I’m literally so in love with him

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Parks & Rec should pull a 'Dear Sister' for the finale plot twist.

dear leslie: by the time you read this, i’ll be dead. this is how i think it’s gonna happen: ron will shoot me, then i’ll shoot ron, then andy will enter and get shot by ron. then, you’ll come in and get shot by andy, ron and i multiple times. love: your idiot husband, benji. 

p.s.: then two cops will read this letter and shoot each other 

(dave will come back for the finale just to play one of the cops) 

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top ten tips to get senpai to notice you, go!

1. look like shaq

2. look like shaq

3. look like shaq

4. look like shaq

5. look like shaq

6. look like shaq

7. hum smash mouth’s hit single all star when senpai is around

8. look like shaq

9. look like shaq

10. look like shaq

Garcia distributes new iPads to the team]

Emily: Whoa!
Garcia: Welcome to the 21st century. Yay. Technology. Behold every one has a new tablet.
Reid: We’ve gone paperless?
Garcia: Fear not, Doctor of the Dark Ages, I went old school for your anti-technology quirk—paper files, hard copy photos—but the, uh, abacus is your responsibility.
Hotch: Garcia, not that I don’t appreciate your efforts, but exactly where did the funding for these come from?
Garcia: I did a thing…
Hotch: “A thing?”
Garcia: Best not talk about the thing?
Hotch: We’ll talk about the thing later.

—  Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner. Season 6 Episode 7. Criminal Minds quote of the day.