We’re looking for a Pinterest Intern

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and driven Pinterest Intern for the summer. You’ll be in charge of curation and strategy for the ArtSnacks Pinterest page while acting as a point person for engaging our customers with projects, inspiring artwork, and ArtSnacks images via Pinterest. This is a chance for you to learn more about social media marketing and take a peek inside the world of a growing startup. If you are self-motivated and want to work with an artsy collaborative team … read on!  

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Build the ArtSnacks Pinterest page to be vibrant, interesting, smart, and highly searchable for our customers and Pinterest users
  • Concept specific pinboards, engage with fellow pinners, and boost Pinterest-based metrics (followers, likes, etc)
  • Innovate and strategize new ArtSnacks-branded content specifically for Pinterest
  • Implement feedback and advice from the ArtSnacks Co-Founders on a weekly basis
  • Required 10 hours per week from the comfort of your own home

Required Qualifications:

  • Complete, working, impress-us-with-your-tricks knowledge of Pinterest and your own personal Pinterest page
  • Understanding of Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and blogging platforms
  • An obsession for all things art and art materials
  • Strong interest in social media marketing
  • Ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions
  • Independent, highly-motivated, self-starter attitude (since you’ll be working remotely)
  • Strong accountability and time management skills
  • Excellent organization, communication and copywriting ability
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator are a plus

A stipend will be awarded at the end of the internship, based on performance.

About ArtSnacks:

Founded in 2013, ArtSnacks is a subscription box of unique, high-quality art supplies delivered to your door every month. Discover new products, limited-edition tools, and exclusive supplies that will inspire artistic endeavors.

Sound like you? Apply here: http://www.artsnacks.co/jobs

anonymous asked:

I'd say if anyone wants to buy Rohrer & Klinger dont buy from amazon. The Goulet Pen Company is the hands down best shopping experience you will ever have, and they offer samples of the colors

Thank you for this info, the Goulet Pen Company is indeed a lovely source. And I agree, Amazon is never my first choice. Unfortunately, Goulet’s online shop only offers Rohrer & Klinger’s Writing Ink, a dye-based formula for fountain dip pens. My favorite medium is R&K’s Calligraphy Ink, which has a combination of acrylic resin and natural pigment, making it light-fast, water-resistant, and suitable for permanent display. I have no doubt that R&K’s Writing Ink is a gorgeous product, but it might not be a safe medium for painting. 

After receiving your message I did a second round online to see if I could find any alternative to Amazon and found that JetPens.com offers R&K’s Water Colour. Like zeichentusche, this medium is made with acrylic resin and natural pigment. It’s a very nice alternative, but the jars are significantly smaller (12ml, as opposed to 50ml). 

I stocked up on zeichentusche at Magasin Sennelier in Paris, but recently ran out of a few essential colors, which catalyzed my online search because (to my knowledge) you cannot order directly from Rohrer & Klingner. I usually purchase all of my art supplies from DickBlick.com or Jerrysartarama.com, but had no luck there, either. So far, I can only find the product on Amazon. 

R&K’s website has very nice descriptions about each of its nine varieties of ink. The acrylic varieties are:
Calligraphy Ink (zeichentusche)
Traditional Ink
Water Colour

If anyone has a secret US-based source for R&K’s calligraphy or traditional inks please clue us in! 

Magasin Sennelier’s Rohrer & Klingner Zeichentusche Caligraphy Ink display



Alright, so I bought all these Copics when I was in Japan years ago and have never, ever used them, so I thought someone else could treat them better.

All the Cool Greys (C0-C8) are Broad and Fine, and just about all the rest are Copic Sketch. You can see from the picture there’s a good range of color. I picked them all out according to a marker guide to get the most bang for my buck. There’s also two colorless blenders in there which are very slightly used.  Case / box isn’t included. Altogether there are about 90-95 markers (they were hard to count in just like this and I’m not taking the time to count exactly. count the photo if you want.)


a note on shipping: I’m in the USA, if the cost is manageable (under $20) to outside the US, I’ll do my best to cover it, but if it’s a high cost, I might ask you to kick me a few $ to cover it. we’ll see. 


I’ve been experimenting a lot with my drawing and art style this year. I subscribed to ArtSnacks in January (each month they send a selection of 4-5 art supplies) and I’ve found that it has encouraged me to experiment, and to draw more regularly. It’s also introduced me to products I either didn’t know existed or wouldn’t have thought to use.

I do the “ArtSnacks Challenge” each month - creating an image using all of that month’s products. Having a small set of supplies to work with removes the procrastination aspect of shuffling through my art supplies and wondering what I should work with.

So now I’m just trying to work out how I can use this style in a game.

- Jess

Storyboard Sketchbooks

Ok so you guys remember this sketchbook everyone was raving about because it had perfect boxes for doing composition sketches and storyboards and was less than 2 bucks? Unsurprisingly they’re no longer available on the muji website so I was hunting around for an alternative that wasn’t moleskine (I hate how expensive those are) And I found this site http://www.layflatsketchbooks.com/index.html  They are a publisher based in SoCal that makes a variety of simple sketchbooks with different page layouts for a ton of different uses. Their Sketch In Blue series of notebooks are specifically made for artists who utilize storyboards in their work and are available in different aspect ratios, number of panels to a page, and with or without narration lines. They carry three different sizes of these notebooks as well, a 4x6 pocket size, a US standard 8.5x11 and a horizontal 8.25x6

I don’t think these are too well known because it was hard to find a picture of the physical book, but I do know they are paperback with a very simple binding and are fold-able/flexible and each one has 120 pages. They are all linked to their respective page on amazon and the few that had reviews were good ones. They are $8-9 dollars which isn’t too bad. I cant say with certainty how great these are cause I haven’t gotten one but I’d say I’m definitely thinking about it, and it’s nice to see an option with so many varieties to choose from specifically made for this purpose.