of their ‘TIME’ album release, BEAST had answered nearly all interview questions with their love for fans. The reason for making a comeback, even in the question of the strong October competition, they revealed that the reason for releasing the album was soley for the fans and that their “1st priority is fans’ satisfaction”.

Before BEAST’s album release, they also held a ‘561 Project’ to meet with fans in different areas. The ‘561 Project’ held a meaning of ‘For 5 years the 6 members of BEAST and B2UTY exist(ed) as 1’ and spent time with the fans in six different cities in the country.

When idol groups start their overseas promotions with their domestic popularity as its base, they normally go through a hiatus for a long time in domestic promotions. During this time, if the fandom isn’t stable and organized well, then it’s hard to show much results like the past when the groups make a domestic comeback. Actually, BEAST members revealed to us during their ‘GOOD LUCK’ album interview that they didn’t gain much [high] results as the past in their second full length album [SHADOW]. This year, even with their busy schedule and upcoming Japan arena tour in November, they released their new album to keep their promise with domestic fans and clearly took care of them.

The six years pathway of BEAST’s determination can be seen by the results. Last June as BEAST made a comeback with the album ‘GOOD LUCK’ with a determined heart, they won 11 trophies in music programs and also gained full points for the first time in SBS Inkigayo. It looks like ‘12:30’ will also gain success, because BEAST was able to melt BEAST’s ballad and performance together. These are the reasons why BEAST, who isn’t stopping, is unbreakable even with the idol crisis.


Translation by @dreamboys1016. There may be mistakes. Take out with full credits.

Proposals 1 and 2: Protect the wolves or make them game?

Michigan voters in November will decide whether wolves are a game species and open them up to hunters.

Ballot proposals 14-1 and 14-2, referendums of Act 520 of 2012 and Act 21 of 2013, respectively, have been passed in the Legislature. The ballot proposals leave it up to the voters to further endorse or outright reject the two laws.

Proposal 1 would designate wolves as game species, authorize the first wolf hunting season, allow the state Natural Resources Commission to schedule further annual wolf hunting seasons, create a Wolf Management Advisory Council, and establish licensing and penalties for lawful and unlawful hunters of wolves.

Proposal 2 would deal with broader hunting measures as well as the regulation of hunting wolves. The proposal would allow the state NRC to decide what animals are game and when they can be hunted without legislative action, would keep the current designation of wolves as game and allow the NRC to designate wolf hunting season, grant the state legislature sole power over removing a species from the list of game animals, would eliminate the one dollar licensing fee for military personnel inside or outside of Michigan, and would give the NRC sole power over the regulation of fishing.

The pending proposals have caused the NRC to cancel this year’s wolf hunt; the first organized hunt of wolves in Michigan was held last year. Even if the proposals pass, the NRC would not have enough time to establish the wolf hunt for this year.

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I’m wondering if you can tell me a little bit about what the younger Saul is like and how he’s different from the Saul we know in “Breaking Bad.”

I can’t tell you specifics, because I would get excommunicated from the Catholic Church, as well as every other church where people watch “Breaking Bad.”

He’s going to surprise you. I think when people see Saul from the “Breaking Bad” show, they are seeing the public face of that character, the things he wants to present to the public because he thinks it will get him business, and he had created that persona. So who is the real guy who did that? And I think I would just put it this way. A lot of times people see cynical behavior or a cynical attitude and they think the person is a cynic; in this case maybe Saul Goodman is a cynical guy about the law and stuff. A lot of cynics, I would argue, or people who are called cynics, are truly idealists who just had their feelings hurt. And so I think there’s some philosophy there that maybe carries over in to how Saul became the character that we met on “Breaking Bad.” So that’s as specific as I’ll get. It’s pretty philosophical or whatever, but I would say that… that’s all I can say. He’s a very different guy from what you think. I’ll put it that way. And yet it all makes sense, I think, because the writing is so good, and the writers have really challenged themselves and have come up great from it.

– from Bob Odenkirk’s advice to young people: “Get out of comedy, because it’s about to collapse”

[NEWS] AKMU Maintains No.1 on 8 Music Charts for 6 Days


Brother and sister duo AKMU is maintaining the No.1 on seven music charts for six days.

AKMU’s new song ‘’Time and Fallen Leaves’’ unveiled on the 10 is in the top place on the real-time charts of eight music websites: Melon, Genie, Olleh Music, Mnet, Naver Music, Daum Music, Bugs, and Soribada, as of the 15 at 7am.

“Time and Fallen Leaves” is a song whose sentimental guitar melody, beautiful lyrics, and warm whispering lyrics harmonize with one another to express the feelings of autumn. AKMU’s member LEE CHAN HYUK wrote the melody and lyrics of the song. It was to be included in AKMU’s debut album “PLAY”, but has been hidden so far to be released in the autumn season.

