family lasts forever.

july has been rather kind to me so far since i have met up with two of my most favourite groups of girls for catch up. its been seriously a long time since we all sat down and chatted. am pretty amazed by how our topics evolved from trainings and school to work and family and parenting. seeing how our friendships have turned into something deeper left me really glad. glad that we didnt give up on this special bond, glad that we took it beyond the years we spent together and that it eventually became something so precious and so familiar, even though we hardly see each other. hope the trips we talked about will happen soon, beginning with aug17.

for that i am sincerely thankful for how much life has given me.


So I just finished my sister’s Christmas present and it’s fantastic. It’s the pieces to a “board game” called Hive.

HIVE is a bug-themed tabletop game, designed by John Yianni and published in 2001 by Gen42 Games. The object of Hive is to capture the opponent’s queen bee by completely surrounding it, while avoiding the capture of one’s own queen. Hive is an abstract strategy game. 

— Wikipedia

Each piece was traced in Rhino and cut by laser on white illustration board and something merely labeled “black board.” After the ash was cleaned away, the burn marks were carefully sanded off the white pieces. The black pieces still sport their gold burn marks, which adds character. These layers were then carefully glued in layers.


After a really long story involving an untested bisexual, I decided that I would draw some dinosaurs and name them after SCP Foundation stuff.

- Keteratops
- Euclidon
- Safelodocus
- Anomalous Rex
- Taskforaptor
- D-Classaurs
- Pte████tyl