Quotes from Justin's interview with Men's Health Magazine

“It’s good to really take a step back and be appreciative and understand that life brought me to an incredible place.”

“You feel like you wanna grow up and you gotta prove yourself. Hey, man, you don’t need to prove yourself. I didn’t know that, though.”

"You know I’m just getting bigger, man. It’s like, my shoulders don’t fit in some things.”

“It’s funny. I still feel…like a kid. I just still feel young. I don’t feel like I’m almost 21. At all.”

“This has really been a big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out. This is almost like a full 180 from how I was. Yesterday—a year from yesterday—I was in jail.”

“I never thought I’d see my own billboard in on Sunset, in Hollywood. I remember just thinking that I’d never even go to Hollywood, living in a small town in Canada, just like watching TV. That was never even a thought.”

“I had to grow up so quick. And it was almost like I grew up for the public, but I didn’t necessarily grow up.”

“I’ve always been different, and I haven’t been afraid to be different.”

“It’s good to be a bit easy on yourself. Not that you’re just like doing whatever you want, but easy on yourself in that you’re not going to figure everything out overnight, and figure everything out on your own. You’re going to need help, and you’re going to need time.”

“Change is uncomfortable. Write that down.”

The April 2015 issue of Men’s Health is available in iTunes on March 10, and hits newsstands nationwide by March 17.

BCS 1x05 - Observations: ”Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are not satisfied to let this show be a companion piece. They understand that we’re all waiting for Saul Goodman to emerge, and they use that to enrich the story by making us feel the weight of the wait. In this respect, the Hummel collector’s descent down the stairs is a visual microcosm of the series’ preordained arc. Just as we know that Jimmy will transform into Saul, we know that the woman’s chair lift will reach the bottom of the stairs. Eventually. The question—both for this scene from “Alpine Shepherd Boy” and for Saul as a whole—is why we are made to watch the parts of the journey where nothing happens. And the answer is that “nothing happens” constitutes an essential part of Jimmy McGill’s experience right now. Saul intends to make us sympathize with that emptiness.”

"Major life changes rarely occur with a bang. More often, they are slow transitions characterized by maddening stretches of inertia. Better Call Saul finds the beautiful misery in those lulls. You think it’s frustrating to wait for Jimmy McGill to transform into Saul Goodman? Imagine how Jimmy feels. But that’s the brilliance of this show: You don’t have to imagine it. You get to feel it for yourself.”

–  from 86 seconds to the sofa: In praise of Better Call Saul’s slowness by John Teti, AV Club

New NHL team, Kansas City Hyphens

The new NHL team, the Kansas City Hyphens, are set to take the ice in the 2015-16 NHL season. 

The Kansas City Hyphens will be dawning pink jerseys with sparkling gold helmets and will only accept players with hyphenated names on the team. 

So far the only two NHL players on the team are Marc-Andre Fleury and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins because it’s 9pm, i have like three essays i’m not writing, and googling “what nhl players have hyphenated names” feels a little ridiculous

no word yet on which Kansas City they’ll even be playing in.


Men's Fashion [The Vampire Method]
 I will make it simple for you, style matters. When you are walking on the streets, all that somebody can see is the way you walk, and what you wear.
Style is important. Go to shops, take with you many different clothes, go to the fitting room and try them on. Take a mini walk with them near the mirrors of the shop, take a minute and try to sense how their fabric feels on your body. Do you feel confident in this outfit? It suits and fits you well?
 After you do all of the above, you will need some tips to take your style to the next level. The tips that I always give to men, are :
  • Use layers in your outfits, you make them look more interesting.
  • Put at least one interesting item that will create contrast.
  • Accessories are an extra, and to extras we say “why not”.
Personally, I like classy clothes. They make me feel very confident and comfortable. Usually you will see me wearing colors like : Black, White, Grey, Blue and Brown...
Here are some examples of some of my favorite outfits :

 I hope you enjoyed this article, because there will be so much more to come. Make sure to follow MensBlog.tumblr.com so you will stay updated for any upcoming articles.
 This was a part of The Vampire Method by Zef Palmer.
(I do not own any of the photos above. These were found online)
(The photo number 4 was actually me)

Why Is Justin Bieber on the Cover of Men's Health?

