Great Kickstarter project (note: also a colleague related project)!

ArtAround SF Smartphone App: Find & Map Art

We are struck by how little we know about the beautiful art around us we pass by everyday and wanted to do something about it. The ArtAround project is about mapping the beautiful art in San Francisco, and, perhaps, change the way you understand and explore the city with a web and mobile application that lets you find, comment on, and share street and public art.

Going to California

Ladies and germs, at last the time has come for me to announce an amazing development in the life of your favorite inside-out art museum:

ArtAround is about to expand. Although we’ll continue to sow the art-rich soil in DC (and, in fact, will be expanding our work here), within the next few months, we’ll also have open door to public art all over the country — starting with San Francisco.

Background: In the winter of 2011, I began to reach out to folks working on online, interactive platforms for public art, including then-current Code for America fellow, Anna Bloom. Anna had worked with developers across the country on a public art mapper, and when we reconnected in February 2012, she expressed interest in expanding her work through the Bay Area by way of ArtAround. Several months of scheming later, Anna brought a Kickstarter campaign to life, and 206 folks helped us raise almost $10,000 — an amazing feat that, sadly, was not enough for us to make our goal.

It was, however, enough for an angel donor to take notice.

With only 10 hours left on the Kickstarter clock, we were contacted by Converse, Inc — yes, that Converse — and informed that they would like to help. The conditions? No co-branding, no sneaker-spots, no advertising, no browser cookies…Only that we reward the people who tried to support us at the pledge level they contributed, and that we make ArtAround San Francisco happen.

And that’s just want we’re going to do.

It’s with great pride that Anna and I unveil that ArtAround San Francisco will be a reality. We’ll be spending the next few months in development and look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress here on the blog and through Twitter and Facebook

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Behind Our New Logo: Shawn Cheris Q&A


A few months ago, we decided to redesign the ArtAround logo. We’ve spent a lot of time taking a step back to reimagine who we are and what we could be as an organization and a community. We wanted our visual identity to reflect that.

That’s when Angela, our Community and Brand Strategist, introduced us to Shawn Cheris.

Shawn, a graphic designer at Adobe, works on a team that handles everything from the recognizable icon of Photoshop to all of those tools and buttons that we take for granted (they create between 5,000 and 30,000 individual items a year). He’s creative and thoughtful, and we were lucky to work with him.

Now that our new logo is out in cyberspace, we thought we’d let you know how we got here.

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