Artemis Luna Midnight
Miss, Missy, Art, Moose
Born 6/13 2022, VH31
LAL: Magdalena Zalejska

[ + ] sweaters, color, silliness, sweets, dueling, glitter, cats, romance, sunny days, causing trouble, her hair

[ - ] bugs, lying and liars, the cold, getting caught, getting in trouble, homework, old people, tall people

Words: optimistic, gullible, impulsive, energetic, imaginative 

╰☆╮Artemis is the younger twin to Orpheus Midnight.  She is fair skinned with dark hair and light eyes.  While she loves to play rough with the boys, she bruises easily and is on the shorter side.

╰☆╮As a member of the Midnight family, she is a pureblooded witch.  Her mother is Laelia Midnight and to this day Artemis knows absolutely nothing about her father though she tries to find clues or hints whenever she can.  Artemis has many cousins floating around Hogwarts already and many to join her in the coming years.  Other than that her great-cousin (first cousin to her mother) is Achillies Midnight, owner of the Hog’s Head.

╰☆╮Because their father figure is absent and their mother avoids the topic at all costs, Artemis often makes up stories about when he’s gone or what he could possibly be doing to not be around and a part of their family.  This idea changes often, none being entirely good enough for her.

╰☆╮Absolutely fascinated with colors, Artemis has quite the impressive collection of sweaters.

╰☆╮Speaking of sweaters, they are Artemis’ absolute favorite item of clothing.  They’re usually just a tad too big for her so sometimes she can appear as though she is swimming in the fabric.  Her favorite kind of sweater are the ones with extra long sleeves and a turtle neck she can hide in it.

╰☆╮Though she has a special place in her heart for all animals, her absolute favorite animals are cats and unicorns.  Both are often displayed on her sweaters or pictures she doodles when she should be paying attention in class.

╰☆╮Like a cat, Artemis is very, very light on her feet.  Some call it sneaky, she calls it gifted.  One does not normally hear her coming and she tends to pop up out of nowhere.  

╰☆╮Also like a cat she is what some call very, very nosey.  Artemis calls it being curious.  However, she hasn’t quite grasped the concept that curiousity killed the cat.

╰☆╮If there is anything Artemis absolutely, 100% detests it is lying and being lied to.  She is an awful liar and often in the process will end up just blurting out exactly what she was trying to lie about.  When people lie to her, however, she is exactly like an elephant and never forgets.

╰☆╮While typically quirky to the point of just a bit strange and normally quite easy going, one does not realize how short Artemis’ temper is until she actually flips the switch and her claws come out.  Though her comebacks may not always be effective, she’s quick with getting them out regardless.

╰☆╮One of Artemis’ favorite things is romance and that does not disclude the abundance of romance novels she’s accumlated over the past year or two.  If her mother didn’t know better, Artemis would have packed her trunk full of sweaters and romance novellas versus her supplies and important things like, you know, clothes.

╰☆╮Family is one of the most important things to Artemis.  She loves her brother and mother unconditionally and even her extended Midnight family.  Even if they don’t get along, she forces the love because that is what family is for– making you do and feel things you don’t particularly want to.

╰☆╮Not a violent person by nature, Artemis will have a passion for dueling.  She will be quite the competitor on the platforms and off of it she will be obsessed with watching and learning from the duelists she looks up to most.

╰☆╮If it isn’t obvious yet, Artemis is extremely optimistic and sees the best in every one and every situation.  While it might not be the easiest detail to swallow all the time, she can’t help her cheery disposition.  

iikebukuros-archive asked:

1, 2, and 3!!

What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

oh god don’t look at me, all of them. sterek, wonderbeetle, Klaroline, klaine, a lot omg.

Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

erica/isaac! i know it’s not that popular but their friendship beats any romantic ship in the show. peyton/lucas i brotp hard but i can’t ship it really. andrea/daryl though i know this is an unpopular ship, i know more people that ship it then brotp it.

Any fandoms that don’t appeal to you?

the doctor who fandom. the supernatural fandom. the avengers fandom. i try not to get involved in those. >_>

Grouplove - Getaway Car

“When I go outside
Will you wait out here in this getaway car?
When times are hard
We can escape
And if I lose my mind
Will you take me up in a shooting star
And we’ll get real far
‘Cause we’ll never break”