Surely the question crossed your mind. Bieber? On the cover of my favorite health and fitness magazine? The dude is barely 21 and, let’s be honest, has been acting like a spoiled brat the past couple of years.

I had the same initial reaction when his people reached out to us last fall, and almost immediately dismissed the idea. But then I decided it was only fair to meet with them first.

His publicist, Melissa, understood her client’s reputation—and my hesitation. She explained that he’d been working on his body in an effort to rebuild his image as well. “He realizes it’s time to grow up, to become a man,” she told me. “He’s looking for a second chance.”

I started following the Biebs on Instagram and saw just how much time he was spending at the gym and reading, of all things, self-help books. (He’s also been reading Men’s Health, and you can see the results from his time in the weight room in this story, Justin Bieber: 10 Photos of His New Body.)

I spoke to the folks behind his Calvin Klein underwear campaign, and they assured me that his desire to reinvent himself was authentic.

Most of all, of course, I wondered what you, the reader, would think. Our cover guys reflect the Men’s Health brand: positive, empowering, trustworthy, real. We should all learn something from these men—their successes and their failures.

What could Justin Bieber actually teach us?

Then I thought back to the 1,246 readers I met last year during our six-month search for the Ultimate Men’s Health Guy, especially those we profiled in the November issue. Those men all had two things in common: (1) They weren’t perfect. (2) They aspired to be better.

We’re all works in progress. The key to growth is realizing it. When I was 20, I pulled quite a few of my own d-bag moves. Only difference was that TMZ wasn’t there to report them. Eventually I realized I wanted to be a better man. I focused on school. Found a part-time job. Got serious about a woman. No one questioned if I deserved a second chance. We all do.

The same goes for Justin Bieber, and we’re giving him one. Right here, right now, we’re calling a cease-fire. Will he actually turn his life around? Time and the paparazzi will tell. But if the first step is self-awareness, then Bieber has started down the right path.

"This has been a really big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out," he told our writer, Oliver Broudy, after an our at the gym with him. "A year from yesterday, I was in jail."

So we know his low point. You can learn more about his upside, starting with our cover story, “The Reinvention of Justin Bieber.” Meanwhile, you’ll find ways to reinvent yourself on every page of our April 2015 issue, which is available digitally on March 10 and on newsstands nationwide by March 17.


The Justin Bieber Workout

As a celebrity, Justin Bieber is in uncharted territory. Few humans have ever been richer or more famous before their 21st birthday. He can’t walk down the street without trending on Instagram.

But as a lifter, he’s just like I was at his age, and like many of you are today: a lean, small-framed guy with a jackrabbit metabolism who’s desperate to pack on solid muscle.

His trainer, Patrick Nilsson of Orange Gym Rats in L.A., sent us a snapshot of Bieber’s workout plan, which he later posted at orangegymrats.com. “We work out for aesthetics,” he wrote. “So to get him to look his best, we went with a classic bodybuilding routine to try to develop as much muscle as possible.” (To see the results, check out Justin Bieber: 10 Photos of His New Body.)

Bieber lifts five times a week for about 45 minutes per session, using a three-day body-part-split: one workout for back and triceps, one for chest and biceps, and the other for legs and shoulders. They work abs every other day.

Nilsson pairs antagonist muscles—those that don’t work together—in supersets. So on a day they work back and triceps, they might combine wide-grip pullups with lying triceps extensions, wide-grip rows with cable pushdowns, and dumbbell rows with pushups. They typically do 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps of each exercise, which means 9 to 12 sets per muscle group per workout. Nilsson told us they switch up the exercises every two to three weeks.

As I said, this is just a snapshot, and doesn’t tell us anything about Bieber’s training history—what he has or hasn’t tried, what his body has or hasn’t adapted to, or what his trainer plans to do next. We only know this is what he does now, and we can assume this is the way he likes to train.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t curious about whether this is the best system for a young, growth-challenged lifter. That’s why we showed the program to three veteran bodybuilders, and asked for their expert opinions. We told them it’s used by a celebrity without saying which one.

All three led off with the same basic point: There are lots of ways to design a successful training program for Bieber’s goal. The fact they’d use different approaches doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with this one.

