The world keeps insisting, in a million little ways, that Kelsey Beckham has to choose: Male or female? But the place that feels most right to Kelsey is neither.

Washington Post posted this amazing article yesterday in which they interview 18-year-old agender person on their gender, identity, dysphoria, coming-out, and life. Their mother also contributes a lot of her perspective, so this article might be a good resource for parents of non-binary people as well.

ZE:A Leader Moon Junyoung Reveals Changes to Star Empire Contract, Urges Agencies to Treat K-Pop Idols Better

Following a series of tweets detailing his struggles and mistreatment as an idol by Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak, ZE:A leader Moon Junyoung (Lee Ho) shed some light as to what went down during discussions with the agency.

It seems like Star Empire, ZE:A’s agency, will now be going through some big changes, starting with the management of the agency and specific contractual terms. Junyoung also urges agencies to resolve any issues with their artists internally, calling for better treatment of idols in the industry.

On September 21, Junyoung wrote, “I have finished talking with CEO Shin Joo Hak. It has now been decided that I, that we, will run Star Empire - we will make it into a ZE:A company. Everyone, I promised you that this will be ZE:A’s day, that I’ll either cause this all to collapse or absorb it entirely. Everyone, it’s now time for you to please protect me. However, the truth is…”

“In the end, [CEO Shin Joo Hak] has lost everything and has gone broke. I still resent him and hate him but still I served under him for 8 years and I gunned him down. That responsibility…for that, I will accept the denouncement of the public and from our fans. CEO Shin Joo Hak and I will take responsibility for all the abuse and criticism. We have also decided to reverse the contract, 70% to us and 30% to the CEO,” he continued, revealing that ZE:A will soon be going through contractual changes with Star Empire. 

“What I want to say is that, through this recent incident, all the agency CEOs are aware of the fact that there is a lot of issues with the contracts. I will keep my mouth shut so I hope you will correct this and treat your artists better. Lastly, I respectfully request this from you. From the heart…if you really understand…

Truly take the mindset that you’re starting afresh…put everything aside and believe that this is your own children. I respectfully request that you do this again just once more. And to all the public, fans and reporters that have helped out..thank you…I sincerely thank you for clearing these false charges,” he added.

“In future, for the sake of everyone that has read all my messages, as the representative of the singing, dancing, variety show ZE:A, along with my seniors, colleagues, juniors and all the artists, I vow on my changed name ‘Lee Hoo’ and ZE:A that I will dare to continue to work and live extremely hard,” Junyoung says.

“But I’m not a coward, I’ll just keep quiet for a bit and observe. To all the agency CEOs and management, I hope you will resolve these issues internally, correct them and apologize for them. What we want is for you to put everything aside and try to win over the hearts and minds of the artists,” the ZE:A leader continued.

“In the future, if something like this happens again, I will hear about it, observe it and feel it. In that case, it would be great if you are aware of the fact that I hold a weapon that could turn the whole entertainment industry upside down. I’m sorry for causing a fuss and I would like to say my thanks once again. Thanks to everyone, we have once again reclaimed our hopes, aspirations and dreams. Thank you, and please take care of us.

Since there is some people with misunderstandings. I will talk just about ZE:A’s internal workings. The guys that don’t do anything don’t get money shared out to them. When I was hurt, I didn’t get paid for 2 years. $0. We do not split our pay amongst the members (N/1). I will not talk about this any further and hold my tongue. Thank you.

The thing about popular opinion is that it can become a much talked about topic, and also make me a fool in an instant. The criticisms started coming instantly when I didn’t show off anything interesting. ‘It’s all the same, it’s because of money,’ people say. These sort of provocative statements, I’m not going to pay any attention to them. Not even when I was younger had I been slapped by my own father.

They were just a student that started down this path because they just liked singing. If they had endured being slapped while doing what they loved and wanted to keep it a secret then…please…Everyone don’t make me speak of it anymore. I beg of you. I’m sorry. I shall now call a ceasefire in this war and I shall see you next time. I once again sincerely give my thanks,” Junyoung says. 

He also made sure to clarify one thing for fans: “Yes. that’s right, I shall put the final nail in the coffin. Star Empire, CEO Shin Joo Hak, just because I’m a guy, just because I’m the leader, as the representative of ZE:A, I have been slapped by him. It was more than once or twice. This sort of clear and provocative statement. I’m also human, so if I did all this seeking money then right from the outset I would have….sigh…..”

“And please don’t criticize the members. Please don’t do this. To be honest, those friends did nothing wrong. They are just kind guys that worked hard and did what was asked of them. Please criticise me and CEO Shin Joo Hak. Why someone had to do this and for what cause..please think it over once more…I beg of you. If I did something wrong then I will accept my punishment,” Junyoung concludes, “Sorry, and thank you.”

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Virgo - Warm and Breezy End of the Summer

Virgo is the second multiple sign of the zodiac, transitioning us from summer into fall. During this time, the weather changes from scolding hot to warm and breezy, giving us a chance to take a breath and enjoy nature. It is no coincidence that it kicks off the school year. Mercury rules Virgo, therefore they love learning and tend to excel in academic environments. This sign understands that life is about everyday responsibility, such as school or showing up for work.  They actually enjoy daily chores that others hate, as it makes Virgo feel accomplished and good about themselves. Their element is earth, which deeply connects them to nature as well as their immediate environment. During the time of Virgo, nature is open, green, and alive, before the fall begins to wither away plants and change colors. This is a time of year that many choose to spend outdoor, as the weather is perfect for physical activities. Virgo’s are often fond of exercise outside, such as jogging or swimming. Like their time of year, Virgo has a breezy and warm disposition, sharing their love with all of humanity.

I understand that you’ve been looking for a good comedy in which to appear. What luck have you had?

I’m always looking for comedies, but they’re very difficult to find. When a good part - drama or comedy - comes along, I take it.

Do you find it easier playing comedy?

Not particularly. None of it is easy. It’s all very difficult. Acting is difficult. That is what makes it so interesting.

The Twenty Questions Everyone Is Asking About Vivien Leigh, PICTUREGOER Magazine, Nov. 1955.

Signs point to 2K Games and developer Irrational Games releasing a Complete Edition of BioShock Infinite for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that includes the game’s DLC and other extras.

According to a listing on Gamestop, the game comes out on November 4 (for $39.99) and includes Burial at Sea episodes 1 and 2, the Clash in the Clouds pack, the Early Bird Special, and Columbia’s Finest pack. The latter two packs contain weapons, gear, and other amenities.

2K Games has not officially announced The Complete Edition. We have reached out to them for a response, and will update this story if we hear anything.

Well, it’s a hard question because in our film, the film we did together, there were varying levels of experience, some actors had never been in a film before, and there were some actors that hadn’t, were a bit more experienced, so with the actors that hadn’t been, you know, done it before, he was very hands on, asking them for the truth. He speaks a lot about logic. Just because you’re on camera, he doesn’t want you to make up an expression or fake an emotion, he wants you to think bout it would actually be like to be in that position. With more experienced actors, me especially, he just allowed me to be me and go for it. He wants as much variation, so that when he goes into the edit room, he can do with it what he wants. He expects you as an actor to know what you want to do, and to know your words, know your world, I found him a dream to work with because I hardly noticed he was there, to be honest, and it just allowed me to really take over my character. He was an amazin’ director. He works really hard, he knows everything about filmmaking, and he expects his crew to do that too.
—  Idris Elba on Cary Fukunaga’s directing style in Beasts of no Nation
Twitter suspending all accounts that publish leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence

Dozens of explicit photos showing Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress were leaked on Twitter on Sunday

Social media giants Twitter are suspending all accounts which publish the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence .

Dozens of explicit photos showing Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress were leaked on Twitter on Sunday.

The hacker responsible is said to have of 60 explicit images of the Oscar-winning star in compromising positions in his possession.

There are allegedly another 100 alleged victims of the biggest celebrity hacking scandal in history.

Rihanna, Glee star Lea Michele, Aubrey Plaza, Candice Swanepoel, actress Hillary Duff, Kaley Cuoco, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Bosworth, Victoria Justice, Emily Browning and models Jenny McCarthy and Kate Upton are a handful of names on the list.

Victim Jennifer Lawrence has hit out at the hacker who shared dozens of nude photos of her online against her will.

The photos, which show the Hunger Games actress in various states of undress, were leaked today by an anonymous source.

Jen’s agent told the Mirror: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy.

“The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”


How to Change your Minecraft Version for Servers

A few weeks ago, Mojang released version 1.8 for Minecraft. Following this, a lot of drama took place concerning a lot of third-party server software. As usual, this means that almost all servers will not be able to update to the new version of Minecraft until we get updated server software. As many of you have realized, this means you will need to be in version 1.7.9 or 1.7.10 in order to play on most servers (including ours)

So how do you change your version? Surely it must be some godawful process involving game files, right? Well there is where you’re wrong. You can change your version very easily in just a few steps.

1. Open the Minecraft Launcher

The Launcher being the bit of Minecraft where you sign in. You should be seeing this:


Next you’re going to go down to the bottom-left corner and click “New Profile.” This will allow you to create a new “Profile” (a group of login settings, has nothing to do with your Minecraft account).

2. Change your Version

A window should appear, looking like this:


Right in the middle, where it says “Use version:” you’ll want to change the version to “release 1.7.9” or “release 1.7.10”

No other settings need to be changed unless you know what you’re doing. I like to name each profile after the version it uses.

After that hit Save Profile, and you should be good.

3. Start Minecraft

Now that you’ve made a new profile, your launcher should look like this:


Notice how in the bottom left it has “1.7.10” as the profile and in the bottom right it says “Ready to play Minecraft 1.7.10”

You are now ready to play Minecraft on your favorite servers!

Dakota Johnson surprises fans with "such kindness"


On September 10th, 2014 Dakota Johnson was in Pantelleria shooting one of her upcoming projects “A Bigger Splash”. A fan, Giovanni di Malta, shares his meeting with the lovely Dakota Johnson and a picture of them together.

