"I take all that I see. It’s a ruler’s prerogative to torture his conquests. Endlessly escalating to a dead end. Fall until you can fall no further, and cry."


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Kantai Collection x Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

……Chiyo Sakura is been associated with Kantai Collection’s rendition of Prinz Eugen (many Pixiv Users of Japan doing this joke). And also Ari Ozawa voicing them both(what a coincidence), as well as some similarities in appearance.

Artists: 大河渡@3日目-東オ34b (x), Windforcelan (x), Sion (x), 芦野もと (x), 高杉ヤス (x), かゑる@月曜日東L-32a (x), 真琉樹 (x), Fong (x).

Ok, after two joke drawings about Clear, I wanted to do something more serious about him.
And I loved that heart part in the anime. I wasn’t expecting that and it moved me a lot.
(and I was drawing it while listening to AVTechNO!×ALSTROeMERIA×WAVE album, so fitting!)


A girl can dream right? Come on Atlus~
I imagine for some wild reason, she would be garbed in  Thanatos’s clothing and have Ryoji’s scarf since I feel like he would be watching over her ;A; Nothing makes sense!

Minato up next

Art (c) Tara d. Sorael Ignis 2014  
Character (c) Atlus 2014