Here’s how each of them would make a Belieber out of their superstar client.



Bryan Krahn (bryankrahn.com) has been in and around the bodybuilding industry for more than 20 years, working as a trainer, journalist, and marketing executive to supplement companies. But mostly he considers himself a meathead who helps regular guys achieve the basic goals of getting leaner and more muscular.

The first change Krahn suggests: He’d have him do four workouts a week instead of five, using the classic Ian King split, as shown in The Book of Muscle:

Monday: horizontal push (pushups and bench press variations) and horizontal pull (rows)

Tuesday: knee-dominant (squats and lunges)

Thursday: vertical push (shoulder press variations) and vertical pull (pullups and lat pulldowns)

Friday: hip-dominant (deadlifts, swings, and hip thrusts)

“This would allow for more balanced and more frequent lower-body work,” Krahn says. And with one less workout each week, a hardgainer type like Bieber would be able to work with higher intensity each time in the gym, while giving his muscles more time to recover.



Tyler English (tylerenglishfitness.com) is a human marvel: He’s a pro bodybuilder who runs one of the best independent gyms in the U.S., and is also the author of the Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible. In his spare time he competes as a natural raw powerlifter—that is, no steroids or special gear like a bench shirt or squat suit.  

Like Krahn, English focused immediately on the lack of lower-body work in Bieber’s program—just 3 of 18 exercises over three workouts. Here’s how English might set up a three-day split:

Day 1: Lower body (emphasis on quadriceps or hamstrings)

Day 2: Upper body (chest and shoulders or back and biceps)

Day 3: Total body (muscles not worked on Day 1 or Day 2)

But even when the workout focuses on upper-body training, English often includes work for lower-body muscles. Here, for example, is a workout for back and biceps, with extra work for the trapezius:

1. Hex-bar deadlift, 4 sets of 8 reps

2a. Chinup, 4 x 6

2b. Hex-bar farmer’s walk, 3 x 30 yards

3a. Barbell row, 3 x 12

3b. Dumbbell shrug, 3 x 15

4. Dumbbell hammer curl, 4 x 12

“I’m a big fan of front-loading programs to put the big movements up top,” English says. That way, you work the largest muscles with the heaviest loads when you’re fresh and focused, and work smaller muscles with simpler exercises, using lighter weights and higher reps, when you’re more fatigued.



Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D. (lookgreatnaked.com), is a prolific exercise researcher, an assistant professor at Lehman College in New York, a natural bodybuilding champion, and author, most recently, of The MAX Muscle Plan.

His first reaction upon looking at the program: “Sounds to me like he’d benefit from developing an overall structural foundation at this point.”

But true to his reputation for being tenacious and data-driven, Schoenfeld focused on what we don’t know about the unnamed celebrity lifter or his program, especially the overall, long-term training strategy. “Ultimately you’d want to work through a spectrum of rep ranges, adding some low- and high-rep work to the mix,” he says.

He’d also want to see an overreaching phase—a period where you deliberately push your body as hard as you can—followed by a short deloading phase. That guarantees full recovery along with a mental break from the stress of all-out training.



All three experts made similar points: If they were creating a program for a client meeting the description of Justin Bieber, they’d build the program around these elements:

•  He’d do three or four workouts a week, with a balance of upper- and lower-body exercises. Fewer workouts allow for higher intensity and more recovery.

•  Each session would begin with heavy, structural lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, chinups, or pullups.

•  The second half of the workout can include single-joint exercises that work smaller muscles—biceps curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises. Those muscles are important for aesthetics, but they won’t grow out of proportion to the bigger muscles in the torso and hips, the ones they work with in multijoint exercises like presses and rows.

•  The workouts would employ a variety of rep ranges to allow a mix of heavy, moderate and light weights. This ensures that the entire muscle—from high-threshold type II fibers targeted by heavy lifts to endurance-oriented type I fibers—get a chance to grow to their full potential.

None of this is to imply there’s anything wrong with what Bieber and Nilsson currently do. Only they know what Bieber has or hasn’t tried in the past, and what they’re building toward. The big message for a young lifter is this:

If the goal is to look like a bodybuilder, you probably won’t get there by training like a bodybuilder. Not at first. The closer you are to the starting line, and the farther you are from a bodybuilder’s physique, the more important it is to build a base of strength. You want to get a little stronger each week in the aforementioned squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows.

If you’re somewhere in the middle—you’ve built some strength and added some muscle, but are nowhere near your goal—you’ll do best with a mix of rep ranges and training strategies. You’re still trying to get stronger from month to month, but a lot of your gains will come from the volume of your training, and strategic manipulation of your diet: periods when you add more calories to allow muscle growth, followed by stretches when you tighten things up to revisit your abs.

If your body is closer to your genetic limits, you have to be willing to piss yourself off from time to time. “I still do the classic personal-trainer voodoo trick of making people do the opposite of what they’ve been doing, at least for a while,” Krahn says. “Someone who’s really into low-rep training might get a good bump from bodybuilding stuff, and vice versa.”

That’s what all lifters have in common. Young or old, beginner or advanced, famous or obscure, we’re all limited by what we don’t yet know and haven’t yet done. As for Bieber’s program, unless you’re a fairly advanced bodybuilder, it’s probably best to leave it to Bieber.

Source: Men’s Health

Counting Down to Biological Children for Same-Sex Couples

Back to the Future Part II predicted that in 2015 we would by flying around in cars. This interest in predicting the future has always been an integral part of our literature and entertainment, however, who could have guessed that in 2015 researchers would be claiming that in less than two years same-sex couples could be having children…biological children.

Yes, you read that right. Biological children. The Wellcome Trust has been funding researchers at Cambridge University and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science who have discovered a way to create human sperm and egg cells from the stem cells in human skin. This not only implies that men and women who are infertile could have a new chance to have biological children but it also suggests that same-sex couples could also produce biological children.

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The 25 Most Stylish Movie Icons Of The ’90s | Lucky Shops

From her Calvin Klein slip dress to the red dress she wears when she gets robbed (“You don’t understand, this is an Alaïa!”), Cher Horowitz wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than designer. AS IF. But it was her taste for fur pom-poms and her rotating closet that launched her into fashion stardom. It’s the high school queen bee’s matchy-matchy yellow plaid ensemble that sticks out in our memory most.

“It’s good to really take a step back and be appreciative and understand that life brought me to an incredible place.”

“You feel like you wanna grow up and you gotta prove yourself. Hey, man, you don’t need to prove yourself. I didn’t know that, though.”

“You know I’m just getting bigger, man. It’s like, my shoulders don’t fit in some things.”

“It’s funny. I still feel…like a kid. I just still feel young. I don’t feel like I’m almost 21. At all.”

“This has really been a big year for me, as far as figuring stuff out. This is almost like a full 180 from how I was. Yesterday—a year from yesterday—I was in jail.”

“I never thought I’d see my own billboard in on Sunset, in Hollywood. I remember just thinking that I’d never even go to Hollywood, living in a small town in Canada, just like watching TV. That was never even a thought.”

“I had to grow up so quick. And it was almost like I grew up for the public, but I didn’t necessarily grow up.”

“I’ve always been different, and I haven’t been afraid to be different.”

“It’s good to be a bit easy on yourself. Not that you’re just like doing whatever you want, but easy on yourself in that you’re not going to figure everything out overnight, and figure everything out on your own. You’re going to need help, and you’re going to need time.”

“Change is uncomfortable. Write that down.”

Justin for Men’s Health 

[TRANS] [Article] Rap Monster, From Variety to Music that Transcends Borders…Next Generation Multi-talented Idol to Look Out For

RapMonster, From Variety to Music that Transcends Borders…Next Generation Multi-talented Idol to Look Out For

The group BTS’s Rap Monster has taken unusual steps. While showing off his intelligent brains on tvN’s programme, ‘Problematic Men’, he went to both Korea and America to exchange hip hop musicality with famous hip hop singers.

Rap Monster was born in 1994 and is the leader of idol group, BTS. Prior to his debut, he carried out activities under the stage name ‘Runch Randa’ in the amateur hip hop scene. After entering BigHit Entertainment and spending a long time as a trainee, he showed up in the music industry but did not make it big due to their group’s unapproachable name and the prejudice towards idols. However, through steady and consistent effort, he has started to make a name for himself starting with the ‘2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (shortened to ‘2014 MAMA’ from now).

