SUPERNATURAL Season Finale Cliffhanger Letdowns
  • End of Season 6:Castiel is going to make a badass villain next season!
  • Beginning of Season 7:Oh, I guess not.
  • End of Season 7:Woah, can't wait for the adventures of Dean in purgatory next season!
  • Beginning of Season 8:Oh, I guess not.
  • End of Season 8:Woah, angels falling from heaven. Can't wait for a big battle between demons and angels like the old days!
  • Beginning of Season 9:Well. This is dull.
  • End of Season 9:OH SHIT DEAN IS A DEMON!
  • Beginning of Season 10:Nevermind.
Phil Hartman was always frustrated I wasn’t doing more characters, and I said, ‘I can’t explain it, Phil. I just feel like this is my path; I’m going to be able to be more successful if people believe this one person’s a real thing.’
—  Paul Reubens on his character Pee-wee Herman. He talked with Times TV critic Robert Lloyd recently about the new Blu-ray set ”Pee-wee’s Playhouse: The Complete Series.”