Saraghina - Halsey St. in Brooklyn, NY

Borga sent me these wild looking slices from a spot called Saraghina in Bed-Stuy. It has hot coppa, roasted spicy artichoke hearts, fresh mozz, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil. Needless to say, I need to take a trip to Brooklyn ASAP.


Zappa’s quick and dirty guide to New York

namorish here’s my NYC recs, I’m limiting this to Manhattan because I spent most of my free time either there or in the Bronx, and there’s not a lot to do in the Bronx:


  • 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen has a ton of restaurants and bars
  • St. Mark’s Place has a lot of Asian restaurants
  • Burrito Box: between 57th and 58th on 9th/Columbus (9th and Columbus are the same street, the name changes right around there though so it can be confusing) - it’s fun to get it to go and eat while sitting in the area in the middle of Columbus Circle)
  • Dos Toros Taqueria: 13th and 4th, also tasty Mexican food, can take it to go and eat in Union Square Park
  • The Slaughtered Lamb Pub: W 4th and Jones, it’s a werewolf-themed bar
  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza: 10th and 17th, right near Highline park, there’s also one in the East Village at E 14th between 1st and 2nd, thought atypical New York pizza due to how thick it is, Artichoke serves hands down my favorite pizza in the city, one slice is enough for a pretty satisfying meal it’s so huge
  • Beard Papa’s: it’s a national chain but honestly I’ve never had a tastier cream puff
  • Russ and Daughters: if you’re gonna have a real New York bagel and cream cheese, go to Russ and Daughters. also try the celery soda, I know how whack that sounds but it’s fucking delicious
  • Fuji Sushi: on 56th between 8th and Broadway, this is the only Japanese place I frequented that was consistently good
  • Korea Way: 31st and 32nd between 5th and 6th (next to the Empire State Building), there’s a ton of good Korean food here apparently but since I’m not huge on that cuisine idk which places to recommend
  • Grand Central Station has a lot of good little food places, get something you can eat while walking around so you can check out the main atrium
  • Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs: Coney Island, Stilwell and Surf, it’s where the hot dog eating contest is held every year
  • there’s some great ice cream place near Nathan’s but I can’t figure out which one it is on Google Maps, sorry. PROTIP: don’t eat ice cream and a hot dog and go on rides, you’ll regret it
  • The Halal Guys: street stand on 53rd and 6th. the best street food you will ever eat


  • The Cyclone: the wooden roller coaster at Coney Island. only go on this if you want to feel you are literally going to die. that line about it in Captain America: The First Avenger was no fucking joke, and I went on it 70 years later
  • if you want to see a broadway show, go to the TKTS booth in Times Square (it’s on the back side of the big red steps), they have daily tickets for shows and it shouldn’t run you that much, but be prepared to stand in line for a while
  • Upright Citizens Brigade Theater: $5 comedy shows that are wild as hell, be sure to rsvp on their website ahead of time because they always tend to sell out
  • check out the schedules for street fairs, if you’re there on a weekend and walk around enough you might just bump into one anyway
  • Highline Park: formerly a train track that’s been renovated into an elevated walking park that overlooks the river, lots of little vendors and music along the walk
  • St. Mark’s Place: one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, has used punk clothing stores, a good comics shop, cheap good Asian food, interesting atmosphere overall
  • 5th Avenue is a grand time if you like window shopping, if you’re gonna buy clothes for real I’d recommend the huge Uniqlo at 53rd and 5th just because that store is such a technicolor blast to walk around in
  • Desigual: Broadway between Houston and Prince, the clothes are expensive as hell but they’re fucking bonkers to look at, and the staff never minded when I just came in to look around (that’s “how-ston”, not pronounced like Houston the city)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met): 5th and 82nd, they always have rad shows here, and I’m pretty sure it’s pay as you like to get in
  • the Museum of Natural History is pretty skippable but I might have just gotten burnt out on it because I had to go so many times for an anthro course

other important shit

  • BATHROOMS IN THE CITY: Starbucks and Chipotle (you need a key from the front for Chipotle though)
  • people selling candy on subway cars: totally fine to eat, people are just trying to make a little hustle to get by
  • people selling DVDs on the subway cars: totally fine to buy, especially from the older Asian guy on the D line, most of the ones I got from him had menus and everything
  • subway maps: don’t worry about having a physical one, each car and most stations have them on the walls
  • asking people for directions: New Yorkers are nicer than their reputation, most folks will help you out if you get turned around

if I think of more stuff I’ll reblog this and add it to the post, but if any of my followers want to add to it, reblog this and add your favorite spots

“Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke.”/ Bette Davis, ‘All About Eve’ (at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza - East Village, NYC)