So what's this "" site-thing??

I do not trust them.

First I was happy as hell after reading:

"I had a look at your DAportfolio site and would like to get in touch regarding a print on demand cooperation for our second premium art print site ARTFLAKES .com."

but when reading through the whole email I started to get suspicious, it was just something wrong with it.

and after searching here on tumblr I found out that some other persons also got the same mail I was convinced that this is a spam of some kind.

maybe it’s the new art4love?

just, keep an eye out, will you!

Things are starting to look up!

I was invited to become a partner to, a German based company that searches the globe for designers, artists, illustrators, photographers etc and invites them to become a partner which allows these creative people to use artflakes as a platform to sell their work.

At the moment they only function off inviting artists and the like to join, So to be invited is a huge honour!

I’m still adding pieces to my ‘shop’s profile’, so stay tuned :D

New Online Store - Photos and Artworks by Nima Taradji Photography - ARTFLAKES.COM

Check out my new store on ARTFLAKES.COM. I have uploaded a number of my Fine Art Nude images and will upload more shortly. Check it out… “Like” it and share it.. :)

I would also like to hear any feedback you may have on it.

Nima Taradji - photos and artworks by Nima Taradji - ARTFLAKES.COM.

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