Whereas the first three Fast And The Furious films focus primarily on street races and the people with a lack of screen presence that love them, Fast & Furious, along with Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, took all the vroom vrooms and implemented them into what would become, basically, heist films, a far more exciting route than having characters frown at each other in between screeching tires for 100 minutes.

Secondly, they created a stronger overarching theme, primarily based around the importance of Vin Diesel’s favorite word in the series (“Family,” Diesel said thoughtfully, doing something with his mouth that sort of looked like smiling). And, to top it off, they added Dwayne “Don’t Call Me ‘The Rock’ OK Maybe Just Once” Johnson, a human cartoon character who provides the kind of macho, self-aware performance that really anchors the tone of the series.

5 Movie Series That Started Terrible and Ended Up Awesome

The End of a Horror Movie

Last Female character alive: *says something cutesy and jokey after the monster has been killed in order to break the tension*
Last male character alive: *responds by making a snarky comeback, referencing something he said earlier in the movie*

*Both of them give in to their feelings for each other and kiss passionately while uplifting romantic music plays in the background*

Me: like a dozen people are dead and you witnessed all of them die within the last 24 hours, what the fuck is wrong with you