5 Seconds Of Summer - 5SOS’ Ashton Irwin wants acting return

The 20-year-old singer - who along with Luke HemmingsMichael Clifford and Calum Hood is a member of the Australian pop punk band - has confessed he was a child actor before he turned to music and would definitely consider returning to his roots.

He admitted: ”I was acting for years before the band so I would like to get into that again. I was in a few things, I’m not going to admit what they were, but it was fun and I had a good time.”

The ‘She Looks So Perfect’ hitmaker also revealed that although he feels like he’s living the dream, constantly being on the road means he’s unable to find a girl to settle down with.

He told We Love Pop magazine: ”I’m single right now, but I think anyone would find it hard if they were in a different country every day. I only spent two weeks at home last year and it’s really hard to find someone when you move around so much.”

Ashton is now looking forward to hosting a party back home in his native Australia, when he and his band mates get some well-deserved time off.

He added: ”Mikey and I are planning an end-of-summer BBQ because we do this thing where we put a sprinkler under a trampoline, then jump in the sprinkler, so it’s like a water park in your garden. It’s very Australian!”

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In the shoes of Mads Mikkelsen - LeMonde

Article from LeMonde.fr by Samuel Blumenfeld, published August 28. Translated by your beloved servant Harps <3. I only translated the sections relevant to him and his body image. I write English like a drunk squirrel so please don’t mind the horrid grammar mistakes I may have made; I did my best to translate it as quickly as I could.

- - -

His face is visibly an issue for him. If it were only up to him, Mads Mikkelsen would change it. The Danish actor actually considered calling in a surgeon, and even, he said, resorting to use vitriol. This torment has haunted his new movie, The Salvation (released August 27), a western by his Danish peer Kristian Levring (…).

In this abhorred face, according to the actor, there is first his prominent cheekbones. « Way too protruding », he reckons. Then, his huge eyes, not really round nor oval, « in fact, an improbable geometry ». « I’m told that they get people down, and that is probably correct. » And, finally, an excessively large mouth that matches his eyes.

« Directors have always told me that it was a predator’s jaw, a bad guy’s jaw. This is surely why I have inherited the role of Hannibal Lecter (…) ».

«  I had already started to look like a Picasso »

Many years ago, the Danish actor has thought about changing this ambiguous face. Without vitriol. Using only scissors. He has forsaken his dream of an aesthetic revolution : a simple, gentle transformation should be enough, he thought. He has considered getting his smooth, too conventional haircut over with – a businessman’s haicut that was said to put his eccentric face forward. But he has given up : destroying his haircut was too soft a solution, not radical enough.

Mads Mikkelsen thus began with his eye. He was a one-eyed, silent warrior in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising (2009). (…) « In this movie, I had already started to look like a Picasso – which was ‘nothing much anymore’. (…) ».

The peak of his defacement was reached in Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale (2006) (…).

Mads accepts the role. « I was granted the right to design this role as I pleased. So many foreign actors had lost themselves in a bad guy role, in [the James Bond] series. For Americans, foreigner means exotic : this exoticism turns into a caricature, and what was meant to allow a comedian to start a career in Hollywood becomes an impass. I have long discussed my role with Campbell (…) but then, Barbara Broccoli, the producer, stopped me : "Young man, your ideas are excellent, formidable even, but you’re going to spoil the most profitable saga in the history of cinema."»

His body being put forward torments him

Before becoming an actor, Mads Mikkelsen was a gymnast and a dancer. « I’ve had a classical traning at first (…). And even then, people were always staring at my face, way less than at my body. » His body being put forward torments him. (…)

« His mug is impossible to forget »

Mads owes his cinematographic career to director Nicolas Winding Refn. (…) The encounter between the two became a full collaboration : Mikkelsen’s ideas are systematically kept by Winding Refn. They even had a silent agreement : each time Winding Refn has a role for its partner, it’s the starring role. The director’s passion for his comedian, once more, comes from Mads’s face. « His mug is impossible to forget » Winding Refn assures. « I’ve never seen such a face and haven’t ever since. And, Mads comes from a neighborhood in Copenhagen where people are ill-mannered and don’t talk well. I do like bad boys. »

(…) On his way back to Canada, for Hannibal’s second season filming, Mads asked to have a mirror in his dressing room. For once, the goal was to look at himself – not to destroy himself. « Lecter is a man who sees beauty within ugliness. His values are reversed. » In the shoes of this monster, Mads Mikkelsen can finally appreciate himself.

