“It is a typical tavern, for all intents and purposes,” Linton began, adjusting her optic device until its beady lenses glared brightly.  She plucked her hairpin free, running her leather-clad fingers through her fringe and allowing it to fall into place.  “Food– drink– general amenities for those seeking respite– an average ‘haunt’.  I do not often frequent it– it is far removed from my place of work– Golden Sun’s location more optimal– Flagon breakfast menu, however, of note.”

Leading the way, Linty managed to keep the sizeable burden of machinery slung over her back secure, her plated boot-heels trotting alone on the flagstones of the road.  “I believe this is the point ascribed in our friendship where I offer to purchase a meal for you– if you find this notion agreeable, your input will be validated in affirmation.”

“Of course! Of course.”  Bryn chuckled as he strolled alongside his friend, with his hands tucked neatly inside his pockets but for the thumbs sticking out.  “Just remind me sometime later that I owe you a meal.”

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“Don’t flatter yourself,” the girl responded without missing a beat, her tone an eerie rendition of Malheur’s prior use of the phrase.  She leaned in closer, hands clasping at the small of her back and her smile a wide, practised show of pomposity and purposeful obnoxiousness.  “If I wanted a minuscule favour, I’d ask the street vagrants before I sought out your help, mate.”

one of the toughest parts about having/creating a bunch of OCs art-wise is trying to keep them all different enough from each other so you’re justified in having so many of them, and you don’t just have 50 carbon copies of the same general design or anything

because comfort zones in art are stingy as fuck and sometimes you only feel like drawing specific things most of the time, so why even have overly special or complicated OCs that you’re never gonna touch because their designs are something you’d only ever wanna draw once in a blue moon