I’m in love. Officially. These are the new Mojito Shoes by Julian Hakes which I tried on in Arnotts, Dublin yesterday!

Julian Hakes is a London based architect who came up with a conceptual idea for a shoe. Once the the concept was placed on Dezeen it went viral! Since then he has brought the concept from inception to production. His first collection is fluid and fun and displays his love of the curvalinear as seen in his bridge design.

He follows a long line of architects turned fashion designers, my favourite of course being Mary Katrantzou, here’s hoping for a future collaboration!

He has already won the Drapers award for “Best footwear designer of the year 2012” and is going to be BIG!

You will seen me in these super soon!

Top image sourced from: http://www.hakes.co.uk/


Indie developer comes forward in light of recent allegations against Zoe Quinn with accusation of sexual harassment. Phil Fish and other Indie developers immediately harass the apparent victim, favourited by one of the indie devs Zoe Quinn cheated with, Robin Arnott.


This is beginning to unravel some wierd indie dev social web and I CANT HELP BUT PAY ATTENTION


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“The final colossus, Malus, left me with shivers. When I finally climbed to its arm, I gripped onto the fur knowing it, like the 15 colossi before it, would try to shake me free to protect itself. But that’s not what happened.

“Malus bent the arm and held me in front of its face. Those glowing eyes just looked at me. With no threat, no effort to protect itself. It just watched. Moments away from its death, there was no final effort to shake me free. Just a look. Maybe curiosity. Maybe acceptance.

“That gaze left me feeling like a cockroach. Like a nothing. A murderer of something beautiful—more ancient and perfect than I. There’s no glory in Shadow of the Colossus—just desperation and the murder of god after god, a trail of sadness in your wake.

“It’s not exactly a non-violent moment, but it’s a moment that put all the violence of the game into dark, dark perspective. A particularly sad reflection on human nature.”

—Robin Arnott, creator of Antichamber, in ”The Best Non-Violent Moments In Video Games“ (Kotaku)


So, this Robin Arnott guy was one of the five guys Zoe had sex with, but that’s nothing new.

What’s new, at least to me cause I had never heard of this guy before this whole debacle, is that he was in some way involved with Indiecade which is an “International Festival of Independent Games”


Go ahead, check their website and see for yourself.

Now, what does this have to do with Zoe?

Well, according to Depression Quest’s steam page, her game was featured, or won an award or something at Indiecade 2013:


So yeah, yet more proof that Zoe fucked her way to the top.