Dota 2 Card Art Commissions Now Open!

Only 7 spots left, visit the Indiegogo page, or the tumblr for more info.  For a $35 contribution you can pick the hero, suit, and denomination and get a custom piece of playing card art like Sand King of Clubs here.

If you’re out of the loop the fundraiser (Golden Ticket to TI5) is to generate funds to send a talented, but unknown, community member to TI in Seattle.  Valve is great in that lots of artists like myself have a way to contribute officially.  But a lot of talented people in the community have skills that don’t fall into the workshop categories.

So you can help us by funding the campaign in exchange for art, shirts, swag, etc.

You can also submit content to the tumblr for a chance to win!  Last week there was an amazing video; today somebody submitted a fully printable Dota 2 Board Game!

Valve is now allowing game developers to implement their own systems that can detect and also ban users from playing their games on Steam.

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