Rap Monster went up in last year’s ‘2014 MAMA’ held at Hong Kong Asia World Expo on 3 December’s afternoon, where he staged a rap battle with Block B’s Zico under the theme of the ‘Next Generation of K-pop’. Rap Monster took over the mic and presented the mixtape ‘RM’ which he composed himself, and showed off to his heart’s content the solid skills he possessed from laying the foundations since the days of promoting underground. Since Zico’s skills were already known by many, the public started to pay attention to the entrance of the new rookie, Rap Monster, and Rap Monster ascended to the number 1 position on the real-time search results of portal sites.

This driving force caused him to create collaboration stages with various singers at the various year-end music programmes, and recently participated in MFBTY’s album, the project group associated with Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae.

Rap Monster’s music exchange doesn’t just stop at Korea. His collaboration with Warren G where they worked together will be revealed on the coming 5 March. Rap Monster and Warren G previously knew each other from filming Mnet’s reality programme, ‘American Hustle Life’ together. At that time, Warren G listened to Rap Monster’s music and praised his skills highly, and it was reported that Warren G made the offer of wanting to work with him on a song together. For the sake of giving Rap Monster the most suitable song, Warren G put a lot of effort into making as many as a total of six tracks.

Outside of his main career in music, Rap Monster is briskly unrolling activities not related to music. Through the first episode of tvN’s variety programme ‘Problematic Men’ broadcasted on 26 February, he was crowned the youngest Sexy-Brain Guy (a guy with sexy brains, a guy with intelligence). The youngest of the cast, Rap Monster was ranked top 1% nationally in the mock CSAT, passed TOEIC via self-study during middle school with 900 points, boasting fluent skills in foreign languages, and drew a lot of attention with his appearance on the show.

With an IQ of 148, the highest among the cast members, Rap Monster who is proud of his brains showed his strong aspect especially in the ‘Brain Solving Quiz’ that requires creativity. He immediately solved the questions that even Lee Jang Won, who graduated from KAIST, and Ha Suk Jin, an engineering graduate from Hanyang University, couldn’t solve, and rose as the ace (of the cast).

Jun Hyun Moo repeatedly exclaimed “Genius!” when he saw that Rap Monster knew the correct answer to most of the questions within the time limit of 10 seconds. Kim Ji Suk praised Rap Monster’s unique brain circuits and said that as expected, “the only (member) born in the ‘90s sure has a fresh way of thinking”. However, when it came to Rap Monster’s own question, the outpouring of off-the-wall comments such as “love is the meeting of a triangle and a circle, and trying to form a square” showed reversal charms.

From music to variety, the moves taken by Rap Monster who is spreading his activities all around have caused parties concerned to comment that “following G-Dragon and Zico, Rap Monster is the rare type of idol who produces (his own music). Moreover, as a rookie who hasn’t debuted for 2 years, his musicality has grown at extremely fast speed as well. Recently, he received love-calls from Warren G and Tiger JK, and worked together with them. This shows that even senior musicians are paying attention to Rap Monster’s skills”, and to “please anticipate his appearance on variety programmes, where he will reveal even unexpected charms”.

From his main career as a singer, to his reversal charms in variety, Rap Monster who is attacking and challenging everything, the focus now is on whether he can succeed his senior multi-talented idols to become the new generation multi-talented idol.

View the original article in Korean here. Credits to MBN News for the original article.

Trans cr: Admin Min @ Bulletproof_SG

Please take out translations with full credits.

Concert review: Hozier has more than a Church to his name

For an artist whose most famous lyric is coloured with a sacrilegious streak, Andrew Hozier-Byrne had no trouble finding something to believe in at Metropolis on Tuesday.

If the 24-year-old Irish singer-songwriter’s blues/soul/gospel hybrid was a touch polite and cautious on last year’s self-titled debut album and the preceding EPs, it was a divine force on stage. Accompanied by a six-piece band that found religion even as their leader sang of losing his, Hozier made an iron-clad case for career longevity despite a good percentage of fans waiting for the four-minute pre-encore blockbuster.

