Okay. I’m getting rather angry with the posts I’ve been seeing regarding this update. Let’s talk about Jake. He has every right to cry and panic, Jane has practically told him that he is worth nothing to her except his body. The last time that Jake had talked with his friends he was talking to Roxy, he was terrified that Dirk and Jane hated him. He realized that he was being a jerk and was extremely sorry. He even thought that Roxy hated him at one point in the conversation. He was raised alone and was very sheltered, he didn’t know that he was being rude until it was too late. He used movies and such to create a world that was sugar coated, when he faced reality he didn’t know how to handle it or what to do. He’s terrified and feels like everything he knew is coming crumbling down around him, he realized its not an adventure and he can’t just quit. This is the first time he’s spoken face to face with Jane since trickster mode and now he is certain that she hates him and that he is worthless scum. He has lost everything, Jane even threatened to feed him to his grandma, who means the world to him. He already has had abuse issues in the past because of Dirk and he is used to being bullied into a situation and taking it, this is exactly what is happening now. He literally has nothing left, and if that doesn’t give him the right to cry, I don’t know what does. 

Now let’s talk about Jane. In the past, right after trickster mode, she talked to Dirk. They agreed that they both had too high of expectations of Jake and that it was a problem. Dirk and Jane were both attracted to Jake but he was the only real candidate considering their orientations. They talked and laughed about it, and they agreed that they didn’t hate Jake. Jane was very calm at the time and had come to terms with how she felt, she was being realistic. She was being herself. Those were her true thoughts about the matter. What we are seeing now is her under mind control. Obviously she would never say these things as herself, she still holds bitterness towards Jake and her infatuation and is letting that out because of the Condense encouraging it. She already stated that she was ashamed of herself for telling Jake while in trickster mode to create children with her. This isn’t Jane talking, its the mind control. 

To the Jane/Jake shippers that are encouraging this, its abusive and wrong. This is not a healthy relationship and neither party would approve if it wasn’t for the mind control. Telling someone that they are worthless and that they are only alive because they are attractive is terrible. Stop praising Jane for doing this because “Jake was a jerk”, its wrong. I’ve seen people on this site praising Jane because “Oh my god she is expressing so much Feminism.” No. No. Feminism is about equality! Not a girl having the power to control a man. That’s exactly what feminism is fighting to end! Abuse of power. This is abuse any way you look at it. If Jane was a man and Jake was a woman everyone would be saying that Hussie was unfair and against feminism and blah blah blah. No. Equality is feminism. I’m sorry this is so long but I’m just so irritated over what I’ve been seeing on my dashboard.


I’m angered
By the sheer ineptitude
Of my poetry
To write you in such a say
That satisfies my heart.

I am bound by longing
And hung with desire,
And you hold the blade
That could cut me free.

I dare not breathe
A word of this to you,
And that abhors me the most.

I’ll rot in my own indecision
And become naught
But the breaking
In the lines of poetry.

Teaching Tip: Try Google Classroom

ARRRGGHHH!  That’s what you could hear me screaming one Sunday night last month.  I was hoping to set up my students on Doctopus, so that I could send out a document, but our grading program wouldn’t let me download their email addresses.  Just when I was about to throw my computer out the window, I remembered an email that I received about joining Google Classroom.

Each year, I “fall in love” with some new technology program that makes my teaching life easier.  Two years ago, it was Edmodo.  Last year, it was Doctopus.  This year, I have fallen in love with Google Classroom.  Not only was it easy to set up (obviously, since I was able to figure it out one Sunday night), but it is much easier than Doctopus.  I didn’t need to upload any email addresses; I received a classroom code much like Edmodo.  My students were able to sign up on their own.

The greatest part about Google Classroom is that it creates a template of your assignment for you and you are able to send it out within seconds.  Your students don’t have to “share” the document with you, nor make a copy of the document that you send them.  It also gives you the choice, like Doctopus, whether you want students to be able to just view the document, edit it as whole class, or allow each student to write on it individually.


I also love that students have to “turn in” their assignment on the Google Doc once they are finished.  This way, you aren’t grading a paper before the student has fully completed it.  At a glance, you can also see how many students have completed the assignment and who hasn’t.  Once they have “turned it in,” the student loses editing rights so that no further changes can be made.


You can leave them a grade and comments, and it will email the student to let them know their assignment is graded.  When you “return” the assignment to them, it gives them the ownership back.  I love this part because they are able to make the changes and “resubmit” it to raise their grade with the changes that the teacher has recommended. 


