New Baman Piderman Mini-sode: Holiday Winter Friends Special!

No matter what, when, and with whom you celebrate, take a little time out of your day to be grateful for all the important friends, family, and sentient tubas’ in your life. ….wait what. Where am I.

Special thanks to Mari Kidder for helping with coloring! Look out for a full length episode coming close on this one’s heels. This mini-sode is an extra, so it doesn’t count as one of the ten KS shorts! It’s a Happy Winter Friends gift from us to you, our bestest internet buddies.

With love,



TJ Fuller is a Los Angeles resident, born in 1981. He is currently an animation director at Maker Studios. He is equally inspired by both nature and technology. Find more of his work on Tumblr as fullertj.

"For me, the computer is more than a tool for making art. It is a collaborator and a muse. The natural world’s place in this Digital Age is a source of contemplation for me, and my work reflects this. Ultimately, I believe, that technology is nature, and the division between the two will decay as this century progresses."

- TJ Fuller


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Disney’s Fantasia 2000 first premiered on December 17th, 1999.

Instead of being produced all at once, as the original Fantasia (1940) had been, each segment was produced individually during production lulls between features. “Pines of Rome”, the first segment to go into production, was completed in 1995. Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th was the last sequence to go into production. (x)


Produced by the Goal Achievement Club, the book trailer for Chris McDonnell’s The Art of Ooo, published by Abrams Books, is up on the YouTube. Enjoy the video, then consider giving the book(s) to your nearest and dearest this holiday season.

Looking for more artists/animators! (Also, tips on what we're looking for)

Hey everyone! Lots of new projects coming up, so we’d like to put out the feelers for any interested artists and animators who might like to work with us. We are currently working with a variety of clients to produce animation for promotional videos and trailers, music videos, games, original cartoon pilots and YouTube animation (and more!) all in a variety of different styles.

In animation applicants, we are most interested in seeing a body of work that demonstrates strong drawing ability and a general understanding of animation. It doesn’t matter how formally your work is organized — even a link to a Tumblr is all good with us, as long as your work is displayed clearly. We’re also not super picky about whether you have a resume with a history of work experience, though those qualities don’t hurt. We’re only really interested in 2D animation at this point in time, and specifically hand-drawn frame-by-frame character and/or effects animation, preferably done in a digital medium like Flash, Photoshop, TVPaint, Toonboom, etc. Unfortunately, we are not currently looking for 3D animation, stop-motion animation, or purely symbol/motion graphics animation.

Though we generally end up needing more animators/clean-up artists than any other role, various other positions are also open. For other types of applicants, samples of portfolio work in backgrounds/environments, storyboards, layouts, concept art/visual development, or anything else you may specialize in are of interest to us!

Yotta generally consists of a core group of artists, along with a pool of contractors. If you apply and we feel you’re a good fit, we let you know, add you to this pool, and keep your contacts on file. The size of the pool scales proportionately to the amount of work we have in order to most effectively meet demand — As we have a lot of work coming in now, we’re expanding to fulfill what we’re projecting for 2015. Once we have a job open that we feel is a good fit for you, we’ll poke you about it, at which point you’re free to accept or decline depending on whether you’re interested and available. Work is all done remotely, generally utilizing Skype and Dropbox. For any other questions, drop us a note at anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Animatic Final! Hope you enjoy!!! ❤

Claire on her way to school, and the winged boy who so desperately wants to go with her. (Characters from here)