Hey tumblr… there’s a seriously awesome thing that just launched. How would you like a female Sherlock Holmes & a transgender Watson in the 1990s fighting to get the recognition they deserve? We thought so.

S(her)lock: The Web Series is a feminist, queer-positive, gender-swapped fresh take on the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Living in 1990’s Boston, Sherlock Holmes investigates domestic cases with her companion, Dr. Johanna Watson — only the public has no idea! “Inspector” Lestrade claims credit for all her greatest accomplishments.  Can Holmes and Watson foil their foe and reclaim credit for their work?  Find out in this six episode web series launching in 2015!


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“Went missing after dance rehearsal at the ‘Tip-Toe’ dance studio on —-. Melodie was reported to be visiting a friend for dinner on the night of her disappearance. The reported location of the ‘friend’s’ house was the manor on the outskirts of town- but the building was reported to be abandoned upon search. No other leads have been introduce at this time—— “

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