otp of the week (as voted by my followers) | olicity
thanks to you guys olicity is the otp of the week, and they deserve an honorable mention, because they are a fantastic couple. they complement each other. felicity makes oliver stronger and braver, as oliver makes felicity see another world, be also a hero alongside him. s3 will definitely makes us see a new side of their relationship and we’ll probably suffer even more, because they do open up a bit about their feelings, and I’ll be here to comfort you. Happy 5k followers to me and congrats!olicity.

There’s a lot of male roles on television and film, and I think if we have a really strong, intelligent women on TV, that that’s great, and if she’s relatable and kind of weird… I also think she sort of has the audience perspective throughout, especially the first season, ‘cause she’s sort of welcomed into this world that she had nothing to do with before, and that’s sort of like an audience watching the show. And she kind of says what the audience is thinking sometimes, I think.
—  Emily Bett Rickards on why women love Felicity Smoak so much. [x]