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this is my goddaughter Gharam! if you don’t think she is the cutest darling babe… we have nothing to talk about

character by domirine, name by me! (seriously y’all check her out she draws amazing skyrim stuff and other game fan arts too!)

actually i did not intend this as a christmas gift in particular but merry early christmas anyway! by the way… doesn’t this make us like, some kind of in-laws? SISTERS EVEN?

I’m sorry I was so uncreative this time I couldn’t come up with a background so she’s just like standing around I will do better next time I promise *sobs*


Gharam  الأردنيه غرام  - Arab Jordanian singer , actress and model.

Gharam is a Jordanian singer, model and actress. Gharam refuses to say her real name, and thus stated to her fans that her artistic name reflects her and there is no need to know her real name.

Gharam has been crowned as the most beautiful Jordanian singer, by Sawsan Al Sayyed in her program “Malikat” on Hiya TV. She has been appreciated for her work and the difficult times she has encountered with the Arabic media, and especially the Jordanian public views.

Gharam has shot a video clip for her song “Saddikni” and it was banned to be broadcasted for political reasons. The video clip included hot scenes and sexy shows of girls who danced in the mud and at the same time views from the devastating war that has been prevailing in the Arab countries for years.
Many people resembled Gharam by the famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. However Gharam refuses this resemblance, and stated that she is much younger than Haifa and each has her own style. As for accusing her of imitating Dana’s video clips, this has also created rumors in the media. Finally, Gharam and her fight with the Jordanian public, led her to declare that she quit being too expressive and will focus on art and music professionally. Gharam cannot break the Jordanian traditions on her own, and gets disappointed when she sees that the Jordanian public accepts Lebanese artists as they are and complain about Jordanian singers.

The day will come when the Jordanian singer will prove to her country Jordan that through her music and style, she will succeed more than anyone else.

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شاهد مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 مدبلج عربى Sihr Al Gharam Ep 77

شاهد مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 مدبلج عربى Sihr Al Gharam Ep 77

شاهد مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 مدبلج عربى Sihr Al Gharam Ep 77

مجلة الجمال نت تقدم  مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 مترجم بجودة عالية يوتيوب الحلقة 77 من مسلسل سحر الغرام – مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 .. حصرياً أنتم على موعد مع الحلقة رقم 77 من سحر الغرام أروع المسلسلات الهندية على الإطلاق . مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة 77 احداث الحلقة كاملة صور الحلقة 77 من مسلسل سحر الغرام اروع مسلسل على الاطلاق


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مشاهدة ح66 من مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة السادسة والستون 66 sihr al gharam

مشاهدة ح66 من مسلسل سحر الغرام الحلقة السادسة والستون 66 sihr al gharam

ترفيه- العين – نقوم بجولة في الاعمال الفنية المدبلجة من اللغات الاخرى الى العربية و نقدم لكم وبشكل حصري مشاهدة سحر الغرام الحلقة 66 sihr al gharam,

وعن اخر اخبار المسلسلات العربية والتركية والهندية والمكسيكية والكورية المدبلجة: في اطار المتابعة الاخبارية لاخر الحلقات في المسلسلات العربية والتركية والهندية والمكسيكية المدبلجة للغة العربية التي انتشرت انتشار واسع في الاونة الاخيرة حيث نقوم بنشر…

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when gharam is too old to swing a pickaxe and cataract starts to kick in she becomes the stronghold’s wise woman; she mostly cares for her flowers, makes potions, cares for her flowers, tells cautionary tales, and cares for her flowers.