Through the use of sick and twisted rituals it’s best we don’t ask about, Professor Misato seems to have returned my tablet to a shambling perversion of life. So it seems I’ll be able to create some artwork for a little bit longer.

But please, continue to donate to the new computer fund, because there’s no telling when this undead abomination will go rogue and turn on its master!

From the Artist:

Hey, everyone. My wife and I are expecting our first child in roughly 5 months and we recently had to spend all of the money we had saved for her maternity leave on our car breaking down (long story short, the engine fell apart and needs to be rebuilt). At the moment, we quite literally can’t afford to eat and we need your help! I’m selling commission work at my deviantART gallery, so if you’re interested, send me a note and let me know what you want me to draw! Or, heck, if you don’t want any art, but just want to help out, let me know. It would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks, guys!

I think you meant to say “so you could kill it,” but no, that was not my intention. I believed I would have more time to devote to it, but I was mistaken. My artistic hubris is my own undoing.

But, long story short… Yes. I revived this blog just to kill it.

Matt: In the interest of fairness, I figured I’d go ahead and alter Vaudeville’s cutie mark so as to avoid strife and headache from people who take fan-characters way too seriously. Part of me misses the crisp, clean feeling of the stock vector I used, but another part of me likes that this one fits my art style better.

Vaudeville: A beloved character o’ yours has just been slightly altered! Ya know what dat means, kids! Fire up yer “Save Vaudeville” internet petitions! No one must rest until deviantART is littered with scads of depressing pictures o’ me sulking over my altered backside!

Breaking News of this Hour

Fans over-react to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode synopsis.

And somewhere across the massive internet, one lone Brony looks upon the havoc that has ensued. He gazes upon fans at war with each other over fits of joy or rage concerning another appearance of Princess Cadence. He observes the bile spewed forth over the absence of a Rarity-centric episode. He gazes upon it all and says:

"And not a single episode yet about the little old priest pony that we’ve seen maybe two times in the entire series’ run."

He then walks away, tears flowing from his eyes because a toy and animation company that has better things to do did not cater to his unhealthy obsession with a supporting character.

Matt: I’m going to break tradition here and answer this one myself.

Vaudeville didn’t start off as a pony. I cannot state this enough.

He’s an original character of my own design who I drew in pony form for the sake of a gag in Questions for Equestrians and he just turned out to be a great breakaway character. Considering that I only meant to use Pony Vaudeville in one panel, the design process can pretty much be summarized with a picture from your blog:

gallifrey-rp asked:

((Just so you know, I really respect this blog. I love it's classy humor and obscurely beautifully references to classic movies. I don't know if you take it seriously or not, but this blog is definitely my favorite in all of tumblr!))

Matt: I’m very happy that you enjoy Ask Vaudeville and thank you so much for telling me your thoughts on it. It was my goal to create something that could be funny to any group (even -gasp!- people who hate My Little Pony) and carry on the spirit of the classic comedians that I love so much as well as my grandfather who instilled that love of comedy in me. In that respect, I suppose I take it as seriously as one can take a zany piece of rogue fan art while still retaining some semblance of sanity.

Comedy is serious business, after all! But not that serious.

Question Box Open Again!

Art Slave Matt: Turns out I hate not letting you people ask whatever ridiculous thing comes to mind whenever you feel like it, so the question box is open once again! I’ve taken screenshots of all the questions in my inbox to make room for more.