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Art Everywhere UK: The second edition of Art Everywhere UK, a British art campaign that displays artworks on billboards, bus stops, and public venues throughout the United Kingdom, is well underway. Through the end of June, the public can vote for their favorite pieces from a list of 70 artworks dating from the 1500s to the present.

Vote for David Hockney’s My Parents (1977), which is pictured above, from the Tate Collection in London. Hockney’s We Two Boys Together Clinging (1961) from the Arts Council Collection of London has also been nominated. Cast your vote here.

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Hey everyone! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Fox here!

I have another review for you today! I pre-ordered “Memento Bento” from Mais2’s store! (Purchase here) I was really excited about getting this as I adore her art style and I love reading people travelling trips. 

Memento Bento is basically a drawn diary made into a book by Mais2. She gets really creative, using stickers, scanning in photos and tickets along with drawing and writing about her time there. Let’s start the review! 

Shipping and price: ★★★★★/★★★★★

It arrived so quickly! I didn’t expect it for a long time, but it came so fast, under 5 days for sure, maybe even 2 or 3! I personally think it’s a decent price. It’s fairly small so some might not be happy paying £15 for it, but I agree on the price. It took a long time to make, is filled with great art and is printed and made at a very high quality! It arrived in a brown cardboard backed envelope with her cute ink-stamped (I think) logo! She also included a free post card!

Quality and product: ★★★★★/★★★★★

I honestly love it! It’s so gorgeous and well made. The quality is amazing. The art is so cute and her style is unique. Her commentary is funny and enjoyable, I can reread it without getting bored many times. If you have an interest in travelling, or in japan, then this will be great for you. At one point she talks about some misfortunes like places she wanted to see being closed and her experience of (very incorrectly) wearing a yukata but she keeps it light hearted and makes sure to exclaim that how she wore it is not something you should do. This might annoy some. The rest of her book is filled with lovely little doodles of clothes, people, food (which looked soooo good) and much more. She even documented some interesting and cute mascots she saw around, which I liked. 

Overall rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

I haven’t taken it out of my bag except to read it since I got it! It’s inspiring and witty, funny and really aesthetically pleasing. It’s actually helpful to, she even teaches you (A beginners guide) how to pray at a shrine and gives info about foods you will see around, if you was to travel there yourself! My only complaint is that I wish it was longer, because I can’t get enough of her art. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Her links:

Disclaimer; This is a review of this art book and not the artist or a spotlight on the artist, those will be separate features I hope to do in the future. I also asked permission to do this review!

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Theatre of Memory, 2014

John Leigh, aka Karborn, never fails to intrigue me with his mixed media collage work; its almost visceral qualities somehow very physical in nature even though the work itself is two-dimensional - the collages being in reality digital prints. I can’t shake the desire to reach underneath the illusion of the almost Richter-like paint, or to peel off the woman’s face. The creation of such a sensory yet visually-enticing piece is to me both fascinating and inspiring, and fills me with hope for the future of art in our world of increasingly omnipresent technology.


You know where to look for that full flip through and review!

Completely dissatisfied with the taste Memories of Lily left, I wanted to cover another doujinshi I recently bought of Kurehito Misaki (深崎暮人) .  Piece of Blessing!

Piece of Blessing marks the 11.5 issue of the Piece of Cradle series and is heavily focused on Saekano (Saenai Heroine).  Featuring works from both Cradle (Kurehito Misaki) and Puffsleeve (Kuroya Shinobu), this book is rather similar to how previous Piece of Cradle volumes are with heavily sketched matieral and no colored images.  Very expensive, but absolutely wonderful material.

Artist/Store Review: LOLL3~

Hey everyone, Fox here! (First official blog post, eeeee)

Today I’m so happy to review (*show off*) the wonderful art and items I purchased from loll3​’s Etsy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I have loved and admired this wonderful artist for a long time, I even already own two A3 art prints from her! So as soon as I created this blog, I knew I wanted to post about her! This is just a review of her etsy store, but in the future I hope to do an “artist spotlight” for her! 

So I ordered quite a lot! I bought 1 A3 art print, 2 hand crafted badges and 2 sticker sets.

 So let’s start the review!~

Price and shipping costs: ★★★★★/★★★★★
Everything is so cheap for such good quality and shipping was fair!

Packaging and delivery: ★★★★★/★★★★★

It was shipped only a day or two after I placed my order and arrived in under five days! I’m impressed! (This is from Italy to the UK) 
The entire order came in one large envelope with bubblewrap padding! Everything came in it’s own sealed plastic covers but I was too excited when I got this to leave them in their wrappers for pictures, I just had to open them there and then. She drew on the envelope and packaged it all in such a cute way, I squealed opening it. All of the items were perfect except the art print, which did have some dents and bends in it despite the cardboard she packaged it with for support, though honestly I blame the UK mailing companies for this, they are so disrespectful and rough with packages. ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)

Quality:  ★★★★★/★★★★★

Everything is gorgeous! The stickers (Shown above: Witchy sticker set) are high quality printed and stick very well (though they are a bit hard to use, but she explains that!)

The art print is perfect, I ordered two from her Society6 store before and they look terrible quality compared to those printed herself through her etsy! If you want a good quality print from her, ditch society6 and use etsy instead, they all come signed too! (And she gets better pay for it!)

