Arthur Pendragon’s Character Development - The courage to admit fear

Brought out by the example of the bravest person he’s ever met, who never once hid behind false bravado. Driven by the desire to be the man and king Merlin believed him to be. Fostered by mutual respect and admiration. Encouraged by love. Cemented by faith. 

"there was a sound upon the stairs, and our door was opened to admit as fine a specimen of manhood as ever passed through it. he was a very tall young man, golden-moustached, blue-eyed, with a skin which had been burned by tropical suns, and a springy step, which showed that the huge frame was as active as it was strong."

aka watson has always been queer in case you were wondering

if you put bbc john watson into this scene he would be like “so do you ever get any free time”


So… yeah, I’m making another one and it takes place 2 weeks after the ending of the other comic I did. :|

A few people really wanted me to, so, I’m just going to see how this goes, but this stuff is so far up my alley. Dark, supernatural cartoons are what I liiiike!

Having seen some awesome comics from ectoimp and thepurpah released as few pages gave me the idea to do the same. Maybe this is better than throwing the whole story out at once.

I used to make comics a lot, but during college there was no time. Maybe this could help inspire my creativity again. I do have plans to add in my own monster concepts later on if I get that far.

Tumblr is still weird to me, so if you need a larger image:

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5

Here is page 6!  Hopefully it doesn’t look too nutty, I like to pack a lot of things in one page.  Since you guys wait so long between pages, I want to leave you with something. ^^;;;

Hope you like this! :3