“It was September 10th, 2014 at 11:30 am when I walked with my wife and son near the bar U’ friscu. My wife spotted the actor Matthias Schoenaerts sitting outside the bar and, knowing they were shooting the movie, I imagined Dakota Johnson would be there, too. My wife wanted a picture with him while I wanted one with her. We walked inside the bar but my wife was too shy to ask Matthias for a picture so I took her phone and I headed out to ask him for one. He was really nice and he also took a picture with my son. Meanwhile my wife called out Dakota that was surfing on the net with her phone. She didn’t even blink, she stood up and with a bright smile on her face and took a picture with me. I thanked her, then she knelt near my son and took a picture with him before kissing his cheek, even I did not ask her in the first place. I thanked the both of them and my wife and I headed out the bar. We didn’t speak because of language issues, even if they both had interpreters on their side, I just didn’t want to bother them any further. She was very nice and kind, I didn’t expect such kindness.”

Picture untagged down below thanks to 50ShadesWorld. Fan’s reaction post from 50SfumatureItalia.

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I drafted this post in my head whilst studying for exams, so it’ll probably sound a bit crazy and disjointed. I think it’s unlikely for SHINee as a group to appeal to males, because their concepts are targeted towards women – not just the music and the lyrics, but the [sexuality of their] choreography, and to some extent their fashion – and I think even with the recent releases (i.e. Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer), it’s hard for SHINee to really shake their previous concepts as a female romantic fantasy, especially since Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer’s lyrics and choreography are still directed towards females. But as individual members, I think there’s a lot more appeal, because they’re removed from those qualities that appeal solely to women. [read more]

Adding Safety to Our Food

Fast and accurate MS techniques are leading to a more informed, knowledgeable citizenry when it comes to what’s really in our food.

Rarely a week goes by when there isn’t some type of local, state or national food recall. Be it listeria in lettuce, salmonella in peanut butter, bacteria in beef—we’ve all seen the headlines, and subsequently ran home to check every serial number we could find. Getting information about these types of dangerous contaminants in our food is relatively easy. But what about other ingredients in our food that are legal, but may or may not be dangerous? That information is harder to come by, and even harder to understand.

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On the Real


I’m at the point in my life where I can easily determine and differentiate who are my legit friends and who are just seemingly there, keeping a hold of me because they can somehow benefit from me or get something out simply just by knowing me.

It sounds wrong right? I always hated having this feeling because I don’t usually think of people in this negative way, but I’ve come across numerous different types of personalities and situations to know well enough the people who are actually there to support me and what I do.

Being the natural nice guy that I am, I take most, if not all, opportunities to give a helping hand. I’ve been known to have a hard time in saying “no.” Although I have significantly improved, I still am always tempted to help others out at my expense.

I don’t really expect anything in return, so why do I do it? Simply because it feels good.

As I transition to entering into the real world, I’ve learned a lot about myself, how to handle certain situations and different people. I’ve learned to focus on myself - my personal growth and how I can achieve the goals I’ve set for myself and not on the achievements of others. I’ve read, that in order to really succeed in whatever it is you want, you should pay no mind to what others are up to and just focus on you and what you’re trying to achieve.

I’m guilty of comparing my personal achievements to others and frankly, it’s not a healthy thing to do, as it can either lower your self-esteem, or build-up your ego. To succeed is to stay grounded, so let your success speak for itself. Now, as I constantly evaluate myself, I can genuinely say that I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve definitely exceeded my own expectations which is all that matters. It’s an extra blessing that I’ve gained an overwhelming amount of supporters, consisting of friends, family, schoolmates, and even people I have never met.

Who would’ve thought things would turn out like this for me, right? And for that I’m humbly grateful.

My main goal in life is to inspire and so far that mission is well on its way. Throughout this progression, I’ve learned that the people I have met and made friends with, may or may not make a significant impact in what my future will turn out to be. They can either be holding you down or holding you up. Now, I’m at the point where I’m gradually shutting off those people whom I know will act as that extra weight. There are people who exploit you - coming to you only when they need something, and then just “ride along with your success” - showing up to acknowledge and take pride in what you have achieved. Sometimes even selfishly turning your own achievement around to surround themselves, making it about them instead.

But here’s a question. Where were those people when you needed them, during your struggle to reach that certain height of success?

The bottom line is, I’m here to support my friends. But if there are those people who can’t seem to support me in what I’m doing, then there is something wrong with that relationship. I’m probably one of the least selfish people out there because I always make time for others,  especially now as I start-up my career, I need to focus more on myself.

As a reminder to myself and to others who are in this similar situation - compare yourself to yourself to monitor your growth, limit your kindness so you don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage and know who your real supporters are. Those are what will take you to where you are really meant to be. With that said, a huge-load of thanks to all of those out there who are genuinely there supporting me. It really means a lot and I appreciate it like crazy. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the things I have without you guys (that goes for the haters and fake friends), so thanks again. Keeping the good-vibes rolling!