Took part in making the animated video projection for Vivid Festival in Sydney. My sequence is from 2:54 to 3:24.
Full credits list:

i wish the staff would give players the opportunity to poll on what skin/accent submissions they would like to see in the next festival. I think it would feel a lot more fair if users were able to vote instead of having to put up with whatever the staff likes best.

i mean, after all, these are user-made skins/accents, so why shouldn’t the winners be user-chosen? idk man just a thought

“Eye color is indicative of the dragon’s heritage, which is something we’d like to preserve. - Except when it suits us to have GREEN LEAF NOODLES, ZOMG.”

Excuse me for assuming that something the site itself said would be preserved would be respected as being preserved, even if the layer for the eyes is above that of the skin. As an artist, you are expected to follow the rules, as a player, you expect the site to follow its own rules.