I also don’t really see anyone talking about these unofficial covers for the book that’s going to be released in 2016, cause this is some really cute art. Especially the one on the left which is the more recent update for the cover.

It’s very cute and stylized artwork that reminds me of late concept art for both previous films.

Why is no one talking about the influx of material we have gotten for the Lion Guard. Like, why aren’t ya’ll more pumped for this. We haven’t gotten new material for our fandom in like ten or so years. DUDES. BE MORE PUMPED FOR THIS.

I just looked through ikimaru’s college au art and now I can’t stop thinking about headcannons for everyone’s majors/minors. Terezi is obviously Justice Studies, Karkat is a film minor I think, Rose is an English/psychology double major, Jade is maybe a biology major and education minor?? Hmm. John is computer studies but has to get Sollux to help him with all his programming homework. Dave is a business major. Vriska might be a history major.

OK remind me to look up a list of programs st my college in the morning for more ideas.

Mortdecai Movie Review

Summary: Mortdecai is a wealthy, bumbling, mustachioed art dealer played by Johnny Depp in a comical heist film. It also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, and Paul Bettany. 

The highlight of this film is Paul Bettany as Jock, Mortdecai’s loyal man servant. But don’t think man servant a la Stephen Fry in Jeeves and Wooster or Bates from Downton Abbey. Jock is also a strongman/bodyguard/shooting target. Paul Bettany is beautiful in anything he does and he really carries this film despite the very few words he speaks.

Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp (I mean that in a good way). He actually reminds me a bit of his Ed Wood portrayal in this movie with the level of strange but comical seriousness, or maybe it was just the mustache.

I cringe everytime I see Gwyneth Paltrow but the lady can put on a show and make you forget she’s an insufferable snob IRL.

I will tell you though, I wish I had known that Olivia Munn was in this movie. Everything she did seemed awkward and forced (I sincerely hope she bribed her way into this role). In a movie threaded with great talents (Ewan McGregor, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Culkin to mention a few more), scenes with Olivia Munn dragged everything and everyone down. To see Johnny Depp try to accommodate her awful acting was painful to such a fan of his. Thankfully she doesn’t take up much screen time.

Overall, Mortdecai succeeds in being what it intends, a fun romp that made me laugh out loud.

I know this is kind of weird. But, I would like to just thank my followers for following me.

I know I don’t have many by tumblr standards, but it is really nice that I have the equivalent of a small lecture who look at my posts, and reblog sometimes and … Yeah, it is just nice to have that.

The past few years have been kind of awful - and I am just getting to a place where I can say things are generally ok. I have my autism diagnosis, I am not in an abusive relationship (I am in a good relationship! :) ) getting involved in arts/disability arts/film through my degree and soon will have a laptop to work on my coding and things.

Having followers does boost self esteem. Because, it reminds me that no, the irrational things I think of myself are not true, and that there maybe is some value to what I say.

So thank you.

James Turrell: Zug Zouz

I was in the Library a couple weeks ago researching Kandinsky’s paintings when I found a book called ‘James Turrell: Zug Zuoz’. It was a book about two of James Turrell’s light installations. One in Zug, a city in Switzerland (an illuminated railway station of architectural light) and one in  Zuoz,  a traditional Engadin village in Switzerland (a circular stone skyspace).

I was introduced to Turrell’s work earlier this year after I showed Rachel a film that i’d made when I was bored in Davis. The film reminded her of his work which she later showed to me. I was immediately a advocator for his art, and will be travelling to yorkshire in the summer for a few days to go and see one of his light spaces.

The book talks about the works as well as Turrell’s philosophy that he bases his art around. The text is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the spaces at different times of day.

‘Turrell’s considered study of the potential origins of seeing, thinking and feeling has no affinity with esoteric mysticism; it is based on psychological, scientific and technical findings on perception.’ Haldemann writes ‘The border experience provided by his art relate to our experience of the planet and the universe; they inspire personal sensations of physical and mental expansion. The distant and alien spirituality of archaic cultures is given a contemporary, sensual spin.’

Turrell’s work is strongly based around human perception. Unlike a painting or photograph, his art surrounds the viewer in the physical form. It is the external space to their being. It is their here and now.

I was tagged by the lovely babbushka (who is gorgeous btw)

1) why did you choose your URL?
Well most of my interests fall under the pop culture umbrella (by pop culture I sort of mean pop art like Warhol and certain film directors). One of my favorite things in the world is when people take Americana pieces and put a twist on them (even though it has become rather cliche)
Also archive insinuates the past which is honestly all I enjoy (but I’m getting better at liking new stuff)

2) what is your middle name?
My middle name is Nicole and I have grown to truly love it. I used to hate it cuz it reminded me of an annoying friend I had growing up but now I love it because of Anna Nicole Smith. She was gorgeous and her overall look inspires me. My literal goal in life is to look like Dolly Parton and live in a trailor by the beach.

3) favorite color?
As a whole my favorite color is pink but I have an obsession with the contrast between blue and orange.

