There’s a spot of semi-nsfw awkwardness, but this is really well animated, and everything (except voices) all done by one guy (hotdiggedydemon)


Since some new VeggieTales in the House episodes went up on Netflix today and as I haven’t had much new art to show for a while, I thought these might be fun! These are a few color keys I created for a couple different episodes of the show. All of these come from episodes that have “aired” already and they’re just meant to be guides for the lighting department for unusual light or color shifts. Also I didn’t draw any of these boards, I just painted the color over the drawings. The actual images were drawn by my director and fellow board artists/revisionists. 

All of these belong to Dreamworks and Big Idea.

A quick little drawing of the princess-who-is-taking-forever-to-be-revealed (aka. Moana). Like really Disney. Throw us a bone please. 

I’ve been really busy with work but I want to get back into doing these simple little animations! (if I had more time I would’ve done their outfits moving too). Like or reblog if you’re as equally impatient/excited for Moana art to be released! : D 


Zoetrope by Pixar

How animation works, explained by Pixar animators.

Where Did The Oil Go?

We’re just a few days away from the five year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, and yet here we are. And Perrin Ireland at OnEarth Magazine has made a really fabulous video looking at some of the questions scientists are still trying to answer about the spill. Like: where did the oil go?

I love the animation style here, and the way Ireland uses her paints and canvas in such a fluid, evocative way. >> Rose