I’ve already put some stickers on my kindle from the girl gang set! As you can see, the mushroom pin is exactly as the pictures, which is amazing as everything is handmade, I have no idea how she gets them so exact! The Scully Kitten pin is actually not shown here because I left it on my jumper in the other house (oops) but it is wonderful also!

All in all, this was well worth the money and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. She included a thank you card and her business cards, which I count as free art as I love them so much! You should 100% check out this artist and purchase from her etsy if you love unique, cute art.

Items reviewed: 
☆ Girl gang sticker set
☆ Witchy sticker set
☆ Scully Kitten Pin
☆ Mushroom Pin
☆ A3 Art Print


I saw a few of these yesterday and decided to make my own (a day late whoops). This was surprisingly hard to put together since I had a lot of art to choose from this year. Going through my work I could see the different points where I branched out and finally started using different brushes in PS. Seeing any kind of progression makes me pretty happy. 2014 was the year where I stopped being afraid to use textures and that was the biggest jump for me that I can see. Maybe this year I won’t rely so much on red’s and blues as my go-to color choice (probably not XD).

I excluded any Darkiplier Answer’s posts since I consider those to be sketches. :P

It has to be said, perhaps with some regret, that the first thing that distinguishes a writer is that he is most alive when alone, most fully alive when alone. A tolerance for solitude isn’t anywhere near the full description of what really goes on. The most interesting things happen to you when you are alone.

In his altogether fantastic Paris Review interview, legendary novelist Martin Amis echoes the point Eugène Delacroix made nearly two centuries in extolling the importance of solitude in creative work.

Complement with Hemingway on working alone, some of humanity’s greatest minds on the creative benefits of boredom, and this indispensable modern manifesto for how to be alone.

Whoops I’m a day late with this but whatever.

Lol at the ONE Ash piece in the sea of Darkness. The upcoming sequel to Army of Darkness

…My awful attempts at jokes aside, I’m super fucking blown away at how far I’ve come with my art abilities, like holy shit! It’s amazing! I can’t even put it into words  without button mashing the keyboard. I’m really proud of myself and I can’t wait to do this again this December. I’m excited to see where I am then :3

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Miya Ando at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

It really is a wonderful feeling to step into a gallery exhibition and be immediately set at ease by the imagery and colors of the paintings on the walls. So it was with Miya Ando’s work in her most recent exhibition entitled Light Metal, her first show in Hong Kong.

The selection of her hand-dyed anodized aluminum works and the display of them were well considered—not too many and each well placed on the walls— allowing viewers ample space in which to enjoy the works’ subtle beauty and power. Space is important in looking at her moody work as each piece suggests a moment of nature that is about to vanish, never to be repeated. I thought here of John Constable’s passionate obsession with clouds, their singular forms, and their magical but fleeting reality. Ando’s world is darker and more turbulent than Constable’s, but it also points to obsession.

Miya Ando was born in Japan but now lives in Brooklyn. She is a product of an upbringing “among sword smiths and Buddhist priests” and art studies in the United States. The combination of her history, cross-cultural art experiences, and high technical ability has resulted in an aesthetic that feels timeless to this viewer. One feels something of the same timelessness in the paintings of Mark Rothko, David Diao, and Hans Hofmann, as well as in Hiroshi Sugimoto’s contemplative photographs of the sea, but in Ando’s art there is also a sense of serenity, even within nature’s disorder.

Ando’s images are lively expressions of natural phenomenon, the climate revealing itself in waves of color and shade, the sky giving off some of its multi-hued manifestations, a couple of which remind one of the wild splendor of the Aurora Borealis. Works such as Ephemeral Indigo (2013) and Ocean Sutra (2011) are, however, more solidly colored than transient aurora. Whether or not one see her works as landscapes or seascapes is not important, what is critical is that we see her art as vital studies of color and light that have the power to influence our emotions. 

The flow of Ando’s works suggests that there was some ease in taking her ideas from her mind and setting them down on metal. It is the mark of a fine artist to make it look so easy. Yet it is far from easy. To realize her creations Ando requires knowledge and a deep understanding of numerous technical and scientific elements and art-making techniques. As she works, her ideas are altered slowly to reveal her final vision. It is not a vision born of solid three-dimensional geometry but a physical reality that is free and always changing and that can only be captured for an instant in her imagination before she sets it down on her metal medium. 

Here, I might suggest, that the making of her restrained minimalist paintings is governed as much by a deep spirituality and awareness of the silence of mediation as it is by her technical expertise. The radiance of her work speaks to this. And her series of nine small pieces entitled Spring (Haru) Grid (2013) is an excellent example of such qualities.This series, which I feel looks more dynamic displayed in a horizontal line rather than a square, has all the finest qualities of Ando’s art: attention to the details of her ultimate vision, colors, silence, and sensitivity to the importance of the spiritual in art making, regardless of genre. The viewer is drawn gently into these small works individually as separate personal statements. The series collectively is a lyrical appreciation of nature’s beauty. Moving through her work in this exhibition I was always aware of how small one is before the reach of the natural world. Ando projects a unique combination of peace and turbulence that alleviates our anxieties about our place within nature. One is swept along by her energy and her astute meditation on the transience of both nature and life.

Ian Findlay

Miya Ando

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My most popular posts of this year, fanart and reference images. 

Here are the links to each image. :) (sorry I was having trouble attaching the link to the image)

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Thanks for all the support of my work and thanks for a great year. :)