4) favorite song?
It changes everyday but right now I would have to say either femme fatal by the velvet underground, white belly by belly, or malibu by hole

5) top 3 fandoms?
The Office, Steve Buscemi, Harry Potter

9 tumblr crushes
ceedling, dontfindmeontheinternet, 1-800-garbage, bassexual, heykoolthingkomehere, lilyincense, ghostparties, pixiesandforestfairies, and teenagegazed

anonymous asked:

I hope this doesn't come off in a bad way but in the picture of you you just posted you remind me of Steve Buscemi in Parting Glances, when he's wearing the sunglasses and leather jacket on the beach

I was about to be very confused but then I googled it and okay I’ll accept that perhaps my hair could look vaguely similar to some of those photos, but otherwise I’m not really sure

I feel that I should also add that when I first saw this I was like ‘oooh is it strangely polite anon hate…wait no it’s about steve buscemi’


American Art Collection

In this selection of art, I placed a clip from Maren Hassinger’s short film “Daily Mask” beside a statue of William Wetmore Story’s “Libyan Sibyl.”

After watching “Daily Mask,” it reminded me of the double conciousness that W.E.B. DuBois described and how Blacks must constantly wear a mask publicly. However, the actor putting on the black charcoal made me think of Blackface and its negative connotations.

The “Libyan Sibyl” caught my attention in the museum because I love ancient North African and Roman history. Since Libya is apart of North Africa, the inhabitants are inherently African even though it is now very “Arabized.” The figure seems to be either a Libyan princess or figure of some importance.

By placing the two pieces together, I concluded that our ancient history sometimes can be influenced by white storytellers and that when people use Blackface as a form of entertainment, it strips away the value of our Black identity. However, once we know our history and the greatness of the ancient civilizations, we will be able to restore and appreciate our Black history and identity.

Train Strike is Over...

Fortunately the train strike is over but the weather sucks. Have to break out the umbrella.

Yesterday we took a trip with Roswitha to Ludwigshafen which is right outside of Mannheim. There is an exhibition space and museum. I’m sorry to report that this was the ugliest town I have been to yet. No charm and hardly any people on the street. Reminded me of a film where there was a nuclear accident…

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While watching “Tangled” with my fellow CREED members, I was rudely reminded that I still can’t draw people very well, especially in appealing way. So I whipped out my sketchbook and tried study how the film constructed their characters, doing my best without pausing it and ruining the party. :P

To my fellow art peoples, how did YOU best learn to draw people in an appealing way? Or are you still struggling with it like me? XD

Registan, Samarkand. This is an artists dream. However a bit of a disaster for me. Ive managed to lose the turquoise out of my tiny paint box. How on earth did I do that just when theres such a profusion of exquisite tiles and cerulean domes? Amazingly II track down the Samarkand Art Society and climb three flights of stairs to a typically messy stdio; canvases and equipment sprawling across every surface. I feel at home. There is a man of about 50 there with a full array of gold teeth. The look is quite popular here but the flashing gold smile glinting in the sunshine is a bit unsettling and reminds of that villain in the Bond films. Theres a young girl who can speak English and translates for us. Brilliant, we can chat art. He’s very keen to show me his studio but would prefer if I came back tomorrow when he’s had a tidy up. Ha ha. Its going to take more than an evening to nine through that mess. But he gives me the name of a shop selling art materials. A mission for us tomorrow but first we need to meet John who arrives at 9 am.


Intro to Digital Media, Exhibitions and Lectures Review 3

New Museum Triennial 2015

The theme of the New Museum Triennial 2015 was titled “Surround Audience.” One of my favorite artists from the New Museum Triennial was Lena Henke, who uses industrial materials to create sculptures. Her work references Minimalist and Conceptualism sculpture as the structures are geometric, cage-like and thus transparent, having both a visible inside and outside. Her 2014 exhibit was called “Die”, which reminds me of Tony Smith’s “Die” 1958, which was a six foot tall steel cube with what he believed had a statue-like presence. Some of Henke’s work is especially anthropomorphic as they contain the basic forms of human body parts.

My favorite work from the show was “Untitled” by Oliver Laric, 2014-2015. The film is a looping animation of transformations set to music. Some of the transformation themes were human/animal, young/old, and innocence/demonization. The physiques and art styles of the cartoon-like characters mutate in a way that us fascinatingly gradual as well as disturbing, and sometimes shocking and painful.

The New Museum Triennial website:


Name: Lindsey

Nicknames: Linds, Why

Gender: Female, She/Her

Current time and date: April 16th, 15

Birthday: March 9th

Average amount of sleep: 8-ish hours

Lucky number: 6 or 11

Last thing I googled: Blue Balls drink recipe

One place that makes you happy: hmm my favorite place is the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) - when I live on campus at Wayne State I would go about once a week

Favorite characters: basically any female character that kicks ass

Favorite food: smoothies

Favorite drink: smoothies (which reminds me i need to buy a new blender)

Favorite book: “I Was Told There’d Be Cake” By Slone Crosley

Favourite TV show(s): Broad City, Death Parade, Kill La Kill, Orange is the New Black, any 90s Cartoon Network tv show

Last film I saw in theaters: urkkkkkk, um probably Big Hero 6 with my family

Last vacation: The annual family trip to Mackinac Island every summer

Dream vacation: Tokyo definitely Tokyo

Dream wedding: Basically get married at the court house and throw a giant party

Dream job(s): Pediatrician

Zodiac: Pisces

Myers-Briggs: INTJ

Relationship Status: not having it

What are you wearing: a black tank top, black cardigan, blue jeans, ice cream cartoon socks