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Get the harness off. Let your bird be free Jesus How would you like to be tight up

I think you need to educate yourself on the proper care of parrots and what the purpose of an avian harness is.

"let your bird be free"

Free flight video

What else do you propose I do, huh? They have free roam of their bird room the entire day.  The only time they are caged is when I am out of the house (which is no more than an hour a day, maybe 3 times a week) for their safety.  If I were to leave them out of the cage they could get stuck, hurt, fight, and cause permanent harm to themselves, being caged when I leave is necessary.

They have been indoor free flight trained, recall trained, and have numerous safety measures indoors to allow them to have their wings, get exercise and enjoy the life they were born in to.  I can bet everything I have that your birds do not have that sort of enrichment in their lives.  They can not possibly get any more ‘free’ in this captive environment that they were born in to and that is out of my control.  If you are suggesting I just throw them outside and hope for the best so they can be ‘free’ I think you need to take a look at your moral values because they would be dead within a couple days, especially with the cold weather coming in.

"how would you like to be TIED** up"

Having her on a harness outdoors is absolutely no different than a dog on a leash, are you yelling at people for walking their dogs? No I don’t think you are.  You are mad at me for getting her outside, desensitizing her to outdoors, obtaining essential nutrients for vitamin synthesis, regulated preen gland oils, and visual acuity, please enlighten me as to why she shouldn’t be given these essential opportunities?

Let me break this down for you really simple.

1) What are the benefits of going outdoors?

Natural lighting is essential to avians health as it:

  • aids in visual acuity
  • proper vitamin synthesis (helps the body properly absorb nutrients from food)
  • regulates the oils in the preen gland
  • relieves psychological stress
  • strengthens the immune system
  • lowers obsessive/ compulsive disorders
  • feather development
  • encourages natural preening behaviours
  • increases longevity of the captive bird

Desensitization to the outdoors

  • prepares them for if something happens and they bolt out the door
  • increases the odds of them recalling in an unexpected situation
  • lowers their stress levels in unfamiliar environments

2) Why do I need a harness?

  • so they don’t get hit by a car
  • so they don’t fly away and die
  • so a predator does not eat them
  • so they are able to experience outdoors

Would you take a skittish dog outside unharnessed/ unleashed and let it run around, untrained, getting hit by a car, running in to the road, do you realize how stupid that would sound if my bird was a dog?

"I don’t need to harness it, I want it to run in to a car!"

"While I’m at it why don’t I just take them to a forest and let him run around and get lost!"

Pretty ridiculous isn’t it?

Birds are prey animals, they are always looking over their shoulders and ready to take flight at any moment regardless of how much desensitization training you do. Taking them outdoors unharnessed is incredibly unsafe and will lead to the loss or death of your bird.  Even the most calm of birds will take flight and not come back in an unexpected situation saying “they trust me, I don’t need a harness!” is one of the leading causes of pet birds flying away and dying.

The only time that harness is on is when we are training, preparing her for outdoors, what do you think that I keep it on her all the time? What am I, stupid?

She is constantly supervised with that harness on, she has it on for max 30 - 45 minutes to prepare her for the enjoyment of outdoors and all the health benefits it has. If I was qualified to have her free flight trained in an outdoor environment I would, unfortunately I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a professional trainer so for now this is the best way for her to have that same lifestyle.

She is harnessed so that way she can have the most enriched life I can provide her, experience things she would not have experienced with people like you, and so that way she can live her life to the fullest.

You damn well bet that I spent months researching harnesses, training, review, fits, methods, and everything I possibly could to make sure everything I do is good for her.  If this was harmful in any way I would not be doing it.

Next time you plan on yelling at me for something, make sure you know what you’re talking about first.

Your own sins should distract you enough from focusing on the faults of others.

Stay conscious of your flaws.. the greatest men who lived done more for Islam than you and I could imagine, yet they still saw their sins higher than mountains and always felt like they could do more in terms of their good deeds. So take lesson and remember it’s healthy to realise what you do not know, and what you still can and need to do.

"If you see that one of you has slipped, correct him, pray for him and do not help shaytaan against him (by insulting him)" - Umar ibn Al Khattab


My brothers and sisters, work on your hearts. May Allah make me work on mine as well. No matter what level you’ve got to. There’s always room for improvement. Always room for improvement. Never ever think that I have arrived. Never ever think that ‘I’m holy’ because a person who thinks he’s holy, really, he has a few holes. You need to know that. You need to know about your piety. Piety is a level that really even the pious is worried.
—  Mufti Ismail Menk (The Pure Soul)