The conviction was there from the outset, with Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene buoyed by church-pew claps and holy harmonies, and grounded by Hozier’s swampland guitar. It was as tight and concise as the title isn’t.

The heavy swing of From Eden and Jackie & Wilson’s gritty licks sustained that titanic energy level before the players finally drew breath. Someone New was introduced with self-deprecation — “This is a fun one: a song about love at its most empty and futile” — but came with a jovial chorus that lived up to the first part of that billing.

Hozier’s beaming smiles suggested nothing but the truth when he said “I remember this audience.” Four months after his local debut at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre, this was another quick sellout, at more than twice the capacity. With most songs greeted warmly in a matter of notes, the appreciation from much of the crowd was undeniable. The drawing power of a single Grammy-nominated hit was also undeniable, with the noise level on the back half of the floor sometimes coming close to shattering records for ambient chatter.

“I don’t know if everyone here is familiar with Skip James …” The applause-o-meter counted maybe five Delta blues fans, and the solo acoustic Illinois Blues was nearly drowned out. The haunting In a Week fared better: surely one of the loveliest songs ever sung from the perspective of a decomposing corpse, the duet with cellist Alana Henderson was blessed with a rare devotion. The chemistry between the two was addictive; one shared song wasn’t nearly enough.

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of harmonies in general at the show. In a band with four female vocalists, the celestial choir lifted an earthy frontman higher than he could go on his own, giving an otherworldly halo to songs that were sometimes built on a bedrock of barroom blues — albeit fantastic, driving barroom blues.

Which isn’t to say the man on the marquee was just along for the ride musically. Hozier’s lowdown guitar was as crucial as his honeyed howl, and could simultaneously bite and caress on numbers like the 10-ton Arsonist’s Lullabye.

Sedated’s thunderclaps and Foreigner’s God pointed to a possible future in arenas before the inevitable Take Me to Church. The flip side to the earlier ADD distraction was a colossal singalong here, with the cleansing power of the “amen” chant compensating for the comically obnoxious number of cellphone videos in progress.

Those who streamed toward the exit in the encore break missed out on a hymn-like Cherry Wine (with those phones used for good rather than evil, bathing Metropolis in 2,000 points of light), a handclap-heavy appropriation of Ariana Grande’s Problem, and more sincere awe from a humbled singer.

Having paid thanks to simpatico support act George Ezra (twice), his musicians and every crew member down to the merch guy (“give him a hug on your way out”), Hozier wrapped up with Work Song. It sounded both final and open-ended — a sombre but healing valediction and a pledge of eternal love. It came from the perspective of a man in it for the long haul. So did the entirety of Tuesday’s show.

Hot Korean actors to watch out for in 2015

2015년 3월 4일 수요일

Hottest new Korean actors such as Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Woo-bin, Song Joong-gi, Lee Jong-seok are all taking some time off from acting now.
However, there is heightened anticipation for new dramas and movies after the recent reveal that these actors are candidate for the lead role.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently considering his next drama project, lead role in the upcoming KBS drama “The Producer.” and lead role in a supernatural MBC drama titled “Night Strolling Scholar.”
It has been sometime since his mega hit drama “My Love From The Stars,” ended so fans have been anticipating his next project.
However, Kim Soo-hyun agency Keyeast Entertainment hasn’t confirmed whether Kim would take the role or not.

Kim Woo Bin has officially been offered the leading roles in the upcoming Hong Sisters drama, tentatively titled Jeju Gatsby.
If Kim Woo Bin accepts, it would be his first full-length drama since Heirs in 2013. Since that time, he has acted in three movies (Friend 2, The Technicians, and the upcoming Twenty), and he had a cameo in the fun web series Love Cells.
The Hong Sisters, known for writing quirky romantic favorites like The Master’s Sun, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, You’re Beautiful, and Greatest Love, have only stated so far that the upcoming series will be a romance set on Jeju Island.

Lee jong seok’s past dramas including “Pinocchio.” “School 2013,” “I Can Hear Your Voice,” and “Doctor Stranger” have yielded positive ratings making him a desirable star in the Asian market.
According to Sports World, a source within his agency thinks that Lee may be interested in Chinese dramas.
In the Sports World report, the source stated, “Lee Jong Suk has recently received many offers of work in Korea and China.”
The source went on to explain that interest in the actor has greatly increased in China, where he is currently receiving offers for movies, dramas, endorsements, and fan meetings.

