Tener a alguien que te alegre tus mañanas con un mensaje de “Buenos días mi amor”, que te llene de detalles y momentos, que te ponga una sonrisa de oreja a oreja cuando lo veas, que te haga cartitas a mano, que te llene de su aroma. Tener a alguien que te ame, que te respete, que te llene de emoción, que te erice la piel con tan solo mirarte, que te alegre en los días malos, que te cante canciones, que te diga “Te amo” al oído, te haga tú comida preferida, que se dé tiempo cuando este es escaso para pasar contigo, eso es amor.
—  Amor-Anette Bravo

Flavor the Month: Watermelon

Nothing says “summer” quite like a big, juicy slice of watermelon. Even if you prefer it charred on the grill or blended into an icy agua fresca, watermelon is one of the best ways to beat the late-summer heat.

So what gives watermelon its refreshingly delicate flavor?

Turns out the answer is pretty complicated. Over the last few decades, scientists have identified dozens of flavor and aroma molecules that contribute to watermelon’s unique taste.

And here’s an interesting twist: a watermelon’s flavor has a lot to do with its color. Chow down on a yellow ‘Early Moonbeam,’ a pale ‘Cream of Saskatchewan,’ or a deep red ‘Crimson Sweet’ and you’ll likely notice different flavor profiles for each melon. Read more… 

Photo credit: David MacTavish/Hutchinson Farm

The Comté Cheese Association has updated their “Wheel of Aromas”, a handy guide to the 83 smells and aromas commonly found in Comté cheese. This is designed for Comté specifically, but it’s a useful reference for anyone looking to expand their cheese vocabulary and sensory evaluation skills. Via Comte-USA.com

The “Comité Interprofessionnel du Comté” has created a wheel showcasing the aromas of Comté. It counts 83 terms or descriptors that correspond to the most frequently found smells and aromas in Comté, grouped within 6 families. In a ripe Comté, tasters generally pick up 2 or 3 main families and mention 5 to 10 descriptors precisely. The 6 families are: Lactic, Fruity, Roasted, Vegetal, Animal, Spicy.

Tasting is subjective, and the aromas evolve/vary with the Comté’s terroir, season of production and length of time aging in the cellars. These families of aromas might help you to choose the style of Comté that you prefer. And, of course, the best Comté is the one that tastes best to you! Let’s taste and discover your favorite!

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