Discussion: Who Is -- And What Makes Up -- A 'Hero'?

Note: This article is inspired by a prompt and the discussion in my college Learning Community, where we are exploring the concepts of morality, heroes, and villains. 


When I was a kid, my definition of a hero was simple: the person in the red cape fighting off the bad guys dressed in all black. He was the hero: people loved him, crowds chanted his name, and police officers shook his hand. He was the shining example that the goodness inside humanity triumphed over evil one hundred percent of the time. As I got older, though, I inevitably realized the golden boy’s paint was chipping. Underneath what once was a beacon of virtue often lay a base-coat of flaws, typically the muddy colors of obstinacy, ignorance, laziness, and the inability to follow orders or adhere to laws of society – to name a few. And that cape became tainted with blood.

And this changed my perception of what heroes were, or who they could be in terms of both real, living people and fictional characters. What, in the end, made up a hero? What made him a hero to the people who granted him that title — and was he not a villain to those who fought for the other cause? Did that title grant him impunity to some of his wrongdoings, or did he lose the title when he stepped out of his heroic role or in his everyday life?

So in this article [if I can even call it that], I’m not going to simply state to you what characteristics, values, actions and/or beliefs make up a hero, because there is no exact formula for a hero, as some texts [and even some people] argue.

Are heroes people who do things for the greater good? Or can one act of bravery make a hero? Can a man still be a hero if he does harm [breaks the law, steals, murders] for the ‘greater good’? Is he a hero if he follows his own personal beliefs and does what he perceives to be right, even if that doesn’t coincide with the social norm? What makes up a anti-hero, and at what point do they become a villain?

Instead, I’m going to challenge you to a very important and often ignored choice in characterization: what makes up a hero to you, as the author? Is this evident in your story? What characters in your stories are heroes, and who would agree or disagree with that title? What do the characters themselves define heroism as, and who are their heroes? What weight does the term ‘hero’ carry? 

I want to turn this into an open discussion to our followers, rather than just my personal thoughts on the matter, as this is something with no one correct answer. This way, we can see multiple views from people from every nook and cranny in the world, and try to get an idea of who our characters might truly be and what they might believe.

You are welcome to reply or reblog this post, or you can submit directly to us. We’ll add responses to our queue and tag them as TWH Discussion: Heroism. You can also just post in this tag, and we’ll go through it periodically and reblog points we find.

A WORD OF WARNING: I do not want this to degrade into an argument or offensive language or calling people out. You can disagree and share your ideas and while criticism is accepted, it must be constructive. If it turns into a clusterfuck, the discussion will be over and no further points will be posted.


[Article] Mwave | 2014.08.29 17:42

2PM has confirmed its comeback date.

According to JYP Entertainment, 2PM’s agency, 2PM will be releasing its 4th full length album on September 15.

Prior to the album release, the group will be holding its comeback stage on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN on September 11.

2PM will be releasing a new song in about one year and four months since it released the third full-length album last May.

The upcoming album will contain a total of 15 tracks including songs written by Jun.K. This is the first time that 2PM will be promoting with a song written by one of its members.

The 2PM members released a set of comeback still cuts through their personal SNS accounts earlier on August 29, featuring the members energetically and vibrantly enjoying a party.

An affiliate stated, “The new song will be an exciting and bright song that can accentuate 2PM’s healthy and vibrant concept. As it is a song written by Jun.K, we ask that you show a lot of anticipation for it.”


He was billed as ‘The Chosen One’ by Vince McMahon and heralded as a future world champion.

Drew Galloway, who competed for the WWE as Drew McIntyre, left the major American wrestling promotion after seven years earlier this year.

Far from focussing on the negatives, Drew welcomed his release. Now he wants to take Scottish wrestling to the next level, a decade after he helped build the local wrestling scene.

“When I was starting out I’d save Christmas money and travel 14 hours to Portsmouth for three day wrestling camps,” Drew said.

“I was 15/16 in skin-tight blue leather pants. What do you think my friends said?

“I was always tall but had a really long, skinny frame. [Fellow WWE wrestler] Wade Barrett used to love showing everyone in the locker room videos of me at 16 looking anorexic.

“I’ve watched the Scottish scene go from humble beginnings, with BCW having maybe 100 guys on a great night to selling-out the Barrowlands every event.”