Other than ‘’Time and Fallen Leaves’’, Kim Dong Ryul’s “That’s Me’’ and Ailee’s ‘’Don’t Touch Me’’ are placed in high rankings on charts.

2014. 10. 15.


FRANKENSTEIN Article/Interview with Daniel Radcliffe (Will there be a sequel?):

"A Frankenstein origin story, then? “It sort of is,” agreed the actor. “The creation of the monster isn’t right until the end – you see their attempts at it. Although I’m not sure we’re teeing ourselves up for four more movies or anything.” Strangely, an early draft had a sequel-baiting ending. “James (McAvoy) and I looked at it and said, ‘Let’s make one good film first!”

Overseeing all this is Paul McGuigan, directing from a script by Chronicle’s Max Landis. Alongside McAvoy and Radcliffe, Victor Frankenstein will boast the acting talents of Mark Gatiss, Jessica Brown Findlay and Andrew Scott when it hits our screens on October 2, 2015.”

Read the full article/Interview at:

[KOREABOO] 14/10/21 BEAST assures fans not to worry about the 5-year jinx theory

BEAST expresses their thoughts on the 5-year jinx theory, a theory that predicts idol groups do not last for more than five years, as they enter their sixth year.

Debuting in 2009, the group celebrated their 5th debut anniversary on October 16th, and unveiled a special mini-album TIME on October 20th specially to thank their fans. They also held a unique “561 project”, which stands for 5 years, 6 members, and becoming 1 with B2uties.

In an interview with Korean media, leader Doojoon expressed his thanks and a relieved mind as he says that “five years is not a short period of time“. He continued, “I did not know that the threshold for the music industry would be so high. Before us, 4minute made a very successful debut with ‘Hot Issue’. I had the thought that if we went out as a group, we would do as well as them, but was scolded for this. If that incident didn’t happen, something disastrous could have happened.

Junhyung added, “There is a lot of talk revolving around the 5-year jinx theory. The key point is not to have thoughts like ‘we must cope well’. I think our fans know it too, we just do what we normally do without letting our thoughts go astray. We keep it going by focusing on our own tasks, so we don’t have time for other thoughts.

During the interview, BEAST agreed that group promotions came first. Doojoon represented the team by saying, “Because we were young and had many things to showcase to everyone, we took on several individual projects. Till a year ago, when we focused more on solo activities, we could feel that the quality of the group declined.

Hyunseung, who formed Trouble Maker with 4minute’s HyunA, added, “I don’t think that the group diverges when we have our solo activities. Through our individual promotions, we could find our own colors, so that when we gathered back as 6, we can help one another.

Yoseob expressed, “Up till our third or fourth year, our teamwork has been great, but we didn’t know what teamwork was. Among the members, I think the feeling of friendship is very strong, so I would owe it to our friendship rather than using the term teamwork.

He followed by saying, “Although it is difficult to know what is in place for us for our future, I think BEAST will carry on. I want BEAST to shine brightly and continue doing this for a long time.”

Junhyung also said he had similar thoughts, “During our promotions for ‘Good Luck’, I had the thought that from then on, even after 10 years, BEAST would still continue on.

Yosseob added, “When BEAST just debuted, we just followed the professional directions from the company when it came to filming music videos or shooting pictorials. But now, there is an opportunity for us to input our own thoughts and produce the music that we want. With Junhyung’s venture into being a producer, it shows how much freedom we are given.

During the early years when we lived in the dorm, there were conflicts among us. But from the third year onward, we became more understanding with one another and knew one another better so there didn’t seem to be any big fights.

In the same interview, BEAST, who debuted around the same time as MBLAQ, also shared their thoughts on their close friends’ situation, in which members Lee Joon and Thunder might not renew their contracts with J.Tune Camp.

Besides coming backwith title track “12:30” for their 7th mini-album and topping the charts as soon as their songs were released online, BEAST has also released music video teasers for their upcoming Japanese single “How About You?”.

Source:  Xportsnews, news1, newsway, isplus via Koreaboo

Mapping the Music and Style in Clueless | Vice

Clueless is not just a movie. It’s a guide to life. It teaches you that it was “That Polonius guy” not Hamlet who said, “To thine own self be true.” But you knew that already—you remember Mel Gibson correctly. Over the eighteen (gulp) years since its release it has introduced us to so many things. And done it with fur-trimmed plaid panache.


fxg: One of the key shots is the fly walking over Walt’s glasses? Can you talk about that?

Beck: That is actually my favourite shot, where you see Walt’s eye in extreme close focus, looking very distressed and moving around to the sound of what is obviously a fly in the room and then it lands right in front of him – on his glasses. As he focuses onto the fly, we pull back into focus from his eye onto the fly. This was always designed to be a CG fly. We had a few tracking dots on the glasses. If you look at the original plate it plays beautifully, except that there are six little dots on the glasses where the feet are to go and no fly. We had lots of lighting reference for that. The sound department did such a good job for that shot too, because if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of him rubbing his little legs together. Another challenge with the animation was that flies do a pretty good job of flying but they kind of crash-land a lot of the time. So we’d have to add a little bit of movement after the landing.

