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I Recently heard this song, by Kate Havenevik and I can’t get it out of my head…  the melody/instruments for some reason make me feel very nostalgic.. What impresses me the most is how she Arpegiates her voice.. I’ve only known this song for two days, and it’s already made it to my favorites list.

For me, this song evokes images of the night sky, as the earth gets enveloped by the seemingly mystical and surreal blanket that is the universe… going from this bustling fast-paced and noisy place, into its temporary slumber.

What does this song make you think about?

First Impression: Age Of Empires II HD (PC) ~ Age Of Kings

First Impression: Age Of Empires II HD (PC) ~ Age Of Kings

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There are many games that call on my nostalgia. But this game is something special. It actually really defined my childhood. I can even give proof of that, since I made it’s way in my personal top 10 most influential games list. When I saw on Steam that this game was getting a remake, I was honestly hyped. I couldn’t wait to play it and play through the game again. I prepared myself…

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Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World (Album Review)

Words: Jack Parker

It’s already been 10 years since Toronto dance-punks Death From Above 1979 released their legendary debut album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. Two years following its release, Sebastien Granger and Jesse Keeler called it a day following one too many personal problems and an overall sense of growing apart. It took them 5 years before they announced a reunion in 2011, and a further 3 years for them to put out a new record, 2014’s The Physical World. Read on to find out what All Things Loud thought of The Physical World.


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So let’s talk about aspects and classes! Due to the newest updates I decided to revise my fantroll’s god tiers, and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to talk about some of the classes/aspects and how they would function.

This post focuses on Hope and Breath with Seer and Poet. Poet’s something I made up, so you can just ignore it if you want, but I talked a little about it anyway since I’m just sharing ideas for the sake of sharing.

Also I’m sorry if my thoughts aren’t very well composed I’ll try to do better in part 2…………


POET is meant to be similar to an “orchestrator”, they are a mouthpiece class that would have the ability to manipulate/control x. A Poet would also have an influence over the session much like a Bard does, though not as strongly. It would be a passive class meant to benefit the team, and be distributed neutrally between gender. It’s one I made up to suit my own needs for Arpegi, so it doesn’t quite matter my in-depth thoughts on it since it’s made up.

After talking with Fugiman about where BREATH would be in opposition grouping (ex. Hope vs Doom), I feel I can appropriately guess at what this aspect does now after taking into consideration both what other aspect it would go against AND the heroes of Breath we have to draw example from.

BREATH, assumedly, is not only that of having wind powers, but also an ability over calmness and keeping peace. It would be a foil of Rage. It seems to be a likely possibility when you look at John and Tavros, and how the two of them are quite passive individuals who seem to evoke a sense of tranquility in others. John is seen as his session’s “friendleader”, an instantly accepted idea by everyone on his team, which I believe to be part of his aspect and also part of why he was given it. Tavros however is a better example for this idea, shown in his being a pacifier partly for Gamzee- who is, important to note, a hero of Rage- and also in his communing and taming of creatures.

A hero of Breath would hold domain over keeping the team together, and possibly have a ‘natural born leader’ feeling about them.

That being the idea, a realized POET OF BREATH would essentially be an Orchestrator of Peace, with an ability to manipulate and influence the peace amongst their teammates and enemies. Also, since we know a hero of Breath is also capable of manipulating wind, they’d be able to conduct the wind. Like Wind Waker.

Which wasn’t intentional, just so we’re clear.


The SEER class and HOPE aspect are both things we already know about so it’ll be a little easier to explain. To quote from the wiki here, in order to save myself time in stumbling over my own words, a Seer is:

One of the support roles in-game. True Seers, according to word of Doc Scratch, would not charge into the fray headlong but direct it as a conductor with a baton. They would sift through an infinitely-splitting mental map of every possible mistake made by their teammates and themselves, easily uncovering any gambits or malevolent desires and even imminent defeat due to a single grossly miscalculated and instinctive action as if they had the Official Prima Strategy Guide for Sbrub imprinted deep in their mind. Although not confirmed, this strongly suggest that Seers are a passive class.

So that’s all very straight-forward. Seers are living, breathing, strategy guides. Terezi and Rose both have provided excellent example that we all already know about, so moving on.

The aspect of HOPE hasn’t been directly revealed, but can be assumed translates literally when taking into account the only hero of Hope we have to draw example from so far (Eridan) and his destruction of it by exploding the Matriorb, that thus ended the chance of survival for what was left of the troll race (at the time, anyway), and the remaining hope his teammates had for them to continue on as a whole team. It’s a simple aspect idea.

That all said, a realized SEER OF HOPE would basically have infinite knowledge over all prospective (hopeful) outcomes, know the paths to take that would lead to them/manipulate the situation in order to proceed forward on that path, and avoid all others. It’s much like what’s been demonstrated by Rose and Terezi in their Seer abilities.

It would be an important class and aspect couple to have on your team if the match came up, seeing as it would be your literal guide to succeeding in the game.


Anonymous asked you: 2011-12-25 04:48

Ooooooooh what about Arpegi’s land?

Arpegi’s is the land of light and festivities, of which i’ve got a bunch of illustrations for already after that one thing i did ages ago. I like her land a lot too.

those are lanterns in the sky btw