With the local scene in 2014 thriving thanks to Insane Championship Wrestling personalities like Grado and Jack Jester, Drew has his heart set on getting wrestling back onto your TV screens. He said: “I’ve always loved wrestling, I’d never think about quitting.

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Jay Park Confesses He Likes All Girl Idols

Jay Park revealed his interest in girl idols.

During recent shoot for JTBC’s Witch Hunt, Jay Park confessed, “I like all girl idols.”

During recording, Jay Park shocked the MCs with his straightforward comments and 19+ talk.

The MCs commented, “I think we will need to edit this out,” but Jay Park insisted, “Please don’t edit them out.”

Upon hearing a story from a citizen, who claimed that he doesn’t feel attracted to young women at all, Jay Park said, “I heard from a hyung that as men get older, they start to like young girls. I was also uninterested in idols 3-4 years ago. But these days, I like all idols,” which made the MCs call him ‘ajusshi′ (older man).

For Jay Park, who showed his love for idols, the MCs decided to do a round of ‘ideal type world cup.’

With miss A’s Suzy and IU making it to the final round of Jay Park’s ideal type world cup, Jay Park chose his winner as he explained his reason, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Witch Hunt featuring Jay Park will air on August 29 at 11 p.m. (KST).

source: mwave

[MWAVE] 14/08/29 B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang, 4minute′s Heo Ga Yoon, and Do Sang Woo Selected as New Hosts for ′Style Log′

Lee Gi Kwang, Heo Ga Yoon, and Do Sang Woo will now bring all the hot places of the fashion people to your smallscreen.

On August 29, OnStyle stated, “B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang, 4minute′s Heo Ga Yoon, and rookie actor, Do Sang Woo were chosen as the new MCs for Style Log.

Not only does Style Log focus on fashion and beauty hot places, but it is a program that also introduces trendy places for living, interior, art, and hit restaurants

Receiving the baton from Hong Jong Hyun, After School′s Nana, and Cho Min Ho from last season, the new MCs Lee Gi Kwang, Heo Ga Yoon, and Do Sang Woo are already receiving attention for what kinds of charms they′ll show through the program.


Heo Ga Yoon has flaunted her exceptional fashion sense and affection for fashion by participating in everything from her album concepts to stage costumes for the group. B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang is also quite famous for his unique sense of style. The two are both the same age and have held a close relationship having trained together. Model-turned-actor Do Sang Woo, who appeared as Gong Hyo Jin′s ex-boyfriend in SBS′ It′s Okay, It′s Love, will also be adding chemistry to the new bunch.

Moon Shin Ae PD of Style Log stated, “The new MCs of many charms will be searching for all the hot life and style places within the city. We ask for a lot of interest and affection for the three, who are around the same age and have much love for fashion, culture, art, and lifestyle.”

The first broadcast begins September 12.

Photo Credit: CJ E&M

Arrow has cast Felicity’s love interest — but there’s a twist. The CW comic-book drama has landed Awkward and Glee alum Nolan Funk in a season-three guest spot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. He will appear in episode five, playing Cooper Seldon, Felicity’s hacker boyfriend from her days at MIT.

Suitsupply Fall Winter 2014 Campaign

Suitsupply kicks off the Fall/Winter 2014 season with a new campaign celebrating individuality. Portraying a sharply dressed individual juxtaposed against backdrops of all kinds of beautiful uniformity, it is a depiction of Suitsupply’s manifesto ‘don’t fit in, but get your own perfect fit’.

The quintessence of the radical, the Fall/Winter 2014 collection breaks away from norms and conventions. “We’ve taken cues from the rebels, loners and outcasts of style & history to create a collection that’s distinctive and nonconformist.” says CEO & founder Fokke de Jong. The result is an experimental narrative of bold and exceptional personality.

Through the lens of classic Italian tailoring, the collection is infused with contemporary trimmings. The emphasis is on luxurious fabrics defined by exquisite craftsmanship – such as cashmere and baby alpaca blends – and a color palette that embraces all variations of blue, contrasted by shades of ochre, oxblood, and forest green. A rich variety of textures and patterns, from subtle checks to bold windowpanes and classic houndstooth, is seamlessly weaved into the collection, while the double-breasted coat adds the final layer of elegance to any look. More than just a sartorial statement, it is a vibrant, signature aesthetic that perfectly reflects the unique flavor and little eccentricities in all of us.


