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Mojo, 28/12/2013.

The Play:

I went to see Mojo yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! Every actor in it was amazing, the whole story was brilliant and it as a wonderful experience. I don’t want to say much and spoiler anyone.

Seeing Colin:

Me and my two best friends went there and arrived quite early so we hung around outside for a while when we saw some movement by the small crowd by the stage door, we went to go and investigate and found one of the actors I was most hoping to see: Mr Colin Morgan! He had to go in to work and get ready so it was very brief, he signed a few people’s programmes and such but he said he had to go in quickly. He was very polite and friendly and as he left said his well-known “cheers”. I didn’t have a programme or my ticket yet so I didn’t have anything he could sign and I was at the back of the small group so I didn’t get anything signed nor did I talk to him, he wouldn’t have had time anyway. But I did get some pictures due to knowing he didn’t have enough time to say hi or sign anything for me. But it was lovely to see him in person, he’s as nice as everybody says, was very kind to the few people he talked to and the group of us he said cheers and bye to. His performance as Skinny was incredible and it was a fantastic day!!!


Hello, fellows!

Right, so, I think everyone here on tumblr whose a decent person would agree that reposters are really annoying and generally uncalled for.

So, I have a solution! And if anyone has gone to google and had a little nose around, I’m sure you’ve realised this solution too! But I thought I’d make a nice pretty post about it and hopefully we can all spread the solution around, right?

So, reposters. They take people’s hard work and post it on their own blog, gaining notes, followers, generally recognition, and for something they did not do.

And when we notice a repost, whether it’s because the work is our own, our friends’, or has a blatant watermark, one would hope to talk to them and request they delete their post. Often reposters who do it often have their ask box closed, thinking if their ask box is closed people will have to accept it all and move on. Many, myself included, have had to unfortunately follow a reposter just so a few days later we can send them fanmail requesting they take the post(s) down (if you do ever contact a reposter, please don’t be hateful, just be polite and firm-be the better person). This will come with a few choices of response: -“I’m just helping this person get notes”, -“sorry, I’ll take it down now”, -“give me the source so I can link them”, -and no response whatsoever.

Obviously, it’s wonderful news if someone will delete the repost, but if they think they’re being “helpful” by sourcing or helping someone get notes, then they are wrong. They aren’t helping anyone get notes except themselves! If someone wants to help someone get notes then they should just reblog the original. If something is already on tumblr and put there by the original poster then you have no reason not to reblog the work if you want it on your blog. And if it’s from deviantart or somewhere like that then you must link to the source and ask permission from the artist/maker if you can put it on tumblr!

Now anyway, rant over, this is how, if you cannot contact a reposter or they won’t listen to you, you can take their repost down.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s easy to get the blog taken down, but it is very easy to get the reposted post itself deleted off tumblr!

Now, let me make this clear: Only the original maker can get a repost taken down. So if you see a repost that isn’t your work, then go to the original maker, inform them of the repost, and perhaps help guide them as to how to take it down, and this is how.

1.) Email support@tumblr.com (but make sure to email them using the email address that you use for the blog where the original post is).

2.) This is an example of what you might write to them (this is what I put in my email to them when I had to get a repost of a gifset of mine taken down):


A gifset of mine has been reposted by [insert URL here] and it causes me great concern and upset.

The original work by me, which has also been watermarked, is here: [insert full URL linking to the original post].

The repost is here: [insert full URL of the post that is a repost].

Please can you get the post deleted as it is not theirs?

Thank you!

As you see, very easy. You don’t have to be too technical, just ensure you link to the original and the repost so they can ensure it is a repost and all that stuff.

3.) You will then receive 2 emails, one at some point telling you that they have received your email and will respond as soon as they can. Then the second email may be a little later in the day, telling you the repost has been taken down!

So, it worked for me and I really hope that this post can help you. And I also hope that this way, we can help stop reposters, if they have their posts taken down then they’ll learn not to repost because any time they do their post is just removed!

I must add that I did see another post which gave guidance as to how to take reposters down, and they said that if you’ve created the work like an animated gif or picture and it isn’t taken by you (for example a sherlock gif) then you may end up having your own work removed. However, in my experience (when I got my Sherlock parentlock gifset repost removed using the above method) that was not the case, they didn’t remove my work despite the footage not being mine and belonging to the bbc and whatnot so I’m not sure if that’s true.

Hope I’ve helped, lots of love to you all!


