I know I’ve been quiet these past few days, but that’s because I’ve been taking a college class, which means I have to take the bus everyday to get there, and sometimes back. It’s not a hard class (Philosophy: Ethics and the Meaning of Life. If you were wondering), but I get tired. I’ve also been playing Bioshock Infinite (it’s really good, but it feels a teeny tiny bit…over rated?). 

Oh, and I’ve been building a university subhood. That too. 

Artemis University is still under construction, both physically and rule wise. I’ve only got a dorm and a bar complete, and I’m working on a library. I think the left side of the terrain would be shopping district space, and the right side reserved for living spaces. I’ve been kind of stumped when it comes to filling the space. I was about to ask what a college town would look like, but that’s an utterly ridiculous question since I LIVE in a college town (there are about four colleges in my area, not counting the quickie career colleges). Sternberg is such a tiny hood.

The terrain is of my own creation in SC4. Thinking about sharing it. It’s a nice little terrain, if I do say so myself. Except for that stupid bridge. Looks fine from the other side, but nooooo.