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Artman, do you have any advice for when an artist's stuck on art block or demotivated - or to some extent depressed? I don't know what to do... I'm sorry.





" Just relax for a bit, maybe watch videos or listen to music. -or..what do you humans call it, eat? Devour? uhm? Whatever it’s called! "


Woah, another photoset! Now centering around Mike and my interpretation of Doll! (in different timelines)

with guest appearance of the fifth child!

Interpretation of Mike the security guard belongs to Rebornica!

Please don’t repost my art without my  permission, nor steal my artwork and claim it as your own! If you want to use my artwork, just ask. I won’t say no for no reason. Just remember to credit me!



Five nights at Mikey’s!

AU where you and your friends ( Co op ) play as the 4 night guards and prevent yourselves from getting killed by Mike the Mongrel. Each of you control 2 of your other friends’ doors ( That’s right. You have to trust your buddy to close your door for you, not yourself. You can only check the lights at your door ). There are four rooms on each corners of the pizzeria and you talk with the others via walky-talkies. When your door is closed, your friend’s power goes down, not yours. So when you close your door for your friend, you’re sacrificing your own power, likewise for the others. 

Golden Freddy/Goldie is an apparition/ghost that sometimes distracts Mike. After you have unlocked him, you can get a 5th friend to play as Goldie where that friend has 3 commands: Whisper, Gesture and Stare to distract Mike. Depending on what command you use, your time that you’ll appear for Mike will decrease. When that time is out, you will be invisible to Mike. Whispering will notify Mike of your presence if he is making noise in the kitchen or barking at a door, Gesturing will call him over and away from wherever he originally is. Stare will make him stare back at you and bark at you until you disappear but there are chances that he will leave you and focus on the others/get bored of you so it’s the least efficient but decreases time the slowest.

Mike’s pattern is random but the one that’s most noticeable is that he will get distracted by Goldie’s apparition and he focuses on getting Bonnie first, then Chica, Freddy and lastly Foxy. In the beginning when you press start, the game will randomize the characters so you cannot choose what character you want.


Five Nights at Freddy’s Minigames

( All of these are fake )

What if Freddy’s had an arcade section?

Chica’s Cooking

Follow the ingredients and make as much pizzas as you can before time runs out for each round! Get the ingredients from the roller on the right and bring them over to your pizza.

Bonnie’s Beat

Time it right! Press the buttons when the notes are on the red, yellow or blue platforms. Get the carrots so you can perform a power strobe and get extra points! 

Freddy’s Fazcards

Flip over the cards and try to match the cards in pairs before time runs out! 

Freddy’s Fazcards BONUS LEVEL

You made it to the bonus level..unfortunately the level is glitchy due to underdevelopment and is impossible to beat.

FoXy’s feat

Help Foxy open the treasure chest by mixing and matching the icons in rows of 3! The bombs will help you clear up the board and get more points!