Students can view upcoming assignments, along with assignments that are also late now.


There is also a place to put announcements for students, but since I use Edmodo for communicating with my students, I don’t use this feature.


Of course, every program isn’t perfect.  I wish that there was a timer on when I can send out an assignment, like there is on Edmodo. In other words, I could set it up now, but it wouldn’t send it out to the students for another two days. I wish that I was notified that a student resubmitted their assignment for another check in from me. I also wish that I could create small groups, so that I could differentiate a little more with the assignments.  Maybe there is a way to do all of this, and I just haven’t learned it yet, but if there isn’t, can someone contact Google for me? :)

I’m sorry, Doctopus, but our love affair is officially over.  I appreciate the joy that you brought me last year, and but I am moving on.  It isn’t you, it’s me (the dreaded break-up line)!  I just need to move on with my life.

Edmodo?  You are still number one in my teaching life.  You let me send text messages to my parents and students.  You let me keep a library of notes for my students.  You also give a place for our students to collaborate and ask each other questions.  Even Google Classroom can’t replace you.

So, instead of throwing your computer out the window, be open to trying new ideas.  Who knows?  You might fall in love with a new program to make your life easier.


anonymous said:

What's your fav kind of choc/sweets?


Who has a single answer to that.

I like gummy bears, but I also LOVE those liquorice all sorts with the nobbly bits on the outside, pink and blue, I can’t remember what they’re called.

Chocolate… Arrrgghhh! Okay, day to day chocolate: I LOVE Galaxy Caramel, but I also love the new Dairy Milk with Daim in.
I also LOVE coffee truffles, and Bailey’s truffles and truffles with like raspberry centres, I love truffle centres.

Another arrrgghhh

I feel like I should be making more text posts so here I’m am~ plus I’ve been feeling kinda creepy about this English paper I turned in that I know is 9\10 really shitty I need to not procrastinate cause that stuff may have worked in highschool but it won’t work in college but it feels good to get that of my chest :-P oh n did I mention I turned in the paper late haha I’m screwed


Hey, babyyy~ 

It’s Sunday. 

The only day na hindi kita nakakasama, huhu. Samantalang dati, pati Sundays kasama kita. Haaaaaaysz. Pero okay laaaang. Sabi mo nga para di agad tayo magsawa sa isa’t isa… kahit di ako naniniwala doon. Di ako magsasawa sayo kahit every second kita kasama kahit conjoined twins na tayo, go lang ng go. Hahahaha! 

So ayun… Sunday is church day, you know naman, kaya kahit ang hassle sobra magcommute lalo na ngayon na umuulan!! ARRRGGHHH!!!!!! syempre push pa din kasi para naman kay Lord yun. And inaalagaan naman Niya kami, hindi niya hinayaang lumakas ulan habang kami ay nasa daan, although umuulan… pero di siya ganoon kalakas. Kaya hip hip hooray! So bale, after church nag-grocery kami then super late lunch sa BonChon pero alam mo naman yun kasi ka-text naman kita. <3 Namiss kita nung kumain kami sa Bonchon, huhu. Ikaw lagi ko naalala sa BonChon kasi ikaw una kong kasama na mag-eat doon at ikaw nag-introduce sakin ng kainan na yun. hihi. ^^

Super duper non-stop yung ulan today. Haayy. Nalulungkot talaga ako kapag umuulan at sobrang ayaw ko ng ulan. Huhu. Naiirita ako lalo na sa tunog.. ang ingay ingay! Dibale sana kung yung ulan na masarap sa tenga. Hahahaha! Pero ikaw alam ko gusto mo ng ulan. :( Emo ka eh. Gusto mo yung medjo gloomy tapos yung bangs mo medyo nakatakip sa isang mata, ganun. =)))

Anyway, wala ng kwenta sinasabe ko… Hahahaha! WALANG PASOK BUKAAAAAS (ata). Di pa nagaannounce school eh. Malay mo biglang kinabukasan pala may pasok. Heee. #trustissues HAHAHA. So yun, if ever man na walang school tom, di kita makakasama hayyzz. Miss na kita eh. :( Pero at least rest day naman siya for uuusss! 

Okay sobrang wala na akong kwentaaa. Basta ang alam ko lang, mahal na mahal kita. Yahuuuuuuuuuu *hearts all ovaaaaah* I love you mwa mwa tsup tsup byeeee :D