Blue on blue combined with strong textures.


Playful and colorful but still usable.


Glen check perfection in a double breasted cut.


A three piece suit for the more bold customer.


A blue suit in a subtle windowpane pattern. 


Colorful glen check with a great color combination.


Casentino wool is still going strong this season.

East is East and West is West, wrote Rudyard Kipling, and never the twain shall meet. But he hadn’t imagined producer Haim Saban, who in 1993 transformed a Japanese adventure serial called “Kyoryuu…

This is probably the most interesting article I have found because of how the writer discusses how the Japanese elements make the show seem “weird” compared to other American shows.

August 28, 2014 - 4:06PM

Peter Vincent National Music Editor

Wentz says Fall Out Boy is working on new material that will be even more rock-oriented than last year’s album, Save Rock and Roll, which topped the US charts and made No.2 here.

"In some ways [Save Rock And Roll] had a way bigger reaction than we expected,” he said. “At first I thought there would be a backlash then I realised there are a lot of people are like ‘why aren’t there more guitars on the radio?’ It felt like a sentiment a lot of people of my generation and a bit younger were feeling.

"At some point guitars were prevalent in all pop music and that’s what drove it. Then I think people relegated guitars and rock’n’roll to this idea [of] leather jackets and blues chords … it stopped progressing.

"Kids 12 or 13, 14 [who] I meet, some of them want to be rappers but some of these kids still want to pick up the guitar. Who do they have to look to for that? There are people like Dave Grohl, who exist above it all and do play rock’n’roll but on the radio there needs to be guitars and I mean pop radio. But no one is going to put a song on the radio that sounds like it hasn’t progressed in the last 20 years.

"When I was growing up I wanted to be James Hetfield or Dave Mustaine, metal guys. HadEnter Sandman not been played on the radio I don’t know that I would have heard the rest of Metallica, and I don’t know I would have heard punk rock.”

On The Imitation Game:

Benedict is a thespian polymath. There’s no role he cannot take on.

We had met to discuss another of his projects: a towering portrait — one of the great performances of the year — of Alan Turing, the man who helped break the Nazi’s Enigma code, in the film The Imitation Game. Watching the movie, I was struck by his approach to Turing: the way he grasped and captured the man, not just the cliched genius. The film is all the more heartbreaking because of it.

The Imitation Game shows how the boundaries of class and status were broken by the disparate group gathered at Bletchley Park.

‘That was an incredible, rag-tag group of brave, stoic, quiet heroes,’ Cumberbatch marvelled.

‘I say rag-tag, in the sense that they were mathematicians, physicists, crossword enthusiasts … really anyone who had an intellect and a prowess that might help solve this puzzle.

‘Turing may have had eccentric behaviour; he may have had certain tropes of being different, but this was a whole team of “different” people, brought together in a crisis.’

The star said that Turing was guileless about his sexuality. ‘When he was arrested by the police he told them outright that he’d had a sexual relationship with another man.

‘He just gave them the information, and the sad thing was that he’d been with a rent boy. He’d never had a stable relationship.’

However, the film does explore Turing’s close friendship with Joan Clarke, another code-breaker at Bletchley Park. Clarke is portrayed by Keira Knightley, and she’s sensational. Cumberbatch, who worked with her on Joe Wright’s sublime Atonement, couldn’t stop praising her.

We remarked on a particular scene where Keira’s Ms Clarke expresses the view that: ‘Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.’

That very much sums up a movie that will be given a sneak showing at the Telluride Film Festival, which starts today high up in the mountains above Denver, Colorado.

For many people, controlling their diet is a way of managing out of control feelings that they have in life.  They channel all their negative emotions into how they feel about their diet – what they eat becomes a representation of their life, and through controlling their food, they feel they are controlling their life.

Unfortunately, this means that when a very restrictive diet, such as quitting sugar, ‘fails’ – ie, sugar is eaten – those people feel like that because they’ve lost control over their diet, they’ve lost control over their life. As a way to deal with the stress of life, it feels like it works: until it doesn’t, and then they are overcome with feelings of guilt, failure, and anxiety.

The best way to eat healthy is to eat from all the food groups in moderation. So enjoy treats, because food isn’t just about nutrition: it’s also about deliciousness, socialising and celebrating.