Song Joong ki (Nice Guy, Wolf Boy) will be out of the army on may 26th, 2015 and is already looking at projects to return to drama scene.
He’s reportedly been offered the leading role in Kim Eun-sook’s newest drama ‘Descended From the Sun’, her first non-SBS show, to be directed by PD Lee Eung-bok of Secret and co-written by Kim Won-seok (Queen’s Classroom).

Among even the hottest new stars, fans are most curious about Won Bin’s next project.
He has yet to announce his comeback project. His last work was the 2010 blockbuster hit film “The Man from Nowhere.”

Article: k-entertainments

In the age of over sharing on social media, sometimes you can’t help but go through your feed, see what other people have done for themselves and suddenly, gloom will wash over you as you feel like you’re not doing enough. Why couldn’t you? You see a lot of people online making the most in their lives: someone is backpacking across Europe and posts a photo every 5 or so minutes, someone is featured in an online press or local publication, someone landed their dream job. It’s as if you’re lost in a sea of people who have found their calling and are insanely happy. Why does it feel like you’ve been cheated in life? You spent hours looking at your vision board and list of goals and think, what are you doing?

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might be an enigma wrapped in a mystery. But after reading this, he’ll be a little less so
No one in the world in more loved and hated than Justin Bieber. And yet, as our exclusive April 2015 cover story reveals, so little is actually known about him. For example, bet you didn’t know…

1. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube “in less than a minute”
How does he do it? “Mathematical algorithms,” he told us. So does that make him a genius or something? “I don’t think so,” he said. “Maybe.”

2. He sings Alanis Morissette songs in the shower
Specifically, “Ironic.” When we asked if he was joking, he busted out with a few verses. “It’s like rayeeeain…. On yr wedding day!”

3. He sometimes wishes he could just disappear
“I wish I had the Batman thing where people didn’t know I was Bruce Wayne,” he told us. “Like I had a costume or something.”

4. His Bromance crush: Ben Affleck
And not because the actor will be suiting up as Batman soon. “I think Ben Affleck’s supercool,” Bieber told us. “I just think his vibe is cool.”

5. He’s quite possibly a leg man
Asked what he thinks the sexiest thing is a woman can wear, he told us, “I really like jean shorts and like a tank top. Or spandex.”

6. He feels different, like Michael Jackson different
Remember that part in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video when he tells his date that he’s “different” from other guys? Bieber totally understands what that’s like. “I’m a perfectionist, too,” Bieber told us, comparing himself to the late pop star. “I’ve always been different, and I haven’t been afraid to be different,” he said. Cue the zombie dancers.

7. He’s been smacking around haters since he was 11
Fame didn’t give Bieber his short fuse. Long before he was hounded by paparazzi, he was beating up bullies in the sixth grade. “I was a pitbull,” he told us. “I was small but I could hold my own.”

8. He has a trampoline-related neck injury
It happened “about a year ago,” he told us. “I landed on a trampoline on my neck, doing a backflip, and my neck has been messed up ever since.”

9. His personal chiropractor, who’s helping him with that neck injury, is the same guy who invented the Abdominizer
You remember the Abdominizer, right? From those infomercials in the 80s that promised to “rock, rock, rock your way to a firmer stomach.” The guy who invented it works on Biebs’ spine now, and knows him well enough to call him “bro” repeatedly.

10. He’s made very weird police raid history
“My house got raided at the start of last year,” he told us. “That’s when everything changed. Because it didn’t get raided for drugs or anything. It got raided because I egged someone’s house… I don’t know, it was really weird. No one’s ever gotten raided for eggs, ever. It’s the first time.”

11. He can do three double jumps in a row with a jump rope
This is much harder than it sounds. And you can see the results of his gym time in Justin Bieber: 10 Photos of His New Body.

12. He planning to get another tattoo
“I want ‘LL’ tatted right here [chest]. When you’re Low, Lift. Because we often want to keep our heads down. But we should life our heads.”

