Cup-and-ring marked stone in Tealing souterrain. Neolithic/Early Bronze Age in date, found within an Iron Age souterrain. Angus, Scotland.

1 - Drawing of the stone from 1872, by Andrew Jervise.

2 - The stone as it is today.

3 - Visible features.

I love antiquarian drawings. Ignore the scale, I forgot it was there…

Dylan and I will be in Montreal from March 1 - 3 for Art Souterrain. My work will be installed at Place Ville-Marie, one of the many public underground zones that will be transformed with art during Nuit Blanche.

We’re looking for a couch to crash on, and good friends to do stuff like this, this, this, and this with. Plus, last time we were in Montreal we had the best bagel and don’t remember where, but plan to find it again. If you can help with any of these goals, get in touch!

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Martine Frossard

As a multidisciplinary artist , Martine Frossard’s work is based on illustration and participative / interactive installation. Her work focuses on the search for identity. She is thematically inspired by architecture and geometry.  Her installation «The Hopscotch», produced in collaboration with Isabelle Guichard, won the first People’s Choice Award in Montreal’s Art Souterrain 2012 and her installation «Big Bang/Big Crunch» the first Vitrine Culturelle Award 2013.

Thanks Lustik

Festival Season 2014-2015

Visiting Montreal this winter? Or just looking for things to do? Check out “Festival Season 2014-2015” #callmejonz

During the summer months, Montreal is a city buzzing with activity, with tourists and locals flocking to festivals week after week. I have always been more of a festival goer during the summer but recently there has been an increase in activities and festivals during the winter that have piqued my interest enough to brave the elements outdoors.

Here are nine festivals that are definitely worth…

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Benjamin Tran, Festival d’Art Souterrain MONTRÉAL Nuit Blanche 2013.


Suite de la visite au Centre Eaton dans le cadre de l’Art Souterrain, avec la découverte du 3e niveau : Parasites de Maria Ezcurra, de nouveau Du Rêve à la réalité de Paul Abraham, suivi des nouvelles créations de Steven Spazuk (qui peint avec le feu, la suie devient alors l’encre de ses peintures et dessins) pour sa quatrième participation à la Nuit Blanche dans la galerie-Oeuvre Professeure Brenda Milner, FRAGILE by Roadsworth (qui revient sur les créations de cartons qui habillent le Centre Eaton au quotidien, et enfin un nouvelle photo de En Masse.

Pour plus de détails, photos et vidéos, je vous conseille d’aller faire un tour sur le site de District Montréal pour retrouver tous les artistes et leurs œuvres.