Powerful people can be who they say they are on a consistent basis. And because they know how to be themselves, they invite those around them to be themselves. Only powerful people can create a safe place to know and be known intimately. They say, “I can be me around you and you can be you around me.” We don’t need to control each other, and we don’t want to control each other. We can have a mutual agreement of respect and honor in which we both work to protect our connection. We stay tied together by the strength of the love we have built, but by the illusion that I can control you or that you need a rescuer.
—  Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On
If Ringo’s not going, then neither am I. You can find two replacements.
—  George Harrison, when Ringo was replaced my Jimmy Nicol while he was in the hospital for tonsillitis. It took Brian Epstein a lot of persuasion to convince George to stay.
Creepypasta #383: Anesthesia

After struggling to move his paralyzed body to alert the doctors that he was conscious and lucid before they made the first incision, he was relieved to see one of the nurses look in his direction. He still had feeling throughout his body, and he didn’t want to experience this while he was awake. He blinked as rapidly as he could to make an attempt at getting her attention, and it worked.

She walked over to him slowly, for she had noticed his blinking. He felt relief, now knowing that he would actually be put under properly before his open heart surgery began. The nurse then leaned down, and in a whisper that made every hair on his immobile body stand up, she said “You think we don’t know you’re awake?”

Credits to: wesleykeith7

Purity Ring - Begin Again 

"You be the moon, I’ll be the earth and when we burst, start over, oh darling…. begin again, begin again…."

Also one of my recent favorites… I enjoy how much Purity Ring allows me to drift! 


this is the best vine ever made

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highly reccomend this one…. I’ve been listening to this almost every day lately. Not to mention that Kalya Scintilla is an INCREDIBLE producer and seeing him live was definitely one of my favorite music experiences yet. Almost everything he’s made I can really get down to… His music puts me in a trance and makes me want to DANCE…. Check out his musical creations!

"Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats from ancient futures hidden amongst our forgotten memories to bring forth lush healing vibrations to activate the dormant codes within us. Infusing his love for nature, tribal healing, sacred geometry, and Hathor wisdom; Kalya is able to birth heart opening crescendos that open doorways into our personal and collective awakening. Audiences across the world have successfully received his musical transmissions enabling his ability to travel and play at festivals across continents. His vision for the future holds his devotional intention to plant more seeds of galactic sound alchemy to be felt and experienced by all."


Ayla Nereo - Show Yourself

"I do not show this skin for you

 I show myself to know myself

 I show it for the Earth from which I came 

my prayer is for you to do the same 

I release you… I receive you…”


Vultures of Culture - Nahko and Medicine for the People

"Makin’ a profit, capitalizin’ on it
And all the while tramplin’ on everything that is sacred
And it all starts to make sense
Why western man destroys things he doesn’t understand
It all starts to make sense
All these patterns and wasteful destructive practices

Livin like a third world country inside this country
Fuck the government that puts the people in poverty
And it bothers me when the people are goin’ hungry
and corporate companies have got their cupboards full of groceries-
It’s disgusting how you can do nothing
And complain about the situation in which you’re living
And it all starts to make sense
They’re vultures of culture and they’re pickin’ on all my friends
It all starts to make sense
Oh, indigenous imprisonment

Well I dedicate my life to the people who need the light
help them rise above the scam on the land and their lives
And I’m cuttin’ like a knife
All the lies by the slice
Independent of this democracy is really worth the bite
My request in reasonable, a tribe undefeatable
Ambition to keep movin’ toward solutions that are feasible
It’s unbelievable, all the slow movin’ people
And they could care less, just as long as they are comfortable
It’s unforgivable, because the conditions now are critical
And whether or not you’re ready we are now approachin’ a pinnacle
It’s difficult to say exactly what to do
But the change begins with me and I reflect it back to you
And you and you and you
Come on, man, make the movement move
It all starts to make sense
It all starts to make sense”

mvrgoth asked:

Best whiskey you've ever tasted? I'm a budding appreciator of the wonderful liquid

Knob Creek is my favourite / best for bourbon. 

For scotch it’s a toss up between Bowmore 15 Darkest and Laphroig Quarter Cask. 

Outside of those two classifications I would have to say Whippersnapper was pretty goddamn tasty.