Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo Launch Party

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the L.A. area, here’s your chance not only to nab your copy of Chris McDonnell’s Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo a full ten days before its 10/14 publication date, but also to get the book signed by Chris himself (not to mention by a few of the show’s artists, too). Chris will be at the book’s launch party Thursday night at iam8bit on Sunset by Alvarado. And it’s free! See you Thursday. (We’ll be dressed as Boobafina and Colonel Candy Corn.)

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Don Hertzfeldt’s The Simpsons couch gag is a wonder.


Ahvz is a 19 year old aspiring digital artist / programmer from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. His work is posted on Tumblr under the name ahvzren.

"I’ve always been interested in digital and geometric art, but never had an outlet for my own work until finding Tumblr. I’m always trying to improve my knowledge and methods, and every new GIF I make is an opportunity where I can learn something new."



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Hey guys! LoopDeLoop has started a IndieGoGo Campaign to raise money to keep it run for artists, by artists, and to maybe get some more cities involved in running and hosting local loop nights! LoopDeLoop is incredible. It has really rallied an enormous international community of animators, and I personally have been very lucky to have it available as a platform for getting people to see my stupid animated garbage.

I couldn’t be more into what the guys at loop do. I really encourage anyone who cares about animation and artist run initiatives to flick a little support their way. There are awesome prizes! I made one of them! Do you NOT want a shirt with a snake man holding a bottle of jack and a fax machine? (HINT: YOU DO). 

Some of the stretch goals are real exciting. Will one of the new host cities be YOURS? Maybe yes! Will I personally whisper a secret blessing in an ancient tongue for anyone who supports this campaign? I will 100% do that. I will one hundred percent whisper a secret blessing in an ancient tongue for anyone who supports this campaign.