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I am the editor in chief of this magazine/small press and we are looking for writers/artists for our next issue as well as books/anthologies.

Open Call for Submission : Deadline extended till 10th November 2014. (My co-pilot/editor at large, Mr Michael Julian,  is feeling particularly benevolent.)

Issue Theme : "The Beauty Convulsive"

Send us your art, photography, writing, hybrid media, whathaveyou. Check out the “contact” section of the website for submission details. You can either submit via the form on the website or mail us your work - cyberhexjournals at gmail dot com

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Go on. Show us the aftermath of your staring contest with the void. 

Asking for a little bit of help ;v;

I need a job badly…and the only thing I can do right now to make money is to sell art or commissions. I haven’t opened commissions properly because I am working on a lengthy project with a fellow deviant for the time being but who knows. I might open commissions sometime soon if this situation doesn’t get better. XD; 

Anyway, a few days ago I submitted an adoptable auction onto dA. It would be nice even if you don’t need an adoptable, to spread it around so that maybe someone you know may be interested in bidding ;v; I suck at advertising, so…It might be worth a shot X///X; 

This is my first time doing an auction and I just need a little help is all. I am not expecting much because I am fairly new to all of this. but uhh v///v; I would really appreciate any kind of help! 

Click here for the link to my auction! ♥ 

Sexually frustrated chuunis who probably should’ve gone to a coed school


Hey guys, I’m in desperate need for some money! I have to start looking for a job soon and I need all the money I can start saving to pay for things like gas, college funds, and other important things! So commissions, yay. Here’s the info (also click on the pictures to check price ranges and more detail):

  • Simple sketch and fast color: $10 (+$5 per extra character)
  • For single color bust: $15 (+$5 for an addition of more than 2 characters)
  • Background and Semi- color: $20 (+$5 for an addition of more than 2 characters. Can send color pallets for this one if wanted)
  • Detail single color 2 characters/ Full color and full body: $25 (+$6 for addition of extra characters)

I will draw Homestuck, Oc’s and other fandom characters. Sorry, no furries or NSFW (not good at drawing those things). Full body on some of these can be negotiated— dependent on outfit complexity and other factors.

You need:

-to be comfortable in giving me your email, so I can send you the picture (also will post up on Tumblr and tag you in it)

-Give me referances on anything specific you would want or OC’s

-Be patient with me!

-Talk to me about payment arrangements (I know some people get spooked on the idea of giving money before art and vice versa so we need to talk)

-feel free to ask questions and speak with me about details

-You MUST message me on tumblr first, if you want something. I will give my paypal and other needed details when the request is placed and both parties have understanding/agreement.

Thank you for your time!

Esther Sarah Kim is invested in intrigue: layers of meaning distilled into a single, compelling image. Her visual stories revolve around characters woven into a tapestry of an imaginary yet tangible world. Her depictions convey lurking danger, real and imagined. And she’s inspired by fragments of scenes in her mind—a smear of gnashing teeth, scaly beasts and a miasma of soundless screams. When the story calls for it, those fragments come to life through the manipulation of color, layers upon layers of color sandpapered to bring out the subtle mood of the story with inked, line drawings silkscreened on top. She often finds herself immersed in storytelling, other times she’s more invested in the printing process and finding ways to incorporate “happy accidents”. 

Please join us for the opening of ghost town at Gallery Bar this Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 from 7 to 9pm.