– from Breaking Bad : Entity FX  (interview with Mat Beck, senior visual effects supervisor)

Kate Welcome's Singapore President

This morning Kate, along with husband the Duke of Cambridge, will greet Dr Tan and his wife Mary at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, on behalf of the Queen.

Yesterday, aides announced that the royal baby - a sibling for Prince George - is due in April and that Kate’s condition is “steadily improving”.

William and Kate will escort the Tans, whom they met during their Diamond Jubilee tour to south east Asia in 2012, by car to Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall for the ceremonial welcome with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

And they will now also travel back to the Palace in the carriage procession, Buckingham Palace confirmed.

The Queen will travel with Dr Tan in the first carriage - the Diamond Jubilee State Coach - and Philip and Mrs Tan in the second carriage - the Australian State Coach.

The Duke and Duchess are to follow in the third carriage, which will be the Scottish State Coach, accompanying Grace Fu, Singapore’s second minister for foreign affairs.

William will join the guests as the Queen hosts a private lunch at the Palace afterwards, followed by a tour of an exhibition of Singaporean-related items, from the Royal Collection, in the Palace picture gallery, but Kate will not attend these events.

It is the first time William and Kate have taken part in a state visit to this extent.

The couple will not be at this evening’s state banquet, with the Duchess instead attending the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 awards at the Natural History Museum.

[ARTICLE] Akdong Musician say that YG doesn’t interfere with their music


Newsen recently sat down with Akdong Musician at the YG Entertainment building for an interview, during which the young duo discussed their relationship with their CEO and boss, Yang Hyun Suk.

Elder brother of the sibling duo Lee Chan Hyuk shared, “Our boss never interferes with our music. It seems that thanks to his consideration, I am able to do well and advance forward with Soo Hyun little by little.

On the entertainment company’s involvement in Akdong Musician’s music, he continued, “There are many [at the company] who want me to make more music, but that doesn’t mean they want us to make YG-like music and change to be like YG. [Doing so] wouldn’t fit Akdong Musician. We don’t want to change like that and it doesn’t seem like we will change like that either. They’re saying that they want to challenge us to try out genres we have yet to experience instead of just doing existing genres we’ve already done.

He added, “Although we always watch out for our YG sunbaes’ music and performances out of curiosity, we only do so for reference so that we don’t lose our [Akdong Musician] color. Of course they are a great motivation for us, but we don’t intend to follow them.

Younger sister Lee Soo Hyun agreed that there was no pressure at the company to conform to any sort of YG style, saying, “Even now, our boss who doesn’t interfere in Akdong Musician’s music hasn’t changed his position. Instead, it seems like he’s leaving us alone.

She continued to talk about the siblings’ close relationship with CEO Yang Hyun Suk, saying, “There has yet to be an instance where the president scolded us. Instead, he spends time comfortably with us, goofing around with us a lot and making jokes. When the president came to Chan Hyuk oppa and my recording, because we were so happy we shouted, ‘Hello boss!’ and he was slightly embarrassed." She said, ”We laughed seeing him take a step backwards and avoid us," revealing that the CEO has a shy side to him. 

As the talented sibling duo are rather young and new to the industry, it’s good to hear that they are being taken care of as well as being given the liberty to create their own sound under YG.


[MWAVE] 14/10/21 B2ST to Open Pop Up Store in Myeong-dong and Hold High Touch Event

B2ST’s comeback celebratory pop-up store will be opening up in Myeong-dong.

B2ST will be joining hands with Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong and set up B2ST’s official pop-up store in Young Plaza’s 7th floor from October 21 through 30.

The pop-up store will display various goods of B2ST, who ranked number one on music charts with the title song 12:30 since it was released on October 20, as well as the 7th special mini album Time.

B2ST’s pop-up store catches attention with a large wrapping that covers the entire Young Plaza building. As B2ST is one of the groups that represent K-pop, the pop-up store that is set up in Myeong-dong, the center of hallyu tourism sites, will be used as a unique way to interact with the global fans.

B2ST’s fan event will also be carried out. On November 2, B2ST will be visiting the pop-up store to carry out a ‘High-Touch Event’ with 561 fans. This will be launched as a continuation of B2ST’s ‘561 Project’ (5 years that 6 B2ST members were 1 with the fans). Details on how to participate in the event will be available on B2ST’s official fan site.

Meanwhile, B2ST’s 12:30 has topped various music charts as soon as it was released. B2ST will release the album Time offline on October 21 be promote 12:30 through comeback stages on music programs.

Source: Mwave