Prepare for the fabulous NO FRILLS TWINS Vanessa and Arna Rogers, two extremely extraordinary girls (from Australia, I guess) who have a very special and stunning style and moreover, fantastic voices and will one day certainly become celebrities in music business *________*

So please also take time and listen to their first professional recorded song, it really pays off:

I really love them <3

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"People call them crazy, insane, abnormal, all because we don’t understand what they’re thinking and saying, but their language is the language of God. That’s why they’re called "a gift from God", and we must respect them all. No one is allowed to lay a finger on them and it’s up to us to protect them even if it cost us our lives"


Illustrations by E. Simms Campbell from Popo and Fifina, by Arna Bontemps and Langston Hughes (1932).

Popo and Fifina was a childrens’ book (subtitled “Children of Haiti”) by Harlem Renaissance writers Arna Bontemps and Langston Hughes. It was illustrated by E. Simms Campbell, who later went on to be a mainstay illustrator and cartoonist at Esquire (he created Esquire's Esky mascot character), and a contributor to The New Yorker and Playboy. See a complete scan of Popo and Fifina here. More detail on the book’s creation here. Thanks to We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie for the info and images.


The music video for God Bless The Internet came out today!!