10 minutters reportasje fra prosjektet: Opening Minds Through Art (OMA). Kunst- og forskning. OMAs målsetning  er “Building bridges across age and cognitive barriers through art.” Programmet er faglige- og teoretisk forankret i ressursperspektivet og den positive psykologi.  Les mer om OMA her

(Brief Fast Forward) Into the Future

So I’ve been researching requirements for becoming an art therapist and the licensed schools I can go to to get a Master’s in Art Therapy and I’m getting so excited because after interning with Arts for Life last year I can really see myself being happy with a future being an artist and an art therapist.

It’s looking like the pick of schools is between Easten Virginia Medical School (yep, medical school) or George Washington University in DC. There are a couple others I’ll apply too, but those are the top picks based on first impressions. 

I’m already planning a road trip next summer to check out colleges for Master’s Programs…the now and the future are so darn exciting! 


"Art Theraphy the Movie." Dokumentarfilm om hvordan kunst og kreative uttrykksformer kan være terapeutisk og helsefremmende. Her et intervju med Judy Rubin. 

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