Then I realised #2 #howBritish peoplereacttoshadows

[Arthur: I was gonna do a vine about how British people react to shadows but then I realized I’VE NEVER FUCKING SEEN ONE!]

What I really like about Kingsman are the villains. 

On the one hand you have Valentine, who has no problem with decimating the human race but can’t stomach any kind of close-up violence. I love how Gazelle is his sassy, violent minion who loves to kill; their relationship is so precious. Valentine actually values her, and doesn’t put her down; unlike other villains he isn’t an evil bastard who tortures his minions just as much as his enemies. 

And then there is Arthur, who, even though he is a “fucking snob” and who agrees with Valentine that the human race is a virus (something that’s been hinted at from the start, I might add), he is still crushed by Harry’s (supposed, shut up) death. I don’t doubt that he cared about him and the other Kingsmen–he just didn’t care about much else, really. 

Not only does the movie have great heroines and heroes, no, it also has great villains. I am very grateful for this. That is all.