Like, whatever happens, either Brolin is utterly canon or Bradley and Colin are best friends because who else would fly from LA to London just in time to see Colin in the Tempest? Opening night as well! AND/OR he was right outside waiting for him :D Either way it’s just so exciting! Because I can’t imagine anyone but a boyfriend or best friend forever going to the centre of London on the night the Tempest is opening, he probably has jet lag as well!



I may be new to this fandom, but I have a great passion for it already, and for all you lovely Rotters!

And we must get a series 3!!!

Dominic Mitchell has already said that if you want to try to help get a series 3 then contact @bbcthree or @bbcamerica on twitter or other social networking sites, just tell them how much you love the programme and how much you want a series 3, be lovely and be awesome and polite and you’ll be another voice added to the many who have already tweeted in to show their commitment.

Let us be loud and proud and show our love for this wonderful programme!

Perhaps we could even get #intheflesh or #saveintheflesh trending on twitter? That would be great to show everyone how many fans there are and how much we adore this wonderful programme!


This is the solution to stop the tumblr hack.

If you did click the link and got your tumblr hacked (don’t worry, a lot of us did it, of course we all want to know who likes our blog and actually visits it, have no shame) then you have to:

Go to settings

Go to apps

The ‘whosawmyblog’ app that you allowed to use your tumblr, well, revoke the access and they will no longer have any power over your blog, hopefully :D

Hope that helps!

Oh, and try to get this message around, hopefully we can get this stupid virus out of our tumblrs!

the blogger booklils, please, I can’t find your askbox, but please delete that picture that you posted on your blog of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Martin’s son. You had the caption ‘what.’ on it. Please, the picture was taken and posted illegally as martin’s child is a minor and the picture was taken and posted without permission of his parents. Please respect the wishes of Martin and Amanda!


Guys, sometimes when a fandom explodes with news some issues start arising with people who don’t agree with people’s thoughts.

It’s okay to have different opinions as long as you don’t hurt anyone!

Right, now I’m seeing a lot of love in the brolin and merlin fandom, which is great!

Whether you want to believe that Bradley and Colin are friends, best friends, or boyfriends is your choice! You can make your own mind up! We’re all above the age of 12… or we should be.

These are assumptions that have been made by Brolin shippers on the whole:

Bradley flew back from LA to see Colin on the opening night of the Tempest. He did so out of love. 

Now what the hell is wrong with making that assumption? - which has a high chance of being true due to the fact that only 1 or 2 days ago pictures of Bradley in America were circulating and now, right on the opening night of the tempest, there have been pictures of him by the Thames, right by Shakespeare’s Globe, AND some had an inkling that they had seen him IN the globe.

There’s nothing offensive about thinking that two people are together and in love unless the people themselves request that people stop or you start asking them personal questions that they may not be ready or wanting to answer.

On tumblr, I’ve seen a lot of sweetness and happiness from pretty much everyone about Bradley going to see the play, I myself am over the moon!

So people, don’t blow holes in other people’s ships, sit back and think “if I was in that fandom, would I want to be interrupted by some random hateful person wanting to burst my bubble?”, no, treat others how you wish to be treated. Let people have their fun, it’ll pass within a few days, these things always do. Blacklist what you don’t want to see.

Just… everyone, stop hating on other people’s ships, whether you like Georgia and Bradley or Colin and Bradley, let people be in peace. As long as people don’t get personal with Bradley, Georgia, or Colin and don’t get invasive or rude, then leave them be. 

When it comes down to it, we’re people on an internet site losing our shit and Bradley and Colin are probably not very aware of it most of the time, they’re busy people. They have their own lives to lead, and everyone shouting at each other that they don’t think these people should be or are together should just calm down because you have no impact on the real life truth.

Until we get proper confirmation in an interview or from a picture, all we have are our imaginations and what we believe in our hearts to be true. If people think brolin is canon, then that’s fine. If people think that it’s all a bit mumbo-jumbo and bullshit then that’s fine too, just don’t be nasty to each other. It’s really simple to avoid ship/fandom wars and I think we should all just have a group hug because whether you disagree with someone’s ship or not, we’re all passionate about Merlin and our passion shows through our love for it and that’s fantastic. So let’s love each other. We’re like a group of siblings, we’re all a bit different but we come from the same parents and that’s what unites us.






Also, wise words from Gwaine:

"Nobility is defined by what you do. Not who you are."


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Little Favour (Official Trailer) Starring Benedict Cumberbatch - (uploaded by SunnyMarch Productions)

Watch on aroundthesunlikeateddybear.tumblr.com

Five Questions for Benedict Cumberbatch.

[Original video]

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