Soothe Sayer
It’s happening! I’m feeling that initial art punch in the gut again and Anastraya has been calling me with her soothing loon howls lately.

To appease her, as she no doubt has sensed my stress as of late (she’s similar to an emotional healer) I decided to take a swing at this old WIP. Work has been stressful, in a good and exciting way mind you, but stressful nonetheless! There are many stressors, mostly mental, when it comes to my line of work because it revolves around life and death. War. When I become rather snappy, which I have been for quite a while now (as evident in my rather brash posts) it’s just my way of coping with this stress. It’s a bit destructive and toxic to myself and others but I’m trying to keep myself busy in ways that relieve myself of tension. Art is one of those things that I’d temporarily forgotten that has helped me along in more ways than one. :v

ok i figured i should probably do something other than baby sculls so i did one from s5……………………………………………….. im a lazy fuck who doesnt care abt clothes so i just like… gave up on the jacket idc i’ll work on clothes later they’re so boringgg

anyway im pretty happy w/ it esp bc halfway thru this i had a crisis and thought i lost all ability 2 draw ever again rip

I do wonder if there is an umbrella mod for minecraft….

And I pretty much have given up with “I will not draw Yogscast stuff because I can’t draw well” thing. I do enjoy drawing their characters. I am just slightly scared about the idea that there is a small chance that person whose character I draw might see my bad drawing. I am afraid that my drawing isn’t good enough or I have drawn something wrong. 


All together now! Progress gif! And scan of the finished painting.

Today’s Fine Art Friday painting: Furret Frolic! Acrylic paint on 6”x6”x2” cradled wood panel. Original painting has sold!

Custom Pokemon paintings are available for purchase through my shop. Prints of Furret should be available soon-ish!

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ackerman-break-a-man said:

Can you tell me of all the SAO related mangas? I only know of four but I feel like there's more.

I don’t read the manga, as I am a Light Novel reader, but I did the research for you, and here you go.

Aincrad- The main story of the game Sword Art Online as per what was written in the first two Light Novels.

Fairy Dance- Everything in ALO, Light Novel Volumes 3 and 4. 

Phantom Bullet- GGO, where the anime currently is. Light Novel Vols. 5 and 6.

Mother’s Rosario- Light novel Vol 7, this is a story that actually features Asuna as the main character, and a new character named Yuuki. 

Caliber- This is an awesome side story that takes place a few months before Mother’s Rosario I believe. All about a quest that is mentioned in Fairy Dance.

Progressive- Part of an added in bit to Aincrad, this one fills in the blanks of how Kirito and Asuna met, and some other stuff that solidifies the fact that they’d eventually be together. (It also has Ep. 2 of the Anime in it, since it’s the early stages of the game.)

Girl Ops- This one’s all about Leafa, Silica, and Lisbeth’s adventures, both in the game in the real world. (Yet nothing about Klein? Figures.)

4-Koma- What this literally means is 4 panel comics. It’s just to little one shot comics that everyone loves to read that usually have something really funny happen. 

Note this: The official canon of the series is all mixed up with the manga/light novel releases. The best representation of the plotline is through the anime right now, they’ve omitted some good bits, but it’s all there it’s canon order. 

I also tried my best to explain it, it probably reads a little odd, but it all comes together in my head, so there you go.