[S] Sburban Jungle: Piano x2 Combo

I wanted to do something special for 4/13, and Michael Guy Bowman’s Sburban Jungle is one of the most iconic tracks in Homestuck. But the piece has so many layers that two hands simply can’t do it justice. So I made a piano duo arrangement, and recorded each part while listening a metronome (to ensure they could be synchronized), and then put the two together.

Happy 4/13!

Relevant links:

Sheet music – Duo 

Sheet music – Piano 1 

Sheet music – Piano 2

Audio file

Original track for Sburban Jungle

Past Arrangements:


Carne Vale 

Gold Pilot

Unite Synchronization

All arrangements may be found be here


“Test Drive” from the soundtrack to How to Train Your Dragon, composed by John Powell. Shortened and improvised on my viola. Sorry about recording quality and intonation… Anyways, axonmanage, this is for you. Hope it makes the day brighter.


We were really feeling “Dear No One” by Tori Kelly (koritelly). So we decided to make an arrangement for our self-titled EP, #FOURTY4B.

Be a Bae! Click here to find out how you can download this song and the rest of our EP.  

Thank you!

Hello my fans!

If you click onto [here]. you will find the new song I released this week! I apologize that it was uploaded so late, there was a super weird internet problem that wouldn’t let me upload it? Super weird. But it’s up now, so let the music speak to you!

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Thank you all so much for being AMAZING fans! I give you all much love! 


Park Yun-Jeong


I don’t know about you all, but back in middle school time, this cover was super popular. 

Now that I’m getting really into arranging, this showed up on my radar. Man so many memories. 

Arranging a pop tune for pep band is really frustrating because first you lay out the entire song note by note and it sounds just like the original.  Then you realize it’s too long and cut out two verses and two choruses.  Then you realize no one can play these complicated sixteenth note passages, so you simplify the melody, to the point where it’s easier, but still recognizable.  And then the nuanced parts are going to be too soft with just the high voices, so you have to add in loud instruments too.  And then you just get sad because it’s so different from what you started out with.  


A Towering Dawn: A Final Fantasy XIV Piano Collection (Arr. by Matt Fuss)

i discovered this today, and i COMPLETELY recommend everyone buy it. the arrangements are amazing, and every track is absolutely beautiful.


need to grab my ipod from the car to transfer this on <3

Sonic X Ending The Shining Road, arrangement by me

Some day, when I hold your hand in the cold morning mist
And the seal of the shining road will be broken

Bonus Free!/Sonic crossover : Amy told Makoto about how Sonic has been romantic with her once. So he wanted to do the same with Haru. Meanwhile, Amy helps Sonic to learn how to swim with Haru as supervisor x)

☆ ○o 。HAPPY BIRTHDAY sakuraconsoles !!!!!! 。o○☆

My adorable Chez, I wish you a wonderful day full of love, friends and otps :) I love you so much, you are an amazing person who always wants to make your friends happy and safe <3333 thank you so much to let me be your friend sweetie ;w; !! I love you and you always make me happy so thank you for being here !!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN **without forgetting a big hug and a big kiss >3< !!!**♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Mr. Claussen told me he loved that I didn’t resolve the chord back to tonic at the end of my arrangement of the Tarzan song and that it was perfect and I shouldn’t change it and I dunno why but that just made me feel really great and it was probably the best  thing anyone has ever said to me.


The Rihanna/Beatles mashup you never knew you needed until now.