Make Up master Alexei Dmitriew had his work cut out for him when he first got the script for "In Line".  

And unleash his house of horrors did Alexei let forth.  In the photos you can see Blake’s LARP-influenced apocalypse zombie; it’s playtime, really.  Then the Adam’s PCP-vision zombies change the game.  Their eyes follow you with a darkness you thought you locked away long ago.  They haunt.  They freak out kids who walked by set that day. They may have eaten someone, we didn’t have a solid headcount when we started.

But what may be most amazing is this pales in comparison to the size and scope of what you can expect out of the future-set Workaholics Season Finale. 

Alexei, Costume Supervisor Jerry Jaeger, Todd Daniels Props, and a crew of seemingly thousands from the Art Department starting with Gary Kordan’s designs through Julie Drach’s superhuman set dressing efforts, plus many many many more, you will see what some call our best episode. By the end of the shoot week, #ArtDeptStrong was appearing on office doors and white boards.

It is truly a Workaholics-world you’ve NEVER seen before, and the credit goes to the best crew on TV (that doesn’t have to deal with horses or have House of Cards’ budget, etc.).

See what some called “a movie disguised as a cable TV show” in "The Future is Gnar", this Wednesday night at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.  



It became a credo during "The Future is Gnar". After Production Designer Gary Kordan read some early story documents for the season finale, he started sketching proposals for a war torn future; set in the TelAmeriCorp office.

Then it had to become a reality. How would we turn a normal office set into a cut scene from a video game? The answer turned out to be hard work, and Set Decorator Julie Drach lead her team to their best work of the season, if not the series.

The Art Department of Workaholics made the future gnar.  I’d list them all by name here, but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, and a lot of their last names are hard to spell, but sincerely, Art-D, thank you. The episode would have looked like the TelAmeriCorp cleaning staff had gone on strike (episode idea?) without you. 

Tomorrow on the Tumblr we’ll talk about some other Crew heroes, specifically how the Costume and Make Up Departments made you believe Alice could lose her head.