Justin for Men’s Health 

Fifty Shades of Grey in American Cinematographer in March Issue 2015! [UHQ Scans]

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Fifty Shades end up in a new magazine: American Cinematographer. The whole article contains also several behind the scenes – never before seen – pictures.

Down below you will find 11 HQ scans thanks to @Shades_Blog.

Article provided by EverythingDakotaJohnson.

Keep reading

Denver Post, November 2000

In the months before the 1999 rampage, one co-worker saw Harris and Klebold explode a "dry ice " bomb during their shift at a Blackjack pizza parlor. A friend watched the teens detonate another bomb in a ditch near Chatfield Reservoir. *****

Two months before the worst school shooting in U.S. history, a teacher warned Klebold’s parents that their son had written "the most vicious story I have ever read" - an account of a man dressed in black who murdered “all the popular kids.” “It’s just a story,” Dylan Klebold told creative writing teacher Judith Kelly. [Note: The victims are "a group of college-preps" as Dylan describes them in the story.] *****

One set of accounts depicted Harris and Klebold as shy but earnest teens, smart enough to score A’s in school but crestfallen over attempts to win a simple date with a school girl. Another set described the teens as vicious and unstable. The two maintained apparent “hit lists” of schoolmates to be murdered. And a final video and tape recording described in the bluntest terms how they planned to destroy the school they so despised, a place where the dominant jock culture reduced them to “the bottom of the food chain.” "People will die because of me. It will be a day that will be remembered forever," said Harris in a microcassette found by police in the kitchen of his home. *****

Dykeman also told authorities he once saw Klebold slip several $20 bills to Blackjack co-worker Phil Duran, and thought at first that he’d witnessed a drug transaction. But Klebold later told Dykeman that the money had bought a shotgun, and that Duran had earlier sold him a semiautomatic pistol. ***

In the month before the killings, the Klebolds took a four-day trip with Dylan to pick out a dorm room at the University of Arizona, where Dylan talked of being a computer science major. The Klebolds had season tickets for Colorado Rockies baseball games, and Dylan often attended with his father. The two also played chess. Klebold’s mother, Susan, said she saw her son cry only once - when he came home from middle school in tears and buried himself beneath stuffed toys on his bed. Although she asked him what was wrong, he never told her. "Mr. Klebold said that he and his wife were not absentee parents and that they were always there for Dylan," the police interview said. "Mrs. Klebold said that Dylan was tolerant, even-tempered and never talked back.” Still, Tom Klebold told police he noticed that his son’s voice had been “tight” four days before the shootings, and made a mental note to speak to him about it. But he never got the chance before April 20th. [Note: In his diversion file, Sue says Dylan “is often angry or sullen, and behaviors seem disrespectful to & intolerant of others.”] ***

In Harris’ bedroom were the typical trappings of an American teenager: rock star posters, a soccer jersey and a Jenny McCarthy poster. Klebold’s room had street signs, a Nine Inch Nails band poster and a photo of a woman in a leopard-skin bikini. In woods outside the Klebold’s expansive home, however, police also found evidence of an explosion, including shotgun wads and a “small electronic device." Inside, they found a box of shotgun shells and a hollow tube that appeared to be a homemade silencer - seemingly out of place under the same roof as Tom Klebold’s “anti-violent and anti-gun” sentiments. ****

Meanwhile, Klebold agreed to go to the dance with Robyn Anderson - the woman who helped obtain guns used in the rampage - but the arrangement, at least on his part, appeared to be mostly as friends. Klebold seemed happy at the prom, and even surprised some friends by venturing onto the dance floor with Anderson - an uncharacteristic move that seemed like a favor to his date. [Note: I wanna see Dylan bustin’ a move on the dance floor ^‿^ though it was probably slow-dancing.] *****

Anderson told investigators she did wonder why Harris and Klebold wanted to buy a cache of weapons at a gun show. "She stated when they purchased the guns she specifically asked them that they weren’t going to shoot someone or something," an investigator wrote, "with them replying that they were not that stupid." [Note: They were that stupid. Lol, I couldn’t resist…]

Read the entire article here: http://extras.denverpost.com/news/col1122.htm

*The article does mention Brenda Parker, but does feature some interesting (& hopefully accurate) tidbits, so posting for those who haven’t seen it in a while or for any newcomers :-)