We love these architectural photographs by photographer Matthias Heiderich.

Viewed together or individually, Matthias Heiderich’s images transform the banality and universality of buildings into a mosaic of geometrical shapes, reconstructing the world we live in into an abstract canvas of lines, patterns, angular compositions, and vibrant colors. Saturated to the limits of reality, Heiderich’s prints, emerging directly from a 1980s color palette and influenced by 1950s and 1960s color photography and polaroid images, look at an industrial past, with a present freshness and optimism for the future.

A Photographic Survey of the American Yard

Photographer Joshua White explores plants, insects and animals found in his backyard. White uses his iPhone to capture and edit  these images which resemble vintage illustrations or turn-of-the-century botanical photography.

My mother tells me I used to lay on my stomach and watch ants in the grass. I also remember catching June bugs off of her wild roses in a styrofoam cup. And I remember finding box turtles, and waiting to hear the cicadas come out in summer, and getting tobacco juice from a grasshopper on my fingers, and catching lightning bugs. My hope is these images make you think on those times, too" - Joshua White

Soulbeads: Good for the Soul

A friend of Art&Industry’s, Soulbeads’ founder and designer Gigi has been creating beautiful bracelets and necklaces for some time. She’s inspired by various stones and what they represent; the energy they possess.


This trio, made up of Tiger’s Eye, Jasper and Howlite combine to create The Focus Stack.

Traditionally, this is what these stones are each said to accomplish:

Tigers Eye: Keeps you protected and grounded, brings out integrity, assists in accomplishing goals, promotes clarity of intention, enhances practical perception, keeps you coherent, unblocks creativity, balances yin & yang energies.

Jasper: Brings wholeness, grounds energies, absorbs negativity, cleanses the chakras & aura, imparts determination, aids quick thinking, promotes organizational abilities, stimulates imagination and ideas.

Howlite: Formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them, teaches patience, strengthens positive character traits, stimulates a desire for knowledge, stills the mind, strengthens memory.

Whether or not you believe in the power and meaning of stones, these truly are beautiful pieces to own. If you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself check out her website: