art: yrsa

Soo lately domirine has been like a frakin’ godmother to me drawing all the kjolveigs and stuff, eating breakfast with me and Tiffany

This is a lil’ something to express my eternal love for your good good heart made of toffee and waffles.

(I forgot about Yrsa but she’s such an independant woman and she keeps both her feet on the ground that she can’t fly like those lazy bees)

So yup got tagged (another one) by bunnchii
So hell yeah here we go

url: babybluehamster
real name: yrsa
nickname: cha, kankiz
birthday: April 25th
gender: female
sexuality: idk really? Pan with a preference for boys?
height: 157,5 hell yeah I’m short
time zone: UTC + 1:00
local time/date:1am 6 September
average hours of sleep a night: eh totally depends but rn like 5-8?
last google search: kissanime.. Cause I’m a fucking nerd
catchphrase(s): ”I like your butt" your butt looks nice today" “you fucking fuckety fuck I’m going to fuck you up you fucker” “mhm.. True”
first word that comes to mind: moon
last thing I said to a family member: “and please bring my toothbrush too..”
one place/why it makes me happy: well.. I really do like dockydolls roof.. I can see the stars an people always look fun at us when we sing along to I’m so gay..
how many blankets I sleep under: in Sweden we don’t really have blankets but one big fluffy one!!
favorite beverage: coffee or tea or maybe like orangina?
last movie I saw in-theater: the fault in our stars
three things I can’t live without: my own playlist, my friends and family and… I guess fluffy cats
I plan on learning: more languages
advice for my followers: don’t give a flying fuck about what people say about you and stay positive
you all have to listen to this song: somewhere only we know of Lilly allen and for Baltimore ( acoustic version ) by all time low

And of course I’m going to be a pain in the ass and tag some people!! nan0plant cause you’re fucking awesome and dockydoll i know I know..
erenboberen and missmacabregrey I’m so sorry!!

trash-cans-deactivated20131027 asked:

i love how creative and talented you are at making cosplays! you are my number one favourite cosplayer of all time, and it shows that nothing is impossible in cosplay when you put dedication and effort into it. really inspirational, man.

aaksjdnak/////////wo w this is the closest ive ever came to crying at an ask but wow i dont care if i seem self masturbatory by publishing this cause everyone should feel proud and accomplished for their hard work no matter what ok. You’re a beautiful person